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   Chapter 37 Cinnamons (31)

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"Is that all?" She asked the maid that just walked in with a jug of water in her hands.

The young maid nodded.

"Yes madam." She answered as she placed the jug on the dinning table amidst all the different dishes of food laid out for consumption.

The woman smiled as she stared at the dinning table making sure nothing was missing.

"That's good 'cause he's going to be back anytime soon..." Her sentence was cut short as the sound of honking could be heard from outside the mansion within the compound.

A smile grew on her face.

"He's back. Quickly Felicia, go and help him in." She ordered the maid who had brought the jug.

Felicia nodded in accordance before quickly walking off towards the door to help her boss with his briefcase.

She took in a deep breath to calm her nerves as she took one more look at the dining table. Everything was perfect for her husband's dinner. She heard the sound of the door and then footsteps. He was here. She put on her smile and took a quick steps to go and welcome him.

"Welcome home Sim..." Her sentence trailed away as she saw him with a little boy of about three years old.

Her husband looked up to her away from the young boy that held on to his left hand. The smile on her face slowly decreased as she drew closer to him.

"Simon." She called out to him as she drew closer taking one look at the little boy and then back to her husband who looked at her with a bit of embarrassment in his eyes.

"Vivian... I need to introduce someone to you." He started not knowing exactly how to break the news to his wife.

She decided to remain calm as she looked on to him while still portraying a simple smile.

"This..." He started as he brought the young boy to stand in front of him directly facing her.

She took a look at him and then back to her husband.

"...this is...this is my son, Lucas." He broke the news as he drew in enough courage to look up to her.

The smile on her face slowly varnished as she stared at her husband. There was no other reaction on her face. She was just plain frozen.

"I...I'm sorry Vivian. I lost my way into another woman's arms and...and we had him." He tried to explain in the simplest form he could.

She suddenly chuckled as she looked from him to the little boy and then away from them. She turned back to him as the chuckle grew to a louder and strange laughter.

"Vivian." He tried to call her knowing very well she was not taking everything in very well.

She continued in her laughter as it got louder and louder.

"Vivian get a hold of yourself." He ordered as he got closer and got hold of her arms.

She suddenly stopped before slowly looking up to him. Her eyes red shot and filled with tears ready to drop.

"Take it back Simon." She ordered him referring to the news he broke to her. The tears in her eyes trickled down her cheeks.

"I wish I could Vivian... I really wish I could's the truth." He told her but she kept shaking her head as more tears rolled down her cheeks.

"I'm sorry Vivian. I really am." He tried to console her but she kept shaking her head and refusing to accept his words.

"No!" She exclaimed as she broke lose from his arms.

"I said No!" She exclaimed once more.

He stared at her with shame in his eyes.

"Why Simon? Why did you do something like this to me?" She asked as she shed more tears.

"Vivian." He tried to call out to her.

"Is it because I have not been able to give you a child for the eight years we've been together? I thought you understood...I thought you knew how much I was trying." She explained still teary and he shook his head at her questions.

"I don't blame you at all Vivian." He stated as he tried to explain to her but she shook her head at him and took steps backward away from him.

"No!" She exclaimed louder than ever. Her voice echoed throughout the mansion to the notice of the helpers who ran out to view what was going on.

She suddenly stopped crying as she stared at the little boy. Her breathing more rapid than ever. Her heart beat in anger filled with hatred.

"Get that bastard out of my house!" She yelled as she stormed off towards the little boy who stood staring at her.

"Vivian stop it." Her husband ordered as he got a hold of her bu

. I don't want this seat you keep talking about and more especially...I don't want to be in any kind of war. You just want to use me for your selfish desires."

"That's not true Christian." She defended as she tried to reach out to him once again but this time he took a step backward.

"I'm done with this conversation. Do whatsoever pleases you but don't... Don't you dare involve Ema." He warned her.

"You're working here just because of her, aren't you?" She asked as she still managed to put up her smile although it was getting pretty hard for her to do so.

"Yes. Just for her." He replied before walking away. He didn't need to hear anymore. These were words he exchanged with his mother over and over again. Somehow, nothing that he says ever gets to stick in her head and it upset him a lot.

She stared as her son walked away towards the elevator. She folded her palms into a tight fist as she felt the anger rush through her entire body.

"Are you okay Mrs Hendrix?" Her guard asked as he drew closer.

She shut her eyes for a second as she took in a deep breath and then exhaled it all out. She opened her eyes as she released the fist. She knew she had everything in control or at least she has to.

"Yes I am." She replied as she continued with her smile.


She thought before walking away.

* * *

"Can I ask you something Sandy?" Ema asked as she approached her desk. She just couldn't hold it in anymore. She needed to know.

" Yes, I'm listening." Sandra replied with a smile as she looked up to her away from her computer.

"The...The woman who came out of Mr Hendrix office...who is she?" She asked and watched as Sandra's smile slowly disappeared.

Sandra sighed realising there was no need to lie about this little detail. Eventually, Ema would find out about everything.

"She's Mrs Vivian Hendrix, Lucas's stepmother."

Ema's eyes widened in surprise.

"Stepmother? I thought... I thought the old man was his only family."

"Oh no he's not the only family Lucas's got but...he is the only one who truly cares." Sandra explained and Ema furrowed her eyebrows at her.

"What do you mean?" She couldn't help but ask.

Sandra stares at her for a second. She isn't suppose to say so much. After all, it's not in her place to explain.

She sighed once again.

"Nothing much. All I need to say to you Ema is to beware of Mrs Hendrix. She smiles a lot but...her heart isn't smiling." Sandra warned before turning back to her computer.

Ema looked away from her as she stared into space still a bit confused about this new story she just heard.

She has been working here for over a month and she just realised she knows nothing about her boss. Somehow, it got to her.

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