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   Chapter 32 Spring roll (26)

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Updated: 2018-01-02 16:22

Please listen to the song below before reading on. I'm trying to make this as romantic and realistic as I can. Thank you for opening this chapter.

"I can't believe she has stopped attempting to call me." Chris mumbled as he stared at his phone while seating in the living room.

He sighed.

"I don't care. Whatever." He concluded before leaving the phone on the sofa and getting up to his feet.

He walked towards the window and stared out to the darkness of the night.

He turned back to take a look at the phone.

"Has she really given up? Did I take this too long?" He asked himself all at once as he debated on his actions.

"Should I call her?" He asked himself as he approached the sofa before picking up the phone.

"...Mr Hendrix might not like all this." He recalled her exact words which once again pissed him off. Why should she care so much about what his brother thinks of his approach?

"Lucas really just can't stop meddling." He complained as he took his seat on the sofa and crossed his legs staring at his phone in his hand.

"Call me once again Ema." He wished as he stared at the phone. He was going to wait for her call and he was going to end his little fight with her. All she has to do was call so he knows she cares about their situation.

* * *

She stared at him as he smiled to her. Petals floating all around him in the air in slow motion. It was beautiful. It was amazing. It made her feel real good, one she couldn't express. He was smiling. She was smiling and as they ran hand in hand down the field with daffodils. It felt like heaven.

"Get a hold of yourself miss Smith." Lucas warned her as he suddenly got her to stand on her own two feet. She stared at his real face confused about her other vision. Was that real or this here right in front of her is real? Which was which? Either way, he was here.

"You have to step down..." A security guard told her but Lucas cut him off.

"I'll handle it. Don't worry." He told the guards that had gotten up the stage to get Ema down.

"Let's go." Lucas told confused Ema.

"But I don't want to go...I like it up here." Ema complained as she refused to go along with him.

He put his arm around her and dragged her along with him down the stage although her steps were tipsy and uneven. She kept smiling all the way down as she stared at him. He ignored her present self and all the swarming eyes as they walked out of the hall.

"I want to go back...i...i'm not done talking." She complained as she tried to head back to the door but Lucas stopped her.

"Lucas. Lucas." Adele called out to him as she rushed out of the hall towards them.

He turned to her just as he stood with tipsy Ema in front of the elevator.

Lucas sighed before pushing Ema to the wall.

"Stay here." He told her and she nodded continuously with a smile.

He walked up to her.

"She's really drunk." Adele stated as she took one look at Ema who kept reciting something while looking away.

"I can see that." Lucas told her and Adele put up a brief smile.

" You can't leave yet. We still have a few people to meet. I'll have my driver drop her off." Adele told him and inwardly hoped he doesn't state otherwise.

"Don't worry about that...I'll take her home."

"You know where she lives?" She asked him a bit surprised.

"Yes." He told her truthfully.

"Wow. Not all bosses cares about where their employee stay...I'm jealous Lucas Hendrix. I wish you would take in a little interest to get to know me." She told him truthfully as well.

He looked away from her for a second and then back.

"I have to go." He told her.

She gave a brief smile.

" want to take her home... I'm not sure she wants the same." She told him as she stared behind him.

He furrowed his eyebrow at her confused at the comment for a second before deciding to look back behind him.

Ema was nowhere to be found and the elevator's door was in the process of closing. Lucas quickly rushed towards it.

He caught a glimpse of smiling Ema who stared back at him just as the door finally shut. He felt frustrated at her inabili

es and he was a candidate of that. Her dad had one and it reminded her of him. She became a sucker for one just because of her dad.

His smile slowly varnished as she touched his cheek. His eyes a bit widened and taken aback at her courage to touch him. Normally, he would back away or take a step back but somehow right now, he felt stuck and frozen on the spot.

He stared from her hand to her smiling face.

His heart beat raced faster than usual. It was nothing like he had ever felt before. It was all a different kind of feeling. Ema suddenly looked really pretty in a manner he had never seen her before. He understood something was different in him. Something that shouldn't be there. Something he had tried so hard to abstain from. As he stared into her brown eyes, all he wanted to do was bring her closer and never let go.

This can't happen.

He told himself just as he struggled with his feelings.

He took hold of her hand and gently brought it down away from his face. Her smile slowly reduced from how broad it was.

"I'll take you home." He told her before letting go of her hand and taking the first steps forward.

She stood staring at him walk away. She wondered why he suddenly backed away but nevertheless decided to follow behind him. Her steps were still a bit shaky and for a second earlier, she forgot about how drowsy she was beginning to get.

He took a look back at her and noticed her situation. At that rate she would never catch up with him and might even end up hurting herself. He looked away from her for a second debating in his mind.

Just for tonight.

He told himself once again before turning and walking back up to her. She stood still staring at him wondering why he returned. He slightly bent and carried her up into his arms to her surprise. She stared at him with widened eyes as she had her hand around his neck for balance. He took one look at her shocked face and looked away.

"We're faster this way." He told her to summarize any other thought she might have.

As he walked towards his car, she stared at him. He decided to ignore her stares and walked on. She smiled sheepishly before gently resting her head on his chest as she tried to shut her eyes and enjoy the moment.

She slowly opened her eyes on realisation that his heart was beating just as equally fast as hers was doing at the moment. She looked up to his face.

Could it be mere coincidence? She wondered but something told her this was different.

She smiled at him as she held on to him with one hand and the other holding her shoes and purse.

I tried my best to make this story as realistic as possible.

Please don't forget to vote and comment to show ur supports. My apologies regarding any typo.

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