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   Chapter 26 Ice pop (20)

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"He said all that?" Josephine asked her niece as they got ready for bed that night.

Ema nodded.

"I'm quite confused. Do I go to work tomorrow or do I just ignore him?"

"Mm hmm. Obviously, you'll have to go to work. He begged you himself."

"Begged? Aunty it was more of an order and he didn't even apologise for insinuating that I was trying to betray him." Ema explained to her.

"Obviously, he literally won't beg. He seems to be an egoistic man and a man with pride doesn't outwardly beg."

Ema shook her head.

"I don't think so. I don't think I should go back to that office. Good night aunty." Ema told her as she switched off the light and laid down on the bed with her back facing her aunt. She tried to get some sleep.

"I don't understand you Ema. Some weeks back you were excited about wanting to work at this company and now you do. You've been given a second chance. Why won't you take it?" Josephine asked wanting to know exactly what was going on in her mind.

Ema sighed before turning to her aunt.

"I was and...I sort of still's just that when...when he accused me of stealing or was it betraying him, I'm not quite sure...what I'm trying to say is that...I somehow don't see that great spark anymore. I's like I'm slowly losing the fantasy. It's all crystal clear and reality now so aunt...forget it. I'm neither going back to that building nor am I working for that man ever again." Ema told her before turning her back to her aunt and shutting her eyes to get some sleep.

"Well, I bet you'll change your mind by tomorrow morning." Her aunt told her as she laid down as well.

Ema shook her head as she tried to ignore her aunt's words. She wasn't going back there and not even a bright new day was going to change her decision.

* * * *

"Good morning Mr Hendrix." A few employees greeted as Lucas walked out of the elevator and headed directly to his office.

He stopped when he was a few steps away from his office. He had to take a look at Ema's seat.

"Good morning Mr Hendrix." Sandy greeted with a good mood as she walked up to him just as he was about to take a look at Ema's desk.

Someone was bent under the table apparently searching for something and Lucas stared a bit intensively as if to really find out who was there.

Sandy looked from her boss to the woman under the table and then back to her boss.

"Ema." She instantly called her to acknowledge the presence of her boss.

Ema who fell startled instantly hit her head under the table as she tried to get up but forgot the manner in which she was in.

"Ouch!" She exclaimed as she rubbed her crown and gently finds her way out from under the table.

She turns to Lucas and finally he gets a look of her to be sure she was back. For some reason he couldn't quite explain, he inwardly sighs.

"Good morning Mr Hendrix." She greeted as she notices his presence and quickly places her hand beside her away from rubbing her crown.

Realising that the silence was becoming a bit awkward, he gave a gentle nod before walking away into his office.

Sandy turned to her.

"It's good to have you back." Sandy told her as she walks past her and back to her seat.

Ema nods to that with a smile. If only Sandy knew how strongly she had made up her mind last night on not returning here. Her aunt really had to say something that somehow affected her decision the next morning. The next day was bright as she had thought but along with it came a waver in her decision not to work here anymore. All sorts of thoughts played in her mind. Her aunt was right. She was throwing away her second chance to work at her dream company and all for something she couldn't explain. She couldn't call it her pride. She was actually not one to have pride or anything of that sort. She couldn't call it dignity nor honour, something about that didn't sound right. Finally, she gave up trying to classify her s

one would think he was ready to talk but he just took a step to the side and continued on his path out of the room.

"I know the state you're in." She started but he ignores her and walk on.

"You need them on your side." She stated and he stops before he could reach the door.

"You need me on your side." She stated once more and as reluctant as he felt, he turned to face her.

Ema watched silently although she couldn't quite understand what the conversation was about.

She walked up to him with a huge grin on her face.

"Let me help you. I can make it happen. I have information." She told him as she stared directly into his eyes.

He was silent for almost a while without saying anything that Ema thought he would once again turn and ignore the young woman.

"What do you want?" He suddenly asked to the young woman's excitement.

"Nothing much. I'm not a greedy one...all I want is to share...a cup of coffee with you." She told him her desire and although he found that strange, he wasn't one to confuse himself with such thought.

All he wanted right now was to hear what she had for him. It had to be something important. Adele Huxley wouldn't leave her company to dwell amidst the lion's den for no good reason. There had to be something.

"I'll have my assistant serve us in my office." Lucas told her with the thought to take his leave next.

"Well I don't think so. I'll prefer we have this coffee outside this building and just the two of us. That's not too much to ask Lucas dearie, is it?" She asked him expecting the same amount of time he always took to reply but this time, he was quick.

"No." He answered and a wide smile grew on her face as she clapped both of her hands excitedly.

Ema found that strange. Here she was listening in on their conversation but could barely understand a thing although it was clear something was going on. Who are them? What information could she have and most of all...why couldn't she have coffee with him in his office but instead outside with just the two of them?

"That's great. I'll wait for you at the coffee shop across the street. Don't be late, okay?" She told him without wiping off her smile.

Lucas gave a gentle nod before finally leaving the room. Ema quickly followed behind him exchanging glances with the young woman before stepping out of the room.

Adele turned away from the door without wiping off the smile on her face.

"Oh did good." She praised herself before walking up to the table to pick her purse and then leaving the room.

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