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   Chapter 34 Hardtach (28)

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She furrowed her eyebrows at the fact she was gaining consciousness and the ray of the sunlight peeping through the curtains affected her sleep.

She turned on the bed grumpily away from the sunlight.

She was having a nice dream. One in which everything was perfect. She was happy. He was happy.

She slowly tried fluttering her eyes open but then quickly shut it back as she felt an instant brightness flow into her eyes. She tried once more as she struggled to sit up. Her head thumped which made it much worse for her. She placed a hand on her head before rubbing her temples. Her head hurt abnormally for some reason. She found the strength to get off the bed and walk out of the room while still rubbing her temples. She met her aunt in the kitchen.

"My head hurts." She complained as she took her seat on a chair by the dining.

"Well it should when you drank all night." Josephine told her as she turned away from the sink.

"I didn't drink...I...I took just one." She tried to explain as she managed to look up to her aunt looking as miserable as ever.

"Just one gulp did that to you?" Josephine asked a bit curious.

Ema sighed as she cupped her head with both of her hands.

"One gulp with a pill can do that."

"You were drugged!?" Josephine asked in shock as she took a seat to face her niece.

"Actually... I wasn't. Mr Hendrix was." She explained feeling a bit tired and not herself.

"He looked okay to me last night when he dropped you off."

Ema's eyes suddenly widened as she stared at her aunt.

"Mr Hendrix dropped me?"

"Well...he actually carried you up to your room..."

Ema gasped a bit loudly to her aunt's surprise.

" let him walk into the room?"

"Well what could I do? You refused to wake up and I couldn't carry you up the stairs. He offered so I let him. I don't see anything wrong in that."

"Wrong!?" Ema exclaimed as she got up and walked over to the sink.

She looked away from her aunt trying to catch her breath and calm her beating heart. What is wrong with her? Why was she getting so worked up about everything? She wondered what much more actually happened last night.

"You can remember all that happened last night, right?" Josephine asked her from behind to be sure her niece was on track.

Ema gulped down before turning to her.

"Not..exactly. I remember trying to tell Mr Hendrix about his drink been spiked and then gulping it down when he refused to listen..."

"You took the poison meant for him!?" Josephine asked in surprise as she stared at her niece.

Ema stared at her without saying a word. What was she to say? How was she going to explain her action? She herself had no idea why she did that. It's morning and she couldn't make out all that transpired last night. She wondered if seeing Mr Hendrix at work today was going to be awkward.

He did walk into her messy room and saw her in a state she couldn't quite recall.

Her eyes widened a bit upon realisation of something.

"Work!" Ema exclaimed.

Josephine furrowed her eyebrows at her.

"I'm late to work!" She exclaimed once again as she quickly headed towards the room.

"Aunty, why didn't you wake me up earlier?" Ema asked her as she searched for something to wear to the office.

Josephine followed her into the room.

"Well excuse me for deciding to let you dream a little bit more about your boss. Obviously, I was in the wrong." Josephine stated as she stood by the door with folded arms.

Ema stopped what she was doing and gently turned to her.

"I'm sorry, I think I heard you say I was dreaming about my boss. You didn't just say that, right?" Ema asked her with furrowed eyebrows to be sure her aunt was blabbing.

Josephine gave a mischievous smile.

"Oh you didn't hear wrong, alright? You kept talking about him all night. Mentioning him in your dreams. I had to leave the bed to you." Josephine explain and Ema remained silent blankly staring at her.

"You're insane." Ema stated before turning back to her wardrobe.

" know something aunt...I don't have time for your jokes right now. I'm late to work and I really need to keep my job so...I'm leaving this conversation right now, right here." Ema told her as she got out what she needed to wear to work before heading into the bathroom.

Josephine snorted at her niece's attitude towards the whole thing.

"It's up to you to admit the fact that you might have developed a little crush on this Mr Hendrix. I've see

igh of relief followed by a smirk. He tried his best to not reveal his happiness on hearing her voice. She walked up to his front and had a seat in front of him. He faked a nonchalant attitude as he looked up to her. He met her smiling face as she stared at him.

"You weren't answering my calls." She told him while displaying a warm smile.

"I didn't notice... even if you called." He told her.

"I did. I tried several times last night but you picked none." She told him once more and he looked away from her down to his food.

She noticed his attitude. It was something he never displayed to her and she knew something had to be up.

"Are you angry with me Chris?" She asked as she drew a but closer.

"Hmm...What tipped you off?" He asked as he looked up to her.

She stared at him for a while as she furrowed her eyebrows.

"I'm sorry Chris if I said something that upset you although I don't know what exactly that was...but...I'm sorry." She told him as she put on a sad face to show him just how remorseful she is.

He sighed as he stared at her face.

"You're really clueless, aren't you?" He asked as he stared at her face unable to stay angry at her no matter how much he wanted to.

She put up a warm smile.

He sighed recollecting how much he yearned to see her face and hear her voice. Now she was in front of him, he was beginning to think why he felt all that restless without her. They are after all, just friends. Nothing more.

He felt his heart race in a much more unique and different way as he stared at her smiling at him.

He felt something was actually different about him. Was his feelings towards her actually changing? He thought of her no longer as just a friend but something else. It was weird. It was different but the broader she smiled, the more she looked like an angel. An ever smiling smiling and he wished time could stop stop just so this moment could go on forever.

He chuckled at himself as he looked down away from her.

"Good! You smiled so I'm forgiven." She told him as she gave a light pat on his arm.

He stared at where she touched him and couldn't help but think how great that felt. hat made him smile some more as he tried hard to contend his beating heart.

He finally looked up to her once again but this time he noticed something different about her. She looked away to another direction and she seemed lost in thoughts with a serious expression on her face. A few seconds ago, she seemed quite alright but now she looked deep in thought.

"Ema." He called her but she showed no reaction.

"Ema." He called once more as he placed a hand on her.

It worked as she turned to him with a bit of surprise written on her face. She put up a brief smile as she took a look at him.

"Are you okay?" He asked her as he needed to be sure. She nodded after a while of hesitation.

"Are you sure?"

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