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   Chapter 38 Dried cuttlefish (32)

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Ema stared at her reflection in the mirror as she stood in the restroom. She took in a deep breath as she stared at her reflection.

"You can do this." She encouraged herself recalling all that had happened.

She said yes to dating Chris and she just found out a whole new different story about her boss. She couldn't help but wonder if he was truly okay.

A strange flashback of an image of she in Lucas's arms while she stared directly into his eyes came back to memory. She widened her eyes in surprise.

She furrowed her eyebrows at such a memory, confusion written all over her face as she kept on staring at her reflection. If she could remember that then it most probably had happen. She wondered if that was a memory from the night she took that drink.

"Did something happen between Mr Hendrix and I?" She asked herself as she placed a hand on her forehead. Nervousness covered her entire body.

"Breathe Ema." She told herself as she took in several deep breaths while hand fanning herself.

She shut her eyes for a second as she sighed. She had to assure herself that everything was going to be okay. She had no idea why she couldn't remember all that transpired that night especially after her eyes got dizzy from the drink. Now, she was beginning to get glimpses. Glimpses she couldn't quite make out. She was in his arms in the image in his head and he looked so good. So perfect. How could she not remember exactly why she was in such a position with him?

She shook her head to her reflection in the mirror.

"Emerson, you are going to get this all out of your mind...he's your boss and...and there is Chris whom you just accepted to date so...get a hold of yourself." She warned herself before practicing her smile and then walking out of the restroom trying her best not to let her thoughts run so wild once again.

She needed to forget everything. She needed to focus on the present and important things in her life.

"Ema?" Sandra called a bit surprised as she noticed her having her seat in front of her desk.

Ema looked up to her with a smile.


"You're here?" Sandra asked as she was finally in front of her.

"Uh, yes. I work here..."

"I meant...why aren't you at the meeting with Mr Hendrix? Where have you been?"

"Meet... Meeting?" Ema asked a bit surprised before taking out a schedule book to take a look at it.

"Oh my goodness!" She exclaimed as she quickly got up to her feet and got her notepad, pen and other thing she might need.

"Thank you Sandy." She appreciated as she quickly walked away.

Not again.

She scolded herself as she rushed towards the room the meeting was being held. Apparently, she might have wasted a bit too much time at the restroom and forgot about the next schedule. It's just that she needed to get away from that atmosphere for a second at least. After Chris proposal, finding out about her boss's stepmother who apparently might not be nice according to Sandra and now a new image of herself in her boss's arms, she needed a tad second to take it all in.

She took in several in and out breaths to calm her nerves before gently opening the door.

Once again, all eyes turned to her and she managed to give a weak smile although she felt so embarrassed.

"Sorry, sorry." She apologised as she tried to walk in low key and not make much sound.

She had her seat and thankfully they continued with what they were talking about. She was glad not to be the center of attraction anymore.

Scanning through the room, she noticed her boss looking all serious as usual. Another person that caught her eyes was his stepmother, Vivian Hendrix. She couldn't help but wonder why she was here but then yet again, this is a family business and she is family. She couldn't help but wonder if he truly was okay with all this. She had no idea exactly how bad or perhaps good their relationship is but she just hoped he was okay.

He slightly looked away from the man in front presenting then turned to Ema. Their eyes met and she first widened her eyes in surprise at the fact their eyes met before quickly looking down at her fingers.

She could feel her heart racing faster than usual, almost as if it would jump out of her ribcage.

Please look away.

She pleaded.

His look was doing so many things to her that never really happened that way before. It did made her feel guilty for walking in late but at the same time tampered with her on a different

shook her head and tried her best to smile.

He stared at her closely and knew she was lying but he wasn't going to push it. Somehow, he'll get it out of her later. He took in a deep breath as he looked away from her for a second and around the restaurant then back to her. He needed to tell her something. He needed to come clean and tell her about his family. Sooner or later, she was bound to find out and he wouldn't want that to be through the news or people.

"Ema, I have something to tell you." He started and she looked up to him away from her food.

"I...My full name is Christian Hendrix." He started and waited for that to sink in.

She smiled.

"I did guess Christian was your full name but then your surname was what I couldn't phantom..." She chatted but then her smile slowly disappeared as she tried to resolve a confusion within her.

"...Hendrix?" She asked and he nodded.

She smiled again.

"I guess the name Hendrix is common after all..."

"No, no." He cut her in. She wasn't actually getting what he was trying to say.

"I'm from the same Hendrix family you know of." He plainly told her and watched as her smile died down and confusion filled her face.

"Lucas is my halfbrother and...Vivian Hendrix is my mother." He stated out for her and waited patiently for her reaction but she just stared at him with furrowed eyebrows.

"Why are you telling me all this now?" She finally asked after much hesitation.

He sighed regretfully as he stretches out his hand to hold hers on the table.

"It's just that...I don't want you to hear the truth from someone else's mouth...My family is messed up. I know my mother and I know what she's capable of doing. She's back and...things are not going to be easy for you Ema. She can make your life miserable and...I don't want you to get hurt. I just want you to know I'll always stand by your side." He told her the truth he felt she could take although she was taking things lighter than he expected.

She silently stared at him.

Suddenly, she slowly withdrew her hand away from his and he noticed that. She kept it beside her other hand on her lamp under the table.

"You're my boss's brother." She stated almost to herself.

"I work for your family." She stated once again as if to point out another point.

"Ema..." He tried to speak up.

"I have to go. It's getting late." She interrupted him all of a sudden and got up from her seat.

"I'll drop you." He quickly told her as he tried to get up as well.

"No, it's okay." She told him as she tried to walk away.

"I insist..."

"No." She suddenly snapped, rejecting the offer to his face. At that moment, he knew she wasn't okay with the revelation about his family.

She then quickly walked away without looking back, leaving him behind. He placed his elbows on the table and buried his face in his palms.

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