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   Chapter 21 Buns (15)

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Ema sat silently in the car unable to talk at the moment. She had always thought of her boss as mean and rude but most of his acts today were beginning to prove her wrong. His caring attitude towards his grandfather and his inability to abandon her here. She couldn't help but wonder why he decided to turn and pick her up. He had clearly rode past her and gone to quite a distance. She rubbed her hands together beginning to feel the cold as the water on her body began to dry. She took a look at him feeling the itch to speak out. She needed to show her appreciation. She shuddered the thought and looked away but when she couldn't suppress it anymore, she turned to him.

"Thank...thank you very much sir for picking me up." She told him feeling better.

She waited for a response or something but got nothing. He neither took a look at her nor said a word. It was like she wasn't in the car.

"I would have gotten home by now if it wasn't for the rain and the people that were scared of it. I..."

"Where do you live?" He interrupted her.

"Live...No, don't worry about that, sir. Just drop me off at the nearest bus stop and I can find my way home. It's late already so you should head ho..."

"I'm not going to repeat myself." He interrupted her once again and slowly she fell silent. She wondered what she was going to do. It would be embarrassing for him to drop her off in front of her home and find her stuff outside.

"Miss Smith." He called her once again with a warning tone and she took in a deep breath as she gave up. She'll just have to wish her landlord wasn't as cruel as to leave her stuff outside under the rain.

"Twenty-two, Seth street." She told him as she took a look at him. Not once did he look to her side. Well, that was okay.

His car slowly halted in front of her block and she searched with her eyes around for any sign of her belongings but saw nothing. She unknowingly let out a sigh she never knew she was holding in. She placed a hand on her chest to calm her racing heart as an involuntary smile appeared on her face. Her landlord wasn't a monster after all. She turned to her boss with a wide smile.

"Thank you very much sir for your generosity." She told him as she stared at him. He turned to her direction to meet her still seated and staring.

"Do I have to beg you to get out?" He suddenly asked her and that's when she got hold of herself.

"No, no sir." She told him as she shook her head before opening the door.

"Goodbye sir." She told him as she got off before quickly shutting the door and running towards the entrance to her block. It was still h

m by his arm.

"Tell me the truth. Did you do this?" She asked him and he just stared at her with a blank expression and said not even a word.

"Answer me you disturbing child...why did you do this?" She raised her voice at him as she grabbed him by his other arm.

"Why did you kill your own father!?" She asked him angrily as she began to shake him violently.

"Tell me why! Tell me Lucas! Tell me!" She exclaimed at him as she kept shaking him till the young boy began to cry.

Lucas opened his eyes before sitting up. He sighed as he felt the after effect of his nightmare wash all over him. He got up and walked to the bathroom. He stared at his reflection in the mirror not being able to fully recognise himself. In fact, he never truly knew who he was. He opened the tap and felt his hands through the running water before bringing his face a bit down towards the sink and splashes water on his face continuously. He stared at his reflection in the mirror again as he put off the tap. He looked away to wipe his face with a towel before walking out of the bathroom.

He walled towards his wardrobe and put his hand into the pocket of one of his coats. He brought out the container of a drug, opened it and brought out two pills. He threw them into his mouth after he poured himself a cup of water. He drank it down before returning the container to where he got it out from.

He sighed as he ran his hand through his hair before heading back to the bed. He first sat down and just stared into space. Very soon, the pills were going to kick in and he could finally get some sleep. They eventually did so gently he laid his head on his pillow and shut his eyes.

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