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   Chapter 30 Bombay mix (24)

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"Kachi this looks like a very important event judging alone from the description on this ticket and its venue." Josephine told her niece as she had her eyes glued to the ticket in her hands.

"Oh I know." Ema complained as she threw her back on the bed and covered her face with a pillow.

"I've stared at that ticket for hours and I can't understand why he would want me there." Ema voiced out as she took the pillow off her face.

"Yeah, it doesn't." Josephine admitted as she took her seat on the bed.

"Exactly! Does he want to embarrass me or something? I don't even have anything special to wear to such an event. I mean this's suicidal." Ema complained as she hit her hands on the bed continuously as if that would release the tension and frustration she was feeling at the moment.

There was silence in the room before Ema suddenly spoke as she sat up.

"I'm not going."

"What?" Josephine asked as she wasn't expecting that from her niece.

"I mean isn't it obvious aunty? I'm nobody to go to such an event and stand in the midst of lots of important people. I wouldn't even know what to say, what to discuss. It'll just be weird."

"Are you not forgetting something Kachi?" Her aunt asked her as she stood to her feet and stood in front of her.

"You're going on behalf of your boss. It's like work hours. You're his assistant so it's also normal for you him out as usual. Just think of it that way." Josephine explained to her with a warm smile and Ema thought for a second.

"Okay but...but even if I do decide to go, I have nothing to wear."

"That can't be completely true. You have almost two hours left to the event, we'll figure something out for you to wear. After all, it's a cocktail dinner." Josephine assured her with a sure smile on her face. She was going to do exactly as she just told her niece even if it means searching through her own stuff as well.

* * *

Lucas dressed in a black tuxedo walked into the hall filled with important guests all dressed elegantly for the event. He recognised a few people and as he walked past them, they greeted each other with a single light nod and a brief smile. The music was orchestrated by a classy band filled with instruments from the string family. He knew not exactly who he was looking for or where exactly to start from. He just had to be here. He took a look at his wrist watch before taking a look around.

As usual, his assistant is once again late.

"Lucas." He heard his name and slightly turned his head to the direction of the voice.

Adele approached him dressed in a red long body hugging dress with just single straps to hold on to her shoulder. She put on a gold necklace. Her hair was neatly packed into a bun and she looked as elegant as always with her body curves sticking out. Her make-up was a bit dark on the eyes but nude on the lips. She wore a light smile on her face as she carefully and elegantly walked up to him.

"You came." She stated the obvious as she stood in front of him.

"You did as well." He simply told her.

Her smile broadened a bit.

"Don't be naive Lucas, just because you didn't hand over the second ticket to me and invited me to come along with you doesn't mean I don't have my own ways. I had an extra ticket invade you pulled something like this." She explained to him and he nodded.

"It's good to know that you're always awake." He simply told her and her smile slowly tried to drop but she quickly wore it back.

"I'm just curious Lucas. What did you do with the other ticket? Did you throw it away or...invited someone else?" Adele asked curiously and somehow deep within she hoped he threw it away instead of inviting someone else in her place.

"I invited someone else." He stated truthfully and she lightly bit her inner lip in regret.

"You really can't lie, can you?"

"I don't see a reason for me to." He stated truthfully once mo

Adele gave a broad smile as she looked from Ema to Lucas.

"He sure did." She stated as she brought the glass cup close to her lips while still staring at Lucas.

Ema stood feeling silly and wondering what on earth she was doing here. It was obvious she didn't belong here and so far, there was nothing she could do for her boss. She knew from the very start that this was a bad idea but her aunt wouldn't let her think so.

Unknowingly Ema brought the glass cup closer to her lips to take a sip as she looked away her mind elsewhere.

"Do you drink miss Smith?" Lucas suddenly asked her to her surprise as well as his but he acted well enough not to show it.

"Uh..." She stuttered as she took one look at the champagne glass in her hand and then back to his straight face.

Adele stared at them.

", not really I guess..."

"Then don't drink." He ordered cutting her off her sentence.

They stared at each other for a split second before it got quite uncomfortable and Lucas first withdrew his gaze away from hers hating himself for acting this way and saying all the wrong things. It really wasn't planned.

"Come Lucas. I'll introduce you to some very important guests." Adele stated as she broke the silence. She interlocked her arm with Lucas's and without giving room for any more words, she got him to walk along with her leaving Ema standing all alone.

She watched as they walked away and Lucas slightly turned his head to take a look at her. Their eyes met before he looked away.

Ema released the breath she had no idea she had been holding in all this while. She had no idea what exactly is going on but it was sure as hell weird. Why was her boss's gaze having so much effect on her and since when did she become so shy?

She suddenly felt hot in a well air conditioned hall making her to fan herself with her hand.

"I can't ruin my make-up." She told herself as she fanned harder feeling hotter just as she stared at her boss looking all calm as he nodded his head to something the man in front of him said.

"Ah I have to use the restroom." She told herself as she decided to finally walk away from this particular scene and catch her breath.

She turned and searched around with her eyes for any sign of were the restroom was. She just had to walk away and eventually she would figure out where it is.

Lucas took a slight look at Ema through the corner of his eyes and noticed her walking away.

"Sure." He replied the man in front of him as he turned his gaze back to him.

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