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   Chapter 23 Ginger snaps (17)

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Ema stared at her boss with surprise written all over her face. She barely blinked for fear that may somehow increase her tensed situation already. His glare seemed to burrow deeper and almost into her soul. For some reason, he stood still as well, just staring at her. She couldn't read the expression on his face. She hoped that nothing else runs in his mind. If only she could genuinely explain what she was here for. She couldn't help but wonder if his stare meant he was cool with seeing her here uninvited or was he flaming mad at her? Anyway, she didn't have the guts to ask any of those questions at the very minute. Unable to hold her eyes open for so long, she finally gave in and blinked several times at once. Somehow, that seemed to have snapped him out of whatever situation he was in at the minute as he slowly dropped his hand away from the curtain to his side without taking his eyes off her.

"It's not what it looks like." Ema unknowingly blurted out as she waved both her hands and shook her head to him at the same time.

She wondered why she said that. What exactly did it look like? She just really had to say something to break the tension in the room. Besides, that was the most thing people say anytime they're caught. She just recited a continuously used dialogue. Now, she hoped his reply isn't so bad.

She watched him take a step back without taking his eyes off her. It felt like he was more of analysing her.

"What are you doing here?" He finally spoke up and somehow, that was a big relief for her.

"I...I...I just..." She stuttered for some strange reason.

"What did you take?" He asked her as he narrowed his eyes at her without looking away.

She thought for a second as the question somehow managed to confuse her. She didn't take anything. she just came to pick up her phone she had left behind.

"Take? No, I just..."

"Who sent you?" He interrupted her with yet another puzzling question. If her memory wasn't failing her at the moment then she was pretty sure he was getting the whole question asking thing wrong. He was just asking her the wrong set of questions.

"Sent?" She asked with furrowed eyebrows as she took a step forward.

He immediately took a step backwards away from her and once again, she found that strange.

"Was it Mr White? You're working for him, aren't you?" He asked her with a straight face and her confusion just grew. So far all she got from that sentence was Mr White. Why would she work for Mr White? He was getting it all wrong and she had to correct him.

She shook her head as she spoke up.

"No I'm not. I just came for my cellphone which I forgot here last night..."

"What did you take?"

"Nothing." She answered finding it strange that he would act this way.

"You're a thief, aren't you? How much did he pay you to betray me?" He asked her and all she could somehow do at the moment was just watch him rant, piling up the state of confusion she was in already.

"What did you take?" He repeated his question and she shook her head in confusion as she barely spoke out.

"Nothing...Mr Hendrix..." She tried to explain herself as she took a few steps forward but at the same time, he instantly took steps backwards till she stopped.

"Get out." He interrupted her with a straight face.

She wanted to explain herself further but the look in his eyes seemed to scare her off. At this point, he would most definitely not listen to anything she has to say. Regretfully, she started to walk away from him and towards the door feeling sad.

There was a knock on the door.

"Come in." Lucas ordered without looking towards the direction of the door. The door was then instantly swung open and a maid came running in towards Mr Hendrix. She looked tired and scared at the same time. A little bit out of breath and Ema couldn't help but stand still and wonder what was going on.

"Sir, Mr Hendrix is having another attack." The young woman instantly stated as she managed to cat

she wouldn't leave without telling him. He walked up to Sandy.

"Sandy do you perhaps know if Ema has gone home?"

"Home? She left about an hour ago saying she would be back in a jiffy."

"Is that so?"

"Yeah." Sandy replied him.

"Is there perhaps any...possibility that her boss sent her on an errand or something." Chris asked trying to know exactly what happened.

"That's a possibility but come to think of it, Mr Hendrix left a few minutes after she did." Sandy said as she put on a thinking face.

Chris furrowed his eyebrows at that last information. He already made it clear to his brother not to give Ema a hard time. He just hoped she was okay and comes back on time.

* * *

"I can't believe he just fired you like that." Her aunt ranted on as Ema sat on the bed with her legs folded.

She sighed not wanting to talk about it anymore.

"You did try to explain yourself, right?" She asked Ema and Ema nodded.

"I tried but for some reason, he rather believes I'm a thief...he doesn't trust me... I just don't want to talk about this anymore. It's over...I lost my job. I'm officially never working there again." Ema explained to her aunt before trying to put up a smile but couldn't quite fool her aunt who knew her in and out.

Josephine walked up to her feeling sad for her niece and engulfed her in a bear hug.

"My poor baby. You've been going through so much all alone. I should have been here with you. Now, your mum won't let me sleep at night." She told Ema who felt squashed at the moment but at the same time comforted. She missed this. She hasn't been held like this for a long time so she put her arms around her aunt and accepted the hug.

* * * *

Chris sat in his car staring at his phone with Ema's name and number in it. He dialled the number and looked up to the building at which he parked beside. It was most definitely ringing but for some reason, she wasn't picking his calls. He tried several more times but to no avail. He was worried that something might have happened to her as she didn't return to the office throughout the day. Was she perhaps avoiding him? Did he do something wrong? He had to find out what exactly was going on. He just had to so he picked up the white polythene bag on the passenger seat beside him and out out of the car before locking it. He walked into the building and up to her apartment. He took in a deep breath before knocking on her door. It didn't take long and the sound of locks unlocking could be heard. The door opened to reveal Ema's face plastered with surprise on seeing him.

He smiled at her.

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