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   Chapter 29 Watermelon (23)

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Chris stepped out of the bathroom wiping his hair with a towel. His cell phone which was on his bed began to ring and so he picked it up.

He read the caller ID which made the expression on his face change before swiping to answer and bringing the phone close to his ear.

"What do you want mum?" He asked as he walked up to the window to stare out into the darkness of the night.

"Why do you always start with that sentence Christian? I'm your mother, of course I want to know how you're doing." Her voice came across from the other side.

Christian sighed as he placed the towel on his shoulder.

"Let's not kid each other. We both know our relationship is that of family with benefits. You only call me up when you want to find out something so what is it?"

"That's not true Christian..."

"What do you want?" He interrupted her as he was getting impatient with a conversation he knew would lead nowhere.

There was a tad silence between them for almost a second before she spoke up.

"I love you my son and everything I do...I always do it for you even if you never seem to acknowledge that."

"You don't love me mum. You love yourself. Everything you do is for your own benefit. You've never truly cared about what I really want." Chris complained as a few memories flashed back into his mind.

There was another silence between them for almost a minute before Chris spoke up.

"Just...just tell me what you want to hear and let me say it and end this conversation already." He told her as he ran his fingers through his hair.

"How's your grandfather doing?" She asked after much hesitation.

Chris gave a weak smile as he realised he was right.

"He's sick. He's dying and Lucas is trying his best to save his only family. Anything else?" He asked nonchalantly.

He could hear his mum give a light sigh from the other side of the phone.

"I'm doing all this for you Chris even though it might not seem so to you. I'm trying to get you what's rightful yours."

"Has it ever occurred to you that I might not want all this?" Chris asked her and she remained silent.

"Of course it hasn't. Why? Because to you, what you want is what I want. Goodnight mum." He told her before cutting the call refusing to give her a chance to defend herself.

He has had enough of her excuses and promises. He promised himself a long time ago not to get swayed by her words anymore. She was never going to be the mum he wanted, he needed to understand him. She was always going to be in her own world.

Chris sighed as he took a look at the stars in the sky before walking away from the window.

* * * *

It was dark all over and the only thing keeping him sane was the light ray of light peeping through the keyhole of the room he was hiding in under his bed. His heart was racing faster than ever and his breathing louder than usual. Fear had gripped his entire body making the hairs on his body stand on edge.

He could hear the door knob slowly turn to gently open the door. Realising that he might give himself away with his loud breathing, he covered his mouth with both hands. He heard sounds made by the heel the woman was wearing as she took calm steps into his room. He kept his eyes on her feet refusing to look away. He wanted to know her every direction.

becoming quite often." Ema told him truthfully as she stretched both her hands upward to release any cramps she might feel in the future.

She rubbed the back of her neck which was hurting from her uncomfortable sleeping position.

"Why? You don't like me hanging around anymore?" He asked her as he leaned closer on her table.

"I didn't say that." She told him as she began to sort out the mess on her desk.

"No, I'm pretty sure you meant that."

"Look, don't twist my words. All I'm saying is that Mr Hendrix might not like all this." She told him without looking up to him.

His expression changed at the mention of his older brother.

Chris stood straight.

"Fine. Sorry for being a hassle and you won't see me again." He told her with all seriousness before he turned to leave.

"Chris..." Ema started as she looked up but only saw Chris leaving.

"Chris." She called him once more as she got up to her feet to get his attention but he seemed provoked than she had realised as he ignored her calls and went away.

She sighed as she thought for second as to why he reacted that way. So far to her understanding, she said nothing wrong. She just plainly tried to tell him the truth. Could he have misinterpreted her words? She didn't actually meant that he should disappear from her life.

"Miss Smith." Lucas called her and she immediately turned to him in a startle.

"Y-yes sir." She answered at once as she quickly took steps towards him.

"Can I help you with anything Mr Hendrix?" Ema asked sincerely as she stood in front of him with expectations in her eyes.

Lucas had his hand in his pocket as he rubbed the tickets between his fingers. He stared at her for a second.

"Don't be late." He told her as he unknowingly to him handed a ticket to her.

She collected it from him and was about to ask him what exactly he meant but he had walked away before she could say anything.

She stared at the ticket in confusion and read it out.

"Cocktail dinner." She read out.

Was he asking her to come along with him?

She thought for a second before sighing. She'll just have to obey her boss, won't she?

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