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   Chapter 28 Pretzel (22)

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Lucas stared at his sleeping grandpa from the seat he sat on in the room. The old man was getting weaker day by day and in as much as he didn't want to admit it, he was slipping away from him. He couldn't lose him. He was the only one he had. The only one who understood and cared about him.

He reached into the pocket of his jacket and brought out the cellphone he hadn't realised he dropped in there. He had planned on returning it to Ema as he dropped her off but once again, he might have forgotten.

He took a look round the small handset and her words earlier this night flashed in into his mind.

He watched his hand switch on the phone. He knew he wasn't suppose to. He told himself to just switch it off and return it back to her once and for all but for some reason, his hand was contradicting his thought. He wanted to see more. He wanted to know more. He tapped on the gallery icon and a few pictures came into display. He concluded in his mind that she wasn't a picture person. Most women took pictures of everything they did just to display to the world through a social website. His right thumb wavered with the itch to click on a portrait picture of her. Finally, he gave in and clicked on it.

He stared at the smiling picture of Ema.

"I couldn't betray you."

He recalled her exact words. Somehow, he wanted to ask more. He wanted to know why she wouldn't betray him and run away with the lots of money they were offering her. Anyone in her place would do exactly this. Honesty was something different entirely compared to staying loyal to a man that hardly notices you.

Lucas sighed before he quickly turned off the phone.

He gulped down hard as he looked away from it and unto his grandfather.

This was a waste of time. Thinking about her words and actions was a clear waste of time to him. He knew what he wanted. He knew what they wanted and he wasn't going to let them win one over him, at least not while he was still breathing.

* * * *

Ema walked out of the administration office as she stared at the ID card in her hands hung around her neck with a broad smile written across her face.

Chris noticed her as she unknowingly stood beside him in front of the elevator.

A smile grew on his lips.

"I know that smile." He told her and she turned her head to him away from the card.

Her smile grew broader.

"That's the Ema smile." He told her as he lightly touched her cheek.

She playfully pushed his hands away without wiping off the smile.

"What's up?" He asked her and she showed him the card in her hand. He took a closer look at it.

"I'm officially an employee here. I look so nice, right?" She asked as she stared at the passport photograph on the card and Chris nodded as he stared at her.

The joy on her face made him happy and somehow that felt nice. He loves how little things excited her and how she could keep on smiling till eternity without caring about anything.

"Yeah, you do." He replied her and she looked up to him.

"You weaved your hair." He stated as he pointed to the two straight down weaving on her head.

She nodded as she touched it.

"Yeah, aunt Josephine made it for me. I look okay, right?" She asked to be sure as she recalled her argument with her aunt regarding the weaving.

She hated having to make her hair so always went for the easy method of just packing it. Her aunt made her seat and had her agonising in pain as she combed her hair. Well, she had to admit the fact that it was her fault. If she combed her hair a little bit more then it probably wouldn't tangle as much as it did.

Watching as Chris nodded with a sure smile, she felt happy that she let her aunt weave her hair although her crown still hurt a bit.

The door to the elevator finally opened and out came a lot and in they went.

Chris and Ema stood in front as the door finally shut and only reopened when they got to the second floor. They both had to take a step to the side to let those leaving to walk out.

Lucas stood waiting for the lot to walk out before walking in as he noticed his younger brother and assistant. They stood silently with Ema in the middle with Chris on one side and her boss on the other as the elevator went up. Lucas couldn't help as he noticed her hair. The atmosphere felt awkward for Ema and she prayed silently for the door to finally open and as soon as it did, she stepped out.

Lucas slightly held Chris's wrist to stop him from stepping out.

"We need to talk." He told him almost in a whisper without taking a look at him.

Chris looked from his hand to the side of his face. In as much as he wanted to walk out on his brother, he had to stay still as his brother withdrew his hand.

Ema stopped on her track and turned to realise her boss wasn't stepping out.

"Are...are you not coming Mr Hendrix?" She had to ask.


ath and continued her work to occupy her mind.

* *

"You haven't been returning my calls." Adele told him as she sat I'm front of him across the table.

"I'm busy." Lucas told her without wavering.

She gave a brief smile before drawing closer.

"I like you Lucas...a lot and for that, I can tolerate everything about you including how you defended your assistant out there and humiliated me instead." She explained to him.

"I told the truth. She acted on my orders."

"You're doing it again." She told him as she relaxed back on her seat.

He stared at her for a second.

"Why are you here?" He asked as he decided to go straight to the point.

She sighed before reaching her hand into her handbag and brought out two tickets. She placed it on his table in front of him. He looked from her to it and then back to her before picking it up with his own hand to take a closer look at it.

"A cocktail dinner party." He stated as he stared at her.

She nodded with a hint of pride in her eyes.

"Yes. That is your ticket to getting what you want." She told him and he gave her a blank stare. She knew she had to go on.

"There are going to be a lot of potential investors at that party. People belonging to the high class of this society. If you could get a few of them to invest in this company and have your back...I'm pretty sure that gives you a golden point." She explained to him with pride.

He looked away from her and then back to the ticket in his hand. As he stared at it, he thought for a second about her idea. He had to admit. It wasn't a bad idea for him to mingle amongst them. That could actually help the company. He looked back up to her as he kept the ticket back on the table.

"What's in it for you?" He asked her the right question.

She gave a faint smile.

"I'm hurt Lucas at how much you belittle me." She stated as she placed a hand on her heart.

She took a look at him and noticed he didn't react to her act.

"There are two tickets. Tickets that are to be used the night of tomorrow. One for you for whomever you might want to invite so..." She drew closer.

"Who do you want to invite as an escort?" She asked with a broad smile and eyes filled with hope.

He stared at her for quite a while before he looked away.

"I'll think about it." He told her as he opened his laptop.

Her smile slowly faded as she relaxed back on her seat but she soon put on a simpler one.

"Fine. I'll let you decide." She told him as she stood up to her feet.

"As much as it hurts me, I might have to leave now. Do return my calls as often as you can." She told him even though clearly he acted like she wasn't there and concentrated on his laptop.

She sighed.

"The things I do for love." she stated almost to herself as she stared at his nonchalant self before turning to leave.

"Miss Huxley." He called her as she halfway leaving the office.

"Don't ever call me your boyfriend again." He warned her.

"Okay, I'll remember to save the title till you accept me." She told him with a mischievous smile before turning and leaving the office.

Lucas sighed as he ran a hand through his dark brown hair.

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