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   Chapter 33 Turkish delight (27)

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She cat walked elegantly, her pointy heels making sounds on the tiles of the hospital hallway as she approached the old man's room. A bodyguard followed behind her. Her attire and the sound made due to her heels caused every eyes to take a look at her as she walked past them. She had beautiful and well tanned skin. Her eyebrows were beautifully curved, nose, slim and long. Almond shaped eyes. Her lips were thin and full with a red lipstick applied on it.

She stood in front of the door which had a bodyguard standing close to it. One look at him with her cool gray eyes, the guard stood aside for her. Her own guard opened the door for her to walk in then closing the door after she did.

She reduced her steps as soon as she walked into the room to view the old man barely himself trying to survive through the life support machine by his side. She took calm steps towards him on realisation that his eyes were shut. She stood beside the bed analyzing every part of him and slowly his eyes fluttered open to view her.

A sly smile grew at the corner of her lips as his eyes widened in surprise at seeing her.

"Hello Reed." She greeted, her voice sounding light and smooth.

He just stared at her without saying a word. She took a look at the monitor as his heartbeat had increased a bit faster than normal. Her smile broadened as she turned back to him.

"Scared?" She asked him in the softest voice she could portray but he said nothing in reply.

"That's right. You should be." She concluded.

She walked to the other side of the room and had her seat on the chair close to the bed. He gently turned his head to the side she was at so he could see her. She crossed her legs looking as calm as ever.

"I heard of your little knock on heaven's door. I thought I should pay my final visit before the door opens to you...I did well, didn't I?" She asked still maintaining her smile. His heart beat increased once more and she pretended like that wasn't bad for him.

"Your grandson is trying his best. Keeping you in such an expensive hospital with a bodyguard to protect you. I must say...he really does love you." She stated as she took a look around the huge and comfortable room.

She got up to her feet and walked up to stand in front of him.

"It's time Reed. It's time to put an end to this game once and for all." She stated still in a calm voice and he struggled to speak.

"Don't...don't..." He tried but his voice was shaky and uneven.

"Don't harm Lucas? Is that your last wish? Come on could have asked for anything else but asked for the impossible?" She asked him and he just stared at her loathing the fact at how helpless he was.

"You have no idea what I have in store for him Reed. He took everything from my son and I. He ruined my life and that's... That's exactly what I'm going to do to him." She stated portraying the meanest face she could come up with.

His heartbeat hastened up making it a bit hard for him to breathe and she stood there watching him as he struggles for air. She leaned a little bit closer.

"Go well Reed." She told him before putting up a smile that creep him out the more.

The beeping on the monitor grew louder as he struggled for air and she turned to leave after taking one look at the dying old man.

She walked out of the room as confident as ever. About two nurses and a doctor quickly ran past her and her bodyguard. They rushed into the room to attend to the old man.

Her smile grew broader with confidence as she walked away knowing her real work is just beginning.

* * *

Lucas stared at Ema who was fast asleep in his car. He wasn't sure if he should wake her up and ask her to go right ahead in. She was home but he had no idea what number her apartment was. He stretched his hand to tap her but felt his hand grow frozen at the mere look on her sleeping face. She looked so peaceful and he great

smile and he nodded in accordance before walking away.

Josephine shut the door after he was gone and turned to the sitting room.

"Am I seeing clearly?" She asked herself referring to all the signs her niece's boss displayed tonight.

She walked into the room to stare at Ema who was already fast asleep.

"Why on earth would you drink so much Kachi? Silly girl." She asked as she rested on the door.

* * * *

Lucas sat in his car. He couldn't get Ema nor her words out of his head. He shut his eyes for a split second and rested his head backwards.

He sighed before deciding to start up the car. His phone rang and he put a halt to that thought as he picked it up.

"Hello." He started as he brought the phone close to his ear.

A few seconds into the call and his eyes widened a bit in shock.

* * *

Lucas stood in front of the doctor almost like a statue. He stared at the middle aged man as he tried his best to explain the situation but he could hardly comprehend anything. All he saw was the man's lips moving upwards and downwards but all he explained, he hardly understood. The only words his mind was able to capture at the moment were the last words he stated.

"He passed away. I'm sorry." He said putting up a sad and remorseful face then placed a hand on his shoulder before walking away down the hall.

Lucas stood frozen without taking out any reaction for a few seconds after the doctor left. He gulped down hard before taking slow but shaky steps towards the door to the room his grandfather stayed in. He stretched out his hand towards the door knob. His hands felt cold and his fingers shivered visibly. He dreaded what was behind that door but yet some driving force behind him wanted to see this. He turned the door knob to push the door open before taking several steps into the room.

A body laid on the bed covered with a white sheet.

A stood for a second in front of the body without saying a word. No reaction. Just staring.

He stretched out his hands to unfold the sheet to find out the face behind it.

His grandfather's cold and lifeless face laid there staring back at him. Lucas gulped down hard.

He's gone.

His mind told him and he took in a deep breath as he kept both of his hands down beside him trying his best to control it from shaking so much. He wasn't going to collapse just as they want. He was going to remain strong and fight this battle alone. He looked straight forward away from the old man's face.

He's really gone.

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