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   Chapter 40 Okra (34)

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"Where are you coming from?" Vivian asked her son as soon as he stepped into the house and she met him by the staircase.

He sighed as he took a step backward.

"I asked you a question Chris. Where did you sleep last night..."

"Does it matter? You don't care about what I do." He cut her in to her surprise before walking past her and taking a step up the staircase.

"Tonight." She started making him come to a halt.

"Tonight is your grandfather's wake. You need to be there Chris. Dress appropriately and show up on time." She warned him before walking away.

He turned and watched her walk away before looking away from her. He shut his eyes for a second. His grandfather was really dead. He turned and kept walking up the staircase.

* * *

Ema sighed nervously as she stared out through the window of the car and to the entrance of the old man's mansion.

She felt a hand on hers and turned to meet Chris smiling face.

"Everything's okay." He assured her and she nodded but then shook her head.

"I don't think so Chris. Are you sure I'm allowed in here? I mean it's just family and close friends. Even the press isn't allowed."

"They aren't allowed because they're outsiders but're with me so stop worrying. I'll always be right by your side. Let's go in." Chris assured her and waited for her to nod before stepping out of the car and rushing to her side.

"You can do this Ema." She assured herself before opening the door and stepping out.

Chris smiled to her and she reciprocated it with a smile of hers although she was nervous as hell. He took hold of her hand in his which still surprises her a bit and then walked towards the entrance with her.

They stepped into the mansion and it looked different to Ema compared to the first day she stepped in. There were more people everywhere dressed in the traditional attire of black for a wake. The atmosphere seemed dimmer knowing the gathering is as a result a person's death. Ema couldn't recognise a face here but clearly, they all seemed to know each other as they spoke in low tones to each other and reciprocated a bit with a little smile.

Vivian turned away from a guest she was speaking to and then caught sight of her son who just walked in.

"Please excuse me." She told the man with a smile who nodded in accordance. She then walked away towards her son.

"Christian." A middle aged man called his attention and as he drew closer, he stretched his hand out for a handshake.

Chris accepted.

"My condolences. Reed was indeed a great man." The man sympathised as he placed another hand on Chris's shoulder.

"Thank you Mr Mike." Chris appreciated as well as with a nod before the man was on his way.

"Chris." Vivian called as she drew closer.

She smiled as she stood in front of her son. Her eyes shifted to Ema who stood awkwardly beside Chris. Her smile slowly varnished for a second but then she quickly brought it back.

"Emerson, right?" She asked and Ema nodded.

"Uh-yes Mrs Hendrix." Ema managed to answer barely finding her voice.

Vivian gave a single nod before turning back to her son.

"You came on time. Great." She told her son before turning to Ema once again.

"Can I borrow you Emerson for a while?" She asked to their surprise and she managed to nod.

"Um, sure." Ema answered and Vivian came closer to stand by her side placing a hand behind her back which surprised her.

Chris furrowed his eyebrows at his mother wondering what she was now up to.

"There was a slight problem and there isn't enough waiters. Now, this is where you come in. Can you please lend them a hand for a while..."

"Mum." Chris interrupted her as he finally analysed where she was heading to.

"Ema is here as a guest. She's not going to do anything." Chris defended and Vivian put up her usual smile.

"I'm not asking her to do anything horrible Chris. She works for our company. What's wrong with her helping out a bit at her boss's funeral?"

"Everything. Everything is wrong." Chris stated

get up when he heard Chris's voice.

"I did." Chris told her as he stood beside Ema.

"Chri-Christian." The young woman stated a bit surprised as she tried to put up a smile. A Flirtatious one.

"She's with me. In fact, she's not a waitress here. She's a guest just like you who accepted to help out unlike you." Chris defended and watched as the young woman's shy smile slowly varnished on slow realisation that she just received an insult.

She gave a light snort.

"What? Are...are you comparing me to this woman?" She asked seeming a bit frustrated and disappointed in his comments and reaction.

"Hmm. Let me think. Am I comparing you to this wonderful young woman here? Yes. Yes, I am." Chris stated and Ema tugged at his arm lightly to stop.

She didn't need this now. All she really wanted to do is walk away from here.

The young woman's face slowly turned red as she became filled with anger. Slowly swelling.

"How..." She started but Vivian suddenly interrupted surfacing from nowhere in particular.

"I think that's enough Christian." Vivian said as she placed her hand on the young woman's arm to calm her down which worked.

"You better take her away from here." Vivian told Christian referring to Ema as she shifted her eyes from her son to her.

Ema could swear she saw something different in Vivian's eyes.

Christian took one look at his mum before taking Ema's hand and walking away with her.

Vivian put up her usual smile when the young woman turned to her.

"It's okay." She assured her as she lightly tapped her arm and everyone finally looked away.

* * *

Adele now who sat beside Lucas also looked away and back to him who clearly wasn't watching what happened.

"She really likes trouble, doesn't she?" She stated daringly at first but when no response came from Lucas, she decided to push more buttons.

"What would she do without Chris..."

"Why are you here?" Lucas asked without turning to her.

"What do you mean, why am I here? I'm here to console you. I'm here to lend my shoulder if you need one." She explained with a smile and he turned to her irritated by her words. He hated that thought.

His grandfather's death wasn't going to make him weak. He wished he could get that across to everyone.

"I don't need any consolation or shoulder. I've never needed it for so many years in my life. I'm not going to start now so please stay away from me." He snapped to her surprise a bit frustrated at almost everything before getting up and walking away from her, out of the room.

He needed fresh air. He needed sometime alone.

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