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   Chapter 27 Ramen (21)

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Ema tapped her right foot continuously with the cover of her pen stuck between her upper and lower teeth while she stared at the notes she jotted down in the meeting room. Her mind was barely with her in the same place.

She turned her head to take a look at the door a few steps behind her.

"Isn't he going?" She asked herself before looking away from the door.

"Perhaps...he changed his mind." She concluded.

"Ema." She heard her name and immediately looked up.

"Chris." She called in surprise as she tried to bring up a smile.

"Are you alright?" He asked her as he leaned on her table.

She quickly nodded.

"Yeah. Why?"

He shrugged.

"I'm not quite sure. I thought I saw you speaking to someone's yourself." He told her as he gave her an inquisitive look.

She gave a light chuckle.

"I can assure you, I'm fine but you...what are you doing here? It's not lunch hours. You know you can't just come here whenever you feel like."

"Really?" He asked her with a smirk written across his face.

"What if I tell you that I have something for you?" He told her and she narrowed her eyes at him wondering what he was up to now.

She watched him get out a white polythene bag from beside him which he had been hiding and she clearly hadn't notice.

"Here." He told her as he handed the it to her. She looked from him to it.

She put her hand into the bag and brought out a small box with an image of a phone drawn on it.

"I...I don't understand." She told him as she stared from the box to him.

"Fine. I'll get it out for you." He told her collected it from her and opened the box to reveal a brand new iPhone seven.

"This is now yours." He told her as he handed it to her.

She stared at it in confusion.

"I still don't understand."

"Ema you told me you lost your phone so I decided to get you a new one, a better one. Now, we can call and text each other. I don't have to worry so much about you anymore." He explained with a proud smile.

"You.. You got me a phone?" She asked still in shock.

"Yes and you're welcome."


"No?" He asked in confusion.

"No, you shouldn't have done this." She told him as she handed everything back to him.

"First, you paid my rent and now you got me a new phone. An expensive one. I can't accept anymore favours from you. It feels wrong. I don't want people to think anything otherwise about the both of us..."

"Then let them. Ema, I got this for you as a friend who cares and I expect you to think the same. "


"No buts. You told me you would repay me for the rent I paid off for you well then accept this gift from me and you owe me nothing anymore." He told her and she was left with just staring at him.

"I'll take your silence as a yes so for starters, my number will be the first to be registered in here." He told her with a smile as he switches the phone on.

He registered his number and handed it over to her. She reluctantly collected it before taking a look at the screen.

A smile crept up on her lips.

"My...saviour?" She asked him as she read out the name he registered himself as and he nodded proudly.

A light laughter escaped her lips.

"Miss Smith." Lucas called her and she instantly stood to her feet to face him.

"Mr Hendrix." She called out as she held the phone in her hand tightly by her side.

He noticed the phone in her hand before looking back up to her.

"I'll be out for a short while. Don't let anyone into my office." He told her as he tended to walk past her.

"You're going?" She suddenly asked to her own surprise. She immediately bit her own lip.

He stopped and turned his head to her.

"Is there a problem miss Smith?" He asked her not actually needing an answer.

She gave a brief smile.

"No, nothing. Don't mind me. Sh

ing a look at her and she knew he had noticed her uncomfortable position.

She sighed loudly with a smile on her face.

"I know. It's just unlike you Mr Hendrix. Are you okay?" She spoke all at the same time.

He turned his gaze away from the city to her. She looked away from his eyes to the can in her hands before gulping down a bit.

"Why? Do you care?" He asked her to her surprise and she had to look up to him.

His eyes remained on her.

"Wouldn't you feel better if I just drop dead? I know everyone would." He told her and although she didn't get what was going on with him at the moment, somehow, she could sense he wasn't himself.

"No." She replied him to his surprise before looking away from his eyes.

"Yes, you can be unbearable, annoying, frustrating and a big jerk..." She started before turning to him, something in his eyes reminded her that she was talking to her boss.

"I...I meant to say you can be a lot of things but...I don't think you're the worst there is. We all have our bad sides and I like to think you're going through so much so you seem impossible to deal with." She explained to him. The look in his eyes somehow told her he might not have wanted to hear all that but at the same time, she had to tell him the truth.

He stared at her for a second surprised by her reply. He expected her to butter up her reply, say something nice to keep her job but technically she didn't care about the fact that she was talking to her boss.

"Why didn't you accept the money Mr White offered you?" He had to ask, he just need to hear her answer. Something about it had bothered him for quite a while.

She lurked her eye around for a second to recollect what he was talking about and her eyes lit up as she found what she was searching for.

She shrugged her shoulders.

" Tempting as it may have sounded but you gave me a job although I know I'm quite not deserving of it so I couldn't do it. I couldn't betray you. " she explained to him as she turned her head to him. Their eyes met and for a second there, she could have sworn she read something different about him, something more humanly.

Before she could understand more, he looked away.

He gulped down hard.

"It's getting late. We need to leave." He suddenly told her before getting up to his feet and walking towards the exist.

"Uh right." She replied more to herself as she quickly gulped down her drink before getting up to her feet and following behind him.

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