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   Chapter 36 Soda cracker (30)

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"Mmm, is it me or this ice cream just tastes extraordinarily nice tonight?" Chris spoke after he licked some from his cone.

Ema smiled at him.

"Definitely you." She told him as they had their seat on a public bench.

She licked some off as well from hers before staring ahead at the fountain of water centered in the middle of the park in front of them.

He stared at her and noticed she seemed lost once again.

"Are you okay Ema?" He asked and she turned to him.

She managed to build up a smile on her face.

"Yes. Of course I am. I guess I'm just...well just a little bit tired from work but it's no biggy. What about you? How are you doing?" She asked as she maintained her warm smile.

Staring at her brought a smile to his face.

"Well..." He sighed.

"...okay. I mean, I guess I'm living partially all thanks to you."

"Me? What did I do? I don't recollect saving your life or something like that." She asked confusingly before licking her ice cream.

He sighed once again.

" didn't save me from any accident of a sort but..." He stared at her push the entire cone into her mouth and tried to chew all at once. A light chuckle left his lips.

"...You've made my life much meaningful and worth living." He told her and she stared at him while gently chewing.

He chewed his cone as well and wiped his fingers.

She looked away and then back to him when she was done chewing.

"How... How's your back?" She asked him referring to his burns.

"I'm fine. I got them treated."

"That's a relief." She said as she sighed.

He narrowed his eyes at her.

"Why...were you worried 'cause earlier it didn't seem so to me."

She hit him on the arm.

"Ouch!?" He exclaimed at her action.

"Of course I was worried about you. You protected me. You got hurt instead of me and besides, you're my friend." She stated it out to him before withdrawing her gaze away from him to someone else.

He stared at her as different new questions built up in his mind. It was clear to him that he was beginning to see her differently. He wanted something much more and special with her. Something different. Something greedy.

"Can we be something...different?" He asked as he kept staring at her.

She turned her head to him.

"Am I allowed to be greedy?" He asked without taking his eyes off her and she kept her gaze as well although she was in confusion as to his question.

He sighed with a light chuckle as he looked down at his fingers before looking back up to her.

"Geez why do I suddenly feel so...nervous?" He rhetorical asked himself before staring back at her.

He stared into her eyes. Those brown eyes he never wanted to look away from. Eyes that drew him closer and closer towards her like magnet.

"Something different is happening Ema's nice, warm and beautiful. I've never felt this way...I don't want to stop this feeling. I want it to grow." He told her as he leaned closer to her surprise.

Too surprised and taken aback to do anything, she sat there frozen staring back at him as he drew closer. She sensed a difference in him. His attitude and the way he stared at her. For some reason, she just didn't want to decipher what was actually going on. She didn't want to tamper with it. She needed everything to remain the same.

He drew closer. Too close for comfort. He stared at her lips. He clearly aimed for her lips. He wanted a kiss with her and just as he was about to get what he wanted, she turned away. He kissed her cheek instead.

Awkward as the atmosphere got, he slowly backed his lips and face away from her face to stay straight with his own body.

Silence fell upon them for a second as they stole awkward glances at each other.

He wondered if he was rather too fast or perhaps he didn't do things the right way.

She took in a loud deep breath to his notice and gave a loud sigh.

"I...I think it's getting late." She started as she took a look at him while flashing one of her numerous smile.

"Um...yeah." He managed to reply. He needed to play along.

"I better get going before aunt Josephine throws one of her numerous fits. The woman sometimes can act like a journalist." Ema states as she stands to her feet.

"Uh...yeah. I'll take you h

She told her as she brought out a tulip flower from behind her.

Ema chuckled as she collected it from her and Sandy kept smiling.

"He's with the last one." Sandy told her as she pointed to the direction ahead of them.

Ema followed her hand to view Chris holding a tulip flower walking towards her with a smile on his face. Sandy backed away a bit. Ema kept staring at him.

He stood in front of her with a smile on his face. He chuckled as he looked down for a second before looking back up to her. Ema took a look around and realised the entire floor was watching them.

"Ema, this is for you." He told her as he stretched it to her. She gently collected it although she knew not exactly what was going on.

"I tried Ema." He started as he looked into her eyes.

"I just couldn't... Ema from the first time I saw you, I knew there was something different about you." He told her before taking a hold of her hand unknowingly to her.

He knelt down on one kneel in front of her to her surprise. She took a slight step backward. Her eyes widened up a bit as she kept staring at him.

"Would you let me court you?" He asked and she stared at him silently.

* * *

Lucas walked towards his office and noticed a strange gathering. As he drew nearer, he caught a glimpse of what was going on. For some strange reason, he stood frozen staring at them.

* * *

"Let's date." He told her as he looked up to her and her eyes widened a bit more as she stared down at him. She never expected that question in her wildest dreams.

"Say yes." Someone shouted and the rest yelled the same putting her in a difficult state. She looked up feeling slightly shy at what was going on.

"Come on say yes." A few more pressurised her as she took an uncomfortable look around.

Her eyes met his. She felt frozen. She couldn't take her eyes away from his and he neither withdrew his. Deep down, she wished he would say something, make a difference for her.

He suddenly looked away and walked past a few people. He headed directly into his office without taking one more look back at her. She watched him walk away and disappointment suddenly filled her.

"Say yes!" A few more people pressured her.


"Yes." She answered before Sandy could say anything more.

Everyone cheered with an applause.

She stared down at him who stared back at her with surprise in his eyes. He needed the word yes but somewhere deep down feared he would get a no.

He smiled as he got up to his feet and engulfed her in an embrace.

"I promise you won't regret this." He told her as he held on tighter to her.

She kept her gaze on the door to her boss's office and hoped deeply within her that she wouldn't regret this. It was for the best. She has to know her place.

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