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   Chapter 39 Baked beans (33)

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"What? What do you mean by his body was moved?" Lucas asked a bit frustrated as he immediately got up from the bed to his feet.

His eyebrows furrowed more and more till clear anger could be read on his face as he held his phone close to his ear and paid attention.

He brought it down away from his ear as soon as the person on the other side was done explaining. He couldn't take this. He turned and stormed off towards the door and then down the staircase and then the sitting room.

He stopped at the entrance and stood staring at his stepmother as she looked so calm staring at a few papers while sipping her coffee from the tea cup. He took in a deep breath as he held on tighter to his phone. He assured himself that he can do this and so he took steps towards her. He stopped in front of her.

She neither looked up to him away from what she was staring at nor spoke a word.

"Why did you have his body moved?" Lucas finally asked.

He waited patiently for a second to hear her reply or the silly excuse she was going to say.

She sighed.

"His wake is tomorrow." She simply stated without looking up to him.

His eyebrows furrowed in confusion as anger filled his entire body. He tightened his hand into a fist by his side.

"You can't do that. You can't choose to do whatever you want with grandpa's body. He deserves a good burial. He deserves a..."

"It's a waste of time." She interrupted before finally looking up to him. Her face and voice remaining as calm as usual but on the other hand loved how her stepson looked miserable.

"Why waste time and money planning a dead man's burial when all that energy could be put into something greater? Something like the company's anniversary party." She continued to his annoyance and speechlessness.

She put up one of her usual smiles.

"You'll thank me later Lucas." She stated as she got up to her feet to leave.

"He built this company." Lucas stated as she was about to take a step.

"He's the reason you're living such a wealthy life at the moment. He deserves to be given the respect he earned." Lucas stated the truth.

She might not want to accept it but that's the truth. His grandfather brought the company and family name to where it presently is.

The smile on Vivian's face disappeared. She had tried her best to be civil.

She took a step forward towards him.

"He's the're still alive and in this family." She started and he could see her anger for him in her eyes.

"Every single day that I have to take a look at your face Lucas, makes my blood boil...If I were you, I'll forget about burial arrangements and think about what you're going to do when the old man is six feet under the ground and when the power is finally in my hands...What will you do?" She asked the last question with a hint of amusement in her eyes before putting up one of her devious smiles. She turned and walked away, out of the sitting room.

He stood almost as if he was frozen. He hated admitting the fact that she was right. His grandfather had protected him from her for a very long time. The old man became his guardian angel after his father suddenly passed away. Somehow, he had managed to keep his step mum at bay and away from hurting him while he was still young and powerless. His grandfather had intentionally put the company in Lucas's hands even though Vivian complained and threatened. At a young age of twenty, he became the CEO of the Hendrix's multi billion dollar company and even though Vivian tried her best to rally the board of members to go along with her in fighting against putting an illegitimate child as their leader, they were always silenced by the old man. Lucas couldn't quite phantom what on earth his grandfather might have used or said to Vivian that made her silent for so many years. Now, the old man was gone and he was left to fend and fight for himself. He have to defend himself against the world. He had to prove to the world that he wasn't just an illegitimate child that got lucky enough to be born to the right father. He wasn't an unfortunate bastard. He is Lucas Hendrix and he was going to live up to his name.

Lucas sighed as he felt another headache coming on again. He took in a deep breath before dragging himself out of the sitting room.

"Excuse me sir." A maid called his attention just as he was about to take the first step up the staircase.

"Do I serve your diner Mr Hendrix?" She asked as he turned to her, his vision becoming a drab.

He gulped down hard.

He opened his mouth to speak but nothing came out. He shut it and then tried once more.

"No." He managed to speak up, his voice sounding faint and wiped out. Without saying anymore words, he managed to

d her in the eyes.

She looked away from him without taking a step. Yes, there was no excuse for his behaviour but Chris knew more than to give her some space.

"Oh for goodness sake Ema! Forgive him already." Her aunt interrupted and they both turned to her.

Chris flashed her an appreciatively smile while Ema narrowed her eyes at her.

"Come on...please. I promise from now on, I'll never hide anything from you." Chris stated as he placed a hand on his chest and rose the other one up.

Ema stared at him.

"Do you also promise not to take things too fast? I mean...we just started dating." Ema told him and he stared at her for a second before smiling.

"I promise."

"Cross your heart and hope to die?" She added and he smiled even further.

"Cross my dear heart and hope to die." He repeated and she chuckled.

He stared at her. Loving the fact that the real Ema was back.

"I missed your smile." He stated and she lightly tapped him on the arm as she shook her head at him.

"Don't be silly. We only quarrelled for like a few hours."

"And it felt like days to me." He added as he placed both of his hands in his pockets.

She shook her head at his naughtiness while smiling at him. Truly, he missed this.

"Oh I almost forgot, I have to go now or I might be late for work." She explained as she walked away from him towards the room.

"You should get ready for work too..." She started as she walked out of the room with her handbag but then stopped midway in her sentence.

He smiled at her.

"I forgot who you really are so...I'm guessing you'll show up if you feel like it." She continued as she walked towards the door.

"Oh I'll show up alright. After all, you're there." He stated as he followed her behind.

She stopped midway and turned to him.

"What are you trying to say?" She asked him a bit confused.

"Isn't it pretty obvious?" He asked with a hint of amusement in his eyes as well as tone.

She stared at him without a reply.

"I started working there just to get close to you. I never wanted anything to do with the family business." He confessed feeling good about his decision.

Ema's eyes widened in surprise as she raised her brows. She looked from him to her aunt who stared back at her with raised brows as well as surprise in her own eyes.

Chris chuckled making them turn their attention back to him.

"Come, I'll drop you off Ema." He suggested as he drew closer and took her hand in his to her surprise.

She took a look at their hands and gently tried to remove hers from his but he held on tighter.

"Don't fight it." He told her with a smile before dragging her along with him towards the door.

"Bye Josephine." He waved to her as he was about to shut the door after they both stepped out.

"Bye." Josephine responded with a smile as she waved back before Chris finally shut the door.

Josephine sighed as she was left alone in the apartment.

"Hmm...what a great guy." She stated with the same smile still on her face before finally getting up and walking towards the room.

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