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   Chapter 42 Strawberry (36)

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"Ema." Sandy called as soon as Ema got to her desk that morning.

"Good morning Sandy." Ema greeted before taking a look at the door to her boss's office.

"Morning Ema." Sandy replied as she finally stood in front of her.

"You're a tad late today." Sandy stated and Ema nodded.

"Yeah, I know. I had a bit of difficulty getting a bus so...Mr Hendrix isn't yet in, right?" Ema asked almost pleadingly. No matter the time she came to work, she always have to be here before he does.

Sandy shook her head.

"Nope and that's why I called you. Mr Hendrix called earlier. He won't be showing up today."

"What? Why? Is he alright?" Ema asked all at once with surprise written on her face.

"Actually, according to his statement, he doesn't feel so good so whatever needed his signature or approval will have to be brought to his home and that's where you come in." Sandy stated before stretching a red file to Ema.

Doesn't feel so good?

She asked herself as she thought of so many things that sentence could mean. She wondered if he was sick and if so, was it serious?

"Ema." Sandy called her back to reality.

"Oh, I'm sorry." She apologised as she collected the file.

Sandy narrowed her eyes at her.

"Are you okay Ema? I don't know but these days, you always seem lost in thoughts." Sandy pointed out as this wasn't the first time Ema would behave differently.

Ema managed to put up an assuring smile.

"I'm fine Sandy." She decided to clear it all for her.

Sandy stared at her for a second as she sighed.

"You are his assistant, aren't you?" Sandy asked on purpose and Ema nodded.

"I am." She stated.

"Good, then you have to take this to his home." Sandy stated before turning and walking away but then she turned. She walked back to Ema.

"I forgot to tell you something else. He doesn't stay at the other mansion anymore. He moved to the one his grandfather used to live in." Sandy explained and Ema raised an eyebrow at her.


She thought to herself. She wondered why he would move from his home. Although he loved the old man a lot and perhaps wanted to still stay close to him by living in his home.

"Ema." Sandy called her out of her thoughts.

"You do have the address, right?"

"Um, yeah. I know the address." Ema explained and watched as Sandy nodded.

"Good. Off you go then." She stated to her and gestured with her hand for her to leave.

Ema who was still a bit in thoughts didn't catch up with the gesture and when she took another look at Sandy. Sandy raised an eyebrow at her and gestured once more.

"Oh...oh, you meant now?" Ema asked a but surprised and Sandy nodded.

She watched as Ema put on her handbag again and was quickly on her way out the same way she came in.

Sandy sighed as she watched Ema leave then shaking her head at the young woman.

* * *

Ema stood outside the huge black gate into the mansion. She pushed down a button by the gate as she stood close to it. She turned and took a look around the quiet surrounding. The estate was indeed a silent one and so far the only being she saw was the security guard at the entrance into the estate.

"Who's it?" A male voice asked through the speaker and Ema quickly turned her attention back to it.

"Emerson Smith. I called earlier at the estate entrance. I'm Mr Hendrix's assistant. I've got something for him." She explained as much as she knew they could recognise her and after a second of silence, the male voice replied.

"The gates will be open in a minute miss Smith." He stated and for a second, she sighed in relief.

* * *

"Please have your seat miss Smith, Mr Hendrix will be right down in a minute." The maid explained with a warm smile as she directed Ema to a seat on the sofa in the sitting room.

She noticed the maid was different from the one that attended to her the last time she was here. She ignored that thought. There were probably many of them working here. Too many for her to recognise without living here.

Ema couldn't help lurking her eyes around as she had her seat. The last time she was here in this room, the old man was still alive. It just became clearer to her how short life can be.

"Would you like anything to drink? Perhaps a cold drink." The maid offered and Ema shook her head with a smile on her face.

"No, please don't bother. I'm okay. Thank you for the offer. I'll just wait here for Mr Hendrix." She stated and the maid nodded before fi

he bed and left it there.

She lightly touched his forehead once more to check his temperature and it was still the same. She felt sad. He just laid there without saying a word. This was the longest she had got to take a look at his face without him saying a word.

She took her seat on the chair before dipping the towel into the bowl containing the water. She squeezed and then placed the wet towel on his forehead as she drew closer, resting on the bed. She stared at his face. This was indeed the first time she got this close to him. She could clearly see the features of his face without the wary eyes of him on her but it didn't quite make her happy. He really didn't need to end up in such a situation for her to get this close to his face.

She took off the towel when it felt like it was drying up. She dipped it in cold water once again and squeezed. This time around she gently cleaned his forehead with it. The start of his healing is when his temperature subsides.

She clearly remembered the doctor stating the possibility of him starving himself of both food and sleep. Why, she wondered. Was there so much pressure on him?

She stared at his face, wishing he could open his eyes and clear up so many things for her. There was no denial that Lucas Hendrix was a handsome man but most times people tend to overlook that due to his rude attitude.

She could feel her heart racing faster and faster at the thought of him waking up at the moment to reveal a smile to her. It felt strange. A warm a d yet beautiful feeling inside. It felt like little butterflies were dancing in her stomach. It truly wasn't a familiar one. When she saw him earlier all collapsed on the floor, her heart immediately dropped. She felt very scared. It was a feeling she never wanted to feel ever again. She knew she cared. It wasn't the kind of care an employee shows to her boss. It was different.

Why does she care so much for Lucas Hendrix? Could there be a possibility of truth in what her aunt stated in the past.

"Am I in love with you Mr Hendrix?" She asked him but he still remained still, unmoving.

She sighed when she got no reply.

If she is, is it safe for her? How was she sure she wasn't going to get a one-sided love. She had heard a lot about one-sided love to know it wasn't a good feeling. She couldn't risk that. She shouldn't love him. Lucas Hendrix might as well not see her in such a manner at all. That would hurt a lot.

She dipped the towel into the cold water once more, squeezed and place it on his forehead. She took a look at his hand which wasn't beneath the duvet. She carried his hand into hers. It was warm. She placed a hand on his neck to try and feel his temperature. He was getting better. His fever was coming down.

A smile grew on her face before she gently rested her head on the bed still staring up to his face. Slowly, she fell asleep.

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