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   Chapter 35 Bubblegum (29)

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Chris decided to escort Ema back to her desk after their little drama had passed by.

"We won't stand for this! He can't just fire all of us like we don't matter to this company! Come out Lucas Hendrix and face us!" A man yelled towards the door to Lucas's office as he struggled with about six more men and two women to get past Sandy who tried her best to stop the chaos that was going on at the moment.

"Yes! Come out Lucas Hendrix!" The rest of the them chorused. Lucas was nowhere to be seen in the scene.

It was all confusing for Ema and Chris who were just walking in.

"I've told you all before, Mr Hendrix doesn't want to be disturbed. Why don't we all behave civilised and just accept his decision, he is our boss after all." Sandy explained to them while the rest of the office became the spectators for the drama happening at the minute.

The man in front who seemed to be the leader snorted at Sandy's comment.

"Boss? That's probably why he fired us because he knows the truth. He knows that he can never truly be our boss...he knows what he is. He knows that..."

"Mr Reeves!" Sandy called him to a halt. She had to stop him from stating anymore further what he had in mind.

They stared at each other loathly. The thirty-five year old man hating the fact that he wasn't given the proper chance to take out the right action.

Ema couldn't just stand and watch anymore. After all, Sandy was actually taking on her job at the moment and even though she had no clear explanation as to what exactly was going on, she had to do something. She quickly walked up to Sandy. Chris noticed her movement and followed after her. He couldn't let her face those angry men all alone. He had to protect her.

"Sandy, What's going on?" Ema asked in a low tone as she focused on her.

"Mr Hendrix asked me to fire them all. They won't accept it and they're making a fuss over it."

"Fire..." Ema took a look at all of them and then back to Sandy.

"Why would he order such at once? Is there any particular reason?" Ema asked needing more answers than the one Sandy gave her.

"He..." Sandy started but then stopped as she took a closer look at Ema. She isn't suppose to know anything. Mr Hendrix would get mad at her if words get out about his plans or what has been happening.

"I don't know...I just need you to help me get them out of here since the security guards are taking their precious time in getting upstairs to help take them away." Sandy told her for short.

"You're his assistant, right?" The man who seemed to be the leader asked directing the question at Ema.

"M-me?" She stuttered, surprised they would ask her anything.

"You should go in and ask him to come out here and speak to us..." His words trailed away as the door to Lucas's office suddenly opened and he walked out, shutting the door behind him.

Why did he come out?

Ema couldn't help but ask herself that question. These people out here seemed really offended and ready to take it out on him. Who knows what they would do now he was right in front of them.

She watched as he walked past her and Sandy to face the people.

Ema watched as a sly smile grew at the corner of their leader's lips.

"Do you want to say something to me?" Lucas asked daringly as everywhere remained silent.

The man snorted as he looked away for a second and then back to him.

"Yes. I want to say something to Lucas Hendrix. The man I've been, under is the right word here. The man I've been under for the past four years." He started and Lucas looked straight ahead at him, daring him to say something.

"You have no right to fire us. We all know who you truly are and why you're doing're scared. You know that seat isn't rightful yours. You know who you truly are." The man continued daringly.

Ema still couldn't understand what he was trying to say but it was clearly obvious that he was aiming at something. She wondered what he meant by the seat wasn't rightfully his and by who he truly is.

"You..." The security guards suddenly walked in to take a hold of them.

"Finally!" Sandy exclaimed at them as she took steps forward to direct them on the men they should get out of the building.

"I'm not done with you!" Mr Reeves exclaimed as he struggled just like the rest of them to get freed from the guards hold and attempt to take them away.

He managed to quickly run out of their grasp and grab a cup filled with hot coffee from a young man who was just walking in on the strange scene. Somehow, Ema noticed where his eyes shifted to next and thought of the possibility of what he was going to do. The man immediately swung the coffee towards Lucas's direction sending the liquid flying all the way across the room.

Lucas noticed and stood frozen as he watched the liquid getting closer towards him in almost a slow motion. She rushed to stand in front of him with her arms spread wide apart, her head tilted to the side and her eyes shut ready for what was coming towards them.

Chris stood in front of her without thinking and got splashed on the back with the hot coffee instead of her.

After a few seconds of not having felt anything hot on her face, Ema slowly opened her eyes to a dark shad

and sighted Ema at her desk sorting out a few stuff on her table. A sly smile grew at the corner of her lips before walking up to her.

"I clearly must have underestimated you." Adele told her as she stood by the side of her desk making Ema look up to her.

"You seem dumb but...your actions are wise." She continued and Ema stared at her confused at what she was saying.

Adele sighed.

"Keep up the good work." She told her with a smile before walking away.

Ema sighed as she watched the young woman walk away. She shook her head at her. She thought of the fact that the day she begins to understand her, that's the day she actually wises up.

* * *

Chris stared at his bare back through the mirror in the restroom. Although he had it treated at the clinic, traces of the burnt mark could be seen.

He sighed as he stared at it.

"I really must be insane to go through this for you Ema." He stated as he tried to poke it and felt the stinging pain.

He put down his shirt and stared at his reflection in the mirror.

She was just standing a bit closer to him and he hadn't realised it yet when she left his side to shield his brother from what was coming. He couldn't let that happen and decided to take the hit for her instead.

Chris sighed after that recollection from earlier.

"What's happening to me?" He asked himself as he kept staring at his reflection.

* * *

The day was over, she was tired and stressed out. She was sad that she couldn't meet up with Chris. Apparently, he left his office before she could make it there. She raised up her head away from staring at the floor. She sighted Chris walking out of the building.

"Chris." She called after him but he couldn't hear her and so walked out. She immediately picked up her pace, walking and running at the same time to catch up with him.

She stood outside of the building and searched with her eyes for him. She saw him collecting his car keys from the guard and getting into his car. She quickly ran down the status ahead of him and before he could start up his car.

She got down the last staircase before his car could move forward. She stood in front with her arms spread wide for him to stop and as soon as he saw her, he quickly hit the brakes of the car to avoid hitting her. His heart raced faster and gently he looked up to her. She was still standing tall. He opened the door and got out of the car.

"Are you insane? Do you really wish to die..."

"I'm sorry Chris." She started as she walked up to him.

"I'm sorry that I'm so clueless sometimes and that I'm so inconsiderate. Please forgive and allow me to make to it up to you by buying you an ice cream." She apologised as she portrayed the saddest face she could put on.

He stared at her and her face melted melted his heart.

"Pfft." He scoffed as he looked away from her.

"Please...what do you say Chris?" She asked with a smile as she lightly poked him on the chest.

He chuckled as he took another look at her cute face.

"Fine. Get in." He told her and her smile broadened before turning to walk to the other side and get in.

Chris smiled to himself as he stood there thinking about everything.

"Let's go Chris." She told him from inside the car and he quickly got in.

Lucas stood at the entrance into the building as he watched them drive off. He sighed as he struggled with getting Adele's words away from his head.

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