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   Chapter 41 Croutons (35)

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Chris parked the car in front of the building Ema lived in. There was silence as she sat still without looking up to him, neither saying a word nor attempting to step out. She was just silent and that's how she has been since they walked out of the mansion and she demanded and pleaded he just take her home. He had tried his best to assure her that it wasn't her fault and that she shouldn't leave just because some woman was rude to her but Ema had her reasons. She felt it was better she leaves before his mother meets her again and so he gave up. The ride back to her place was filled with silence and constant looks from him on whether she was okay. He had tried lightening up the mood with a silly joke but she just curved her lips up for a second smile and then that was it.

"Ema." He called as he gently took hold of her hand.

She instantly raised her head up to him. Taking a look around, he could see the surprise in her eyes.

"Oh." That was all she said at first before trying to move her hand and realised Chris's hand was on hers. She stared at it for a second before looking up to him.

He showed her a warm smile. A smile that did more harm to her than good and at that moment, she realised what a bad person she was. It was clear Chris liked her way more than she does to him. She liked him alright but... but it wasn't just that much, not like that. She was trying her best. Her very best to like him that much seems not to work as she ends up doing stupid things. After how Chris defended her against the woman and even his mum, it was clear to her that this might have gone a little too fast than she expected. The real question here was that is she ever going to like him as much as he does with her? Is she ever going to look at him and feel those strange butterflies in her stomach? Was that ever going to happen and if so, then for how long was she going to wait for that to happen? She might be playing with his emotions. She felt sad, not for herself but for him. She was indeed a bad person.

"Chris I..." She started looking away from his eyes. His deep consoling eyes.

"Sshhh." He hushed her as he placed a finger over her lip to her surprise. She slowly looked up to him.

"Let's let bygones be bygones. No more talking about what happened earlier. Okay?" He stated with the same assuring smile and she managed to nod while trying so hard not to look into his eyes. Looking in there just made her feel much more guilty.

He stare down at her and more than anything, he wanted to console her, to tell her how much she meant to him. If only there was another way to relate things to her and with that, he drew closer to her intending to place a light kiss on her lips but she looked up to him.

She realised he was drawing closer and knew what he was going to do.

Just let it happen.

She told herself but as he drew closer and she looked deeper into his eyes. She knew she couldn't and with that thought, she turned her face away making him plant the kiss on her cheek instead.

He felt disappointed. He felt terrible and this was his second attempt at trying to kiss her. There. The embarrassing feeling was back again, washing over the both of them.

She found it hard to turn back to him. She felt bad but perhaps this was the signal she needed. An open door to tell that perhaps this dating stuff is just not for the both of them. Perhaps, they weren't meant to be.

"Chris I'm sorry." She apologised as she turned to him but he just shook his head at her as he sat upright on his seat.

He tried his best to smile. To show her he was okay when clearly, he wasn't.

She knew that he was lying. She could see it.

"No...don't apologise... It's my fault and not yours. I...I attempted at the wrong time."

"No. No, it''s really not that." She stated and he took one look at her before looking away.

"I..." She started but then exasperated.

"...I don't think this...I don't think we should keep"

"No." He cut her in before she could finish but she was bent on finishing up as well.

"Please hear me out Chris..."

"I said no!" He snapped at her to her surprise.

There was silence in their midst for a second before he ran his fingers through his hair.

"I...I'm sorry Ema. I...I

eir relationship was. He spent more than half his ailing years keeping her away from the family. Why would he entrust almost everything to her in his death? That didn't make sense at all. If he knew his mother well, she clearly has something up her sleeves.

"That's all." The attorney stated as soon as he was done before starting to pack everything back into his briefcase.

As he stood up to his feet to leave, Vivian stood up with him.

"Thank you so much Attorney Jude for coming." She thanked him with a handshake which he accepted.

"I'll walk you to the door." She told hi just as Chris got up to his feet and walked out of the room.

The man nodded and they walked off together.

As soon as they were close to the door out of the mansion, he turned to her.

"I've kept my own end of the bargain. I really hope you keep yours Vivian." He told her as the expression on his face changed to that of seriousness.

She flashed him one of her typical smiles.

"You should go home Attorney Jude. You might find a surprisingly welcome gift." She told him and he just stared at her for a while before turning, opening the door.

"Jude." She called him to a stop before he could completely step out.

"For your own sake, I do hope you keep our business just between the both of us...i'm sure you wouldn't like what will happen to your family if this leaks out." She clearly threatened him with a smile and he gulped down.

"No third soul is going to find out." He assured her and her smile broadened before he finally walked away without looking back.

As she watched him get into his car, she dialed a number on her mobile phone and brought it close to her ear.

"Let the little girl go." She ordered and waited for a response.

"Yes madam." A male voice replied from the other side before she cut the call.

She gently shut the door before turning and walking away. She attempted to take a step up the staircase but was interrupted by the light clap from behind. She gently turned, having an idea of who it might be.

"Stooping low as to kidnap. Clearly...I underestimated you." Lucas stated after he stopped clapping.

A sly smile grew at the corner of her lips before she walked up to him.

"Clearly don't know me."

"That's a life your were toiling with."

"I don't care. I told you that I was going to get what I want and when I want it, so, I did it. I am going to say something to you Lucas that I couldn't the day you first stepped into this mansion..." She told him before taking a step closer so she could clearly look into his eyes.

She didn't care if he was a tad bit taller than her. She was going to say what needed to be said.

"Get out." She ordered staring him in the eyes. Unknowingly to him, he gulped down.

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