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   Chapter 31 Churros (25)

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Ema walked into the restroom and the first look she got were from two women who were just walking out. She shook their looks aside as she stood in front of the mirror staring at her own reflection.

"Snap out of it Ema!" She warned herself as she stared directly at the reflection she seemed not to recognise.

She swore her aunt did a good job with her make-up. It wasn't excess. It wasn't too light. It just told the right tale about her.

She lightly brushed the edges of her hair with her fingers before taking out the lipstick her aunt warned her to retouch each type her lips went dry. She lightly began to apply the nude lipstick on her lips.

The door opened and Adele walked into the restroom to stand in front of the mirror and stare at her reflection as well. Ema noticed her presence but felt the need to remain calm and not say a word. Even a dumb person could tell they were so not getting along. She noticed Adele took out her own red lipstick and began applying on her lips.

"Lucas is handsome, isn't he?" Adele suddenly asked her as she still stared at her own reflection.

"Huh?" Ema voiced a bit confused by the question. She never really thought of his facial appearance and she definitely shouldn't. He's her boss.

"Um...yeah." She managed to reply at the uncomfortable question.

Adele turned to her making Ema turn her head to her.

"Having been invited to such a high class party must make you very happy." She stated and Ema just stared at her without a reply.

Adele smiled.

"Don't get too comfortable with every free ride that come your way." She told her as she covered her lipstick and put it back into her purse.

She walked towards Ema in an attempt to leave the restroom but stopped just when her shoulder brushed with Ema's.

"Those that fly too high...tend to get the most injuries when they land." She told her almost in a whisper before walking past her and leaving the restroom.

Confused by all Adele said, Ema turned back to stare at her reflection. What exactly Adele was trying to drive at, she knew nothing about that. She sighed as she dropped her lipstick back Intl her own purse and practiced her smile over and over again. The simple smile. The broad smile.

Her laughter.

"Oh please madam Curie." She stated with an acted loud laugh and then the quiet one as she tried to cover her mouth while doing so.

She heard the sound of the toilet flush and the door opened. A woman walked out of it making Ema freeze with embarrassment.

Has she been there all this while?

She asked herself as she recalled all her dramatic stunts she pulled in front of the mirror.

She stood frozen without taking a look at her as the woman washes her hands before drying them. She rolled the tips of her wavy hair with her fingers a bit before taking one look at Ema then walking away.

Ema heaved a sigh of relief after the woman was gone.

She placed a hand on her chest. She has to go back home tonight intact and the only way for her is for everyone here to stop giving her weird looks.

She took one last look at her reflection in the mirror.

"You can do this." She told herself before finally turning and walking out of the restroom.

As soon as she was out, she was reminded once again why she acted out all her dramas in the restroom.

She put up her simple smile. She looked around and that's when she saw her boss with Adele talking a man different from the one she saw them with earlier.

She sighed.

Why exactly is she here?

He is busy. Adele is busy. Everyone here is busy talking to some other person and she knows not even a single soul here apart from her boss. Did he just want to ruin her night by making her come here?

She took a look at orchestrated instrumentalist on the stage continuously playing a heart filled tune suited for the atmosphere.

She looked around and saw an empty like corner close

ucas recognised that voice. Adele stared behind him, her facial expression changing as the smile on her face slowly dropped.

He furrowed his eyebrows at the thought of what could possibly be going on as he turned to take a look.

Ema stood on the stage in front of the mic and everyone stared at her as the room grew silent. The band had stopped playing and was now staring at her.

She stood smiling from ear to ear like a fool.

"You!" She exclaimed in firm voice as she pointed to the woman that gave her the snooty look the first time she walked in.

"Who...who do...y-you think you are?" She asked as most eyes took a look at the woman and then back to Ema.

She tried to take a step to the side and lost her balance due to the heel but quickly regained it before hitting the fall.

"Is...Is she drunk?" Adele asked in surprise as they still stared at her.

Lucas furrowed his eyebrows at that thought but on recalling how she gulped down his drink, being drunk was now a great possibility. She sounded tipsy.

"Y-you can't! You...can't s-stare at people like that...just because... you're clothes are pretty." Ema spoke in a tipsy voice barely recognising herself.

She felt different. She felt lighter and the world was spinning in her head. She had never felt this good. She was bold. She was in heaven and every snooty looking person in here at ever gave her the look since she walked in here are now facing her. She was in control.

Lucas noticed a few people were beginning to record what was going on with their phones.

"Somebody should get that crazy woman off the stage." A guest complained feeling irritated by the situation.

"What...Crazy?" Ema asked still feeling light headed. Her steps filled with mistakes.

Lucas took in a deep breath, hating himself for the step he was going to take.

"I'm not crazy at all...I...I'm..." She lost her balance once again due to her heel and this time, she couldn't regain it on her own.

He caught her in his arms before she could reach the ground.

She looked up away from the firm hands that wrapped around her to the face.

"Mr...Hendrix." She murmured although still feeling tipsy.

They stared into each other's eyes.

She felt her heart race faster than usual. Different from the heart beat from fear or nervousness. It was nothing like she had ever experienced. She liked it here. She likes it in his arms. She liked it staring into his emerald green eyes, one she had never really taken a closer look at her.

What is happening to her?

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