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   Chapter 25 Oatmeal (19)

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Lucas walked towards the entrance to his office the next morning. He stopped halfway and slightly turned his head to take a look at the empty seat a few steps away beside him. It was the seat Ema used to occupy as his assistant.

"Good morning Mr Hendrix." Sandy greeted as she approached him with a smile on her face.

Lucas nodded in acceptance to the greeting.

"I'm sorry Mr Hendrix but it seems Ema is running a bit late today. Do you need anything? I can perhaps get it before she gets here." Sandy told him politely and Lucas stared at her silently.

He was silent without a word that Sandy thought she might have said the wrong thing.

"I..." She started but he cut her off as he pointed to Ema's seat.

"Call her up and ask her to come to work." Lucas ordered her before walking away to his office, giving her not even a chance to speak.

"Come to work? I'm sure she knows that." Sandy spoke to herself in confusion but later on shuddered her shoulder at whatever reason there could be. She decided to obey her boss and just call Ema up.

Sandy could hear the phone ringing as she kept it close to her ear waiting expectantly for Ema to pick up but she didn't. Sandy tried several more times but wasn't going through.

Sandy went on ahead to knock on Lucas's door and walked in after she was asked to.

"Mr Hendrix...Ema isn't picking up. I'm sure she'll soon be here." Sandy told him.

Lucas once again stared silently at her without altering a word.

"That'll be all Sandy." He told her and with that dismissed her or any other thing she had to say.

She wanted to say more or rather ask more but being the man her boss was, she couldn't. She gave a single nod before turning to walk out of the office.

Lucas wanted something and for the first time. He seemed to be begging for it. It was obvious he made a mistake in judging her. It turns out she was better in terms of trustworthy than what he had presumed. He quite didn't trust her yet but she had won the opportunity to work towards earning his trust and that was an opportunity he never gave to anyone.

* * *

"256, 256, 256..." Chris murmured repeatedly as he searched with his eyes for the room number on the doors he continuously passed and finally he stood in front of the door he had been searching for. 256 was written boldly on it and Chris took in a deep breath as he held on tightly to the basket of fruits in his hands.

He held onto the door knob and turned it to open. He stepped right in to view the body of his grandfather lying on the bed barely breathing on his own except with the help of the life support machine beside him. The room was wide and painted all white. It was quiet as he gently walked in and all he could hear was his grandfather's loud breathing sounds and the continuous beeping of the machine.

He took gently and quiet steps towards his sick grandpa who still had his eyes shut. He stood staring at the old man take deep in and out breaths. He kept the basket of fruits on the table beside the bed. He tucked his hands in the pocket of his trousers and took in a deep breath as he stared at his sleeping grandpa.

He and his grandpa were never really close. They talked but not very much. It was obvious he preferred the company of his favorite grandson, Lucas. The old man was still his grandfather after all and so as soon as he found out about his transfer to the hospital, he had to pay him a visit. Chris felt better that he was asleep. It w

lashed her a warm smile.

"Don't get the wrong idea. I'm not into you or anything of that sort." He joked with her and as that worked, her expression changed back to the usual her.

"You're really full of yourself." She told him as she lightly smacks him on the arm. He faked a pain.

She took a closer look at him and felt something was different about him.

"Are...are you okay?" She asked him and he nods with a smile.

"I'm fine. I just had a lot on my mind and needed a hug from a friend. I've been waiting to do that all day."

"Really? Are you saying that I'm the only friend you've got?" She asked him and watched him nod continuously.

"Yes. The only true friend."

"You're a liar. I highly doubt that. You seem wealthy and I'm pretty sure you have women swimming around you." She told him and a smirk grew at the corner of his lips.

"Why? Does that make you jealous?" He asked her with a raised eyebrow.

She snorted with a light laughter as she shook her head at him.

"You're insane." She told him as she ignored his comment and continued with her work.

"By the way, how did you know where I was?" She asked him as she suddenly grew curious.

"I tracked you down through a chip I installed in your phone." He joked

"Ha! Very funny but this time the joke is on you. I lost my phone a few days ago." She told him while handing out flyers.

"Really? No wonder you didn't pick my calls." He told or more to himself and when he noticed she wasn't paying attention anymore, he took some flyers from her to her surprise.

"Let me help so we can leave this place already."

"No, you don't really have to do this. This doesn't look nice on you."

"You're saying I can't hand out flyers because I'm not dressed as a giant pizza."

"Not exactly what I'm saying but I'm glad you got the gist so please leave." She told him and tried to collect it back from him.

"You better stop or you'll end up tearing them up." He told her and finally she let go.

"Good. By the way, you look yummy." He told her with a smile and unknowingly to her a smile grew on her face at that comment.

"Fine. You can help." She told him before continuing her work with him beside her helping.

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