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   Chapter 22 Pudding (16)

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Ema walked out of her apartment before locking up the door and just as she was headed for the stairs, she saw her landlord walking down the stairs.

"Mr Wilton." She called him as she hurried up to meet up with him just as he stopped.

"Good morning Mr Wilton."

"Morning." He replied in a steady mood and she found that strange but quite encouraging enough for her to go on.

"Uh, um Mr Wilton...I just want to apologise for the delay again. I'm grateful that you didn't take things so far and threw out my things. I was a little surprised about that but also grateful. I'm so sorry for the delay with the payment but i'm with just little now." She told him as she reached her hand into her bag and brought out a few notes.

"I know that this is not even up to half the payment but please accept. I promise to gradually pay off the rest." She told him as she stretched her hand to him but he just shook his head and pushed his her hand back to her. A smile grew on his face and Ema found that strange again.

"You don't need to do that anymore."

"I don't understand. I was due yesterday. I mean...Mr Wilton please don't cocoon another plan for me..."

"No, I'm not. A man came by yesterday and paid off your debts and your rent for the rest of the year."

"What?" Ema asked in surprise but the man in front of her just kept smiling.

"He said he was a friend of yours."

"Can you please describe this friend?" She asked him nicely as a certain idea grew at the back of her head.

"He was tall, nice body, dark hair..."


"Yes! That was his name. He's such a nice young man. You shouldn't lose friends like that." Mr Wilton told her before walking away leaving her in a state of her own thoughts.

She knew she should be appreciative and grateful but she didn't like this at all. She wasn't a fan of someone taking care of her responsibilities and the fact that he did it without telling her. She was annoyed. He shouldn't have done that. She didn't like owing anyone anything. She hated the assumption that she knew a person for their wealth or status in life. She was so going to have a word with him.

* * *

Ema walked into the diner that morning. She need to have a talk with her boss and explain what happened and if things get heating, beg for her job.

" Where have you been Ema?" Rosy asked her as soon as she caught sight of her.

"I know. I know. I wasn't around last night and I'm sorry. My boss just got cranky on me at the last minute without any earlier information. Is Mr Alex in? I really need to plea my case." Ema told her and Rosy stared at her with a pitiful slash angry face before nodding to her.

"Great. I really need to be quick before I get to work late." She explained to her friend and Rosy just nodded.

"Good 'cause here he is coming your way." Rosy told her and surprised Ema immediately turned to face her boss's angry face.

"Mr Alex..."

"No more from you Ema! You had a job but you messed it up."

"I know. I know and I'm so sorry."

"I don't need your apologies anymore. I've had enough of that. What I need from you is to get out of here. You're fired!"

"Fired!?" Ema exclaimed a bit louder to her surprise.

"But...but you can't fire me...I..." She tried to explain herself but was too late as he just ignored her and walked away.

"Rosy?" She turned to her friend who just stared at her with a sad expression.

She rubbed her forehead.

"I can't lose my job. I need it now more than ever." Ema complained to her friend.

"I know and I'm so sorry. I really tried to cover up for you last night but just couldn't. My husband kept calling and complained about how late I'm always home and never there for him and our child. I'm so sorry."

"It's not your fault. If anything I should apologise for always straining you. I'm so sorry."

"You don't have to be. I promise if I do come across another job then I'll be sure to call you." Rosy told her and Ema smiled.

"Thank you." Ema told her befor

d before shaking her head.

"I'm sorry but I haven't."

"That's okay. Thank you." Ema appreciated and soon the woman was on her way.

She walked out of the room after she was sure the woman might not be around anymore. She had to go back to where she misplaced it in the first place. She had to get to the study room without anyone seeing her so she began sneaking carefully towards the room. She finally got there and walked in quickly shutting the door gently behind her.

She sighed as a relief no one saw her. She had only a few seconds to get what she came for a leave so she quickly rushed to where she worked at last night. She searched around for her phone but saw no sign of it.

"This is so not happening. I'm sure I left it here." She complained to herself frustratedly.

The heard the sound of the door knob turning and wondered who it could be. Obviously, it could be the old man but yet again, the maid said he was resting. The door slightly open and surprisingly, she stood frozen.

"Get me a cup of water." She heard her boss's voice order and a sudden fear washed all over her body.

"What's he doing here?" She silently asked herself before quickly looking around with her eyes for somewhere to hide. He would so not let her off the hook if he caught her. The fastest place she sort to hide was behind the long curtains so before he could walk in, she ran quickly halfway across the room towards the curtain and his behind it.

She shut her eyes for a second as she prayed that she doesn't get caught.

Lucas walked in and took off his jacket. He walked over to the sofa to place his jacket there. He picked up a file from the table and began to go through. There was a knock on the door and the maid was asked to come in. She walked in with the glass of water. Lucas picked it up and drank down as he happened to focus directly on the curtain. Suddenly, the curtain swung a bit and he knew something strange was going on. The windows were shut so it couldn't be the wind. He had to check it out. He handed the cup back to the maid and the woman left as Lucas approached the curtain slowly. He looked down and saw something strange again. He could see a person's shoes and this person tried so hard to withdraw his or her feet but couldn't since the curtains weren't that long.

Lucas felt a sense of anger and caution at the same time as he gently approached the person without his or her knowledge.

Lucas gently took hold of the curtain with both his hands and instantly path the curtain to open to reveal Ema's shocking face. Her eyes wide open in surprise.

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