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   Chapter 20 Cappuccino (14)

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She stretched out her back by sitting up straight and blinked several times as she rubbed the back of her neck. She could hardly understand what was the need for her to go through so many people's files but since all she had to look for was something odd, something that states it happened but yet the dates or proof don't match. So far, she hasn't found any and it was beginning to take an irritating toll on her not to talk of her sitting position was so uncomfortable. She sat on the floor just enough for her hands to reach the center table in which she worked on. She took a look at the time and realised she has been at this for just thirty minutes and yet it felt like it has been forever.

She rubbed her the back of her neck as she looked up to take a look at her boss. He sat on his seat behind his desk and focused so attentively on the papers in his hand. She couldn't help staring and wondering if he ever gets tired. Does he ever get an eye itch or something for staring so long? Doesn't he sometimes want to get up and jump or stretch? Does he ever get cramps like regular people do? Staring at his frowned up face, she couldn't help wondering or imagining how her boss would actually look like with a smile. Would he look cute and adorable like what most guys who rarely smiled looked? Would his eyes shine brighter? Would he perhaps have a hidden killer dimple? Would it enhance his already good looks? She imagined in her head while staring at him what would it look like and it involuntarily brought a strange smile to her face. He raised his eyes up to her and she froze on her smile for a second as she realised she had been caught staring.

Slowly, she made her smile disappear and quickly turned back to her work, beating herself within for embarrassing herself. She hadn't plan on doing that. It was one of those moments when you felt stressed and tired and decided to relieve it some other way by channeling your thoughts somewhere else. She bit her lower lip frustratedly as she slightly took a look at him and found out he was still staring at her. She quickly looked away and decided to focus on her work.

There was a knock on the door and Ema sighed out of relief. Finally, a distraction to release the tension she was feeling in the room.

"Come in." She heard her boss's voice instruct and then turned to the door. The maid that walked her in earlier, walked right in after opening the door.

"Sir, dinner is ready and Mr Hendrix has asked me to call you and Miss Smith to the table." She narrated.

"There will be no need for that. Tell him we are not coming." Lucas told her without taking a look at the maid and Ema found it wrong that he would reject his grandpa's order but she just couldn't speak up about it.

"Yes sir." She replied before turning and leaving.

A few seconds later the door was opened and in walked Lucas's grandpa.

"Tell me why on earth you would want me to eat alone and starve this beautiful young woman here?" He asked his grandson.

A smile grew on Ema's lips as she stared at the old man on mention of her being beautiful. The old man was indeed too nice. Her gaze shifted from the man and to her boss of whom she met giving her an intensive stare. It was one that made her quickly wipe the smile off her face and turn back to the papers in front of her.

"We're busy grandpa." Lucas plainly told him.

"Really? Well...I think I better go to bed then. I've lost my appetite." The man said as he turned to walk out of the office.

Lucas sighed.

"Grandpa." He called him to a stop and the old man gently turned to him.

"We'll have dinner together." Lucas stated after much hesitation.

A slow but sure smile grew on both Ema's and the old man's face. Her boss wasn't so heartless after all, deep down, there was a soft spot and he just displayed it for his grandfather. She wondered if the old man was the only one with the key to his heart.

The beginning of dinner was silent and a bit awkward for her. Sometimes, she just wants to be herself but one look from her boss and she's set straight again. There was enough food on the table to feed an entire household and yet the two barely touched it. She barely saw anything go into Lucas's mouth. He gulped down more of liquid.

"Ema, why aren't you eating much?" The old man asked her just as she gulped down some water.

She stared at him for a second surprised by the sudden question.

"This...this is okay Mr Hendrix." She told him polite

ed him just as he opened the door to leave and he turned.

"Be careful." He told him and Lucas nodded before leaving and gently shutting the door behind him.

* * *

"Stop! Please stop!!" Ema exclaimed at a passing taxi but it just drove in an accelerated speed past her splashing water all over her already wet self.

Frustratedly, she stomped her feet hard on the floor and just screamed at the driver.

"You jerk!" That was all she could do. That didn't change the fact that she was stranded and a heavy rain was falling at the moment. She actually thought she could outrun it but she couldn't. It must really be laughing at her and enjoying the fact that she felt miserable about herself. She just wanted to go home but had no clue if she still had a home. She was probably homeless already. Her landlord wasn't one to kid around with his words. Her entire body was soaked wet from head to toes and there was no shelter for her to stay under plus it was getting really late and the number of cars passing decreasing intensively. She couldn't give up now. She'll have to keep trying to hail for a cab.

* * *

The rain was indeed heavy as Lucas rode towards his own home and so he was careful about his speed limit. He saw something strange approaching or apparently someone strangely familiar that kept waving by the side of the road. As he approached her, it became a bit clearer and that was when he realised that was his assistant. He had sent her home almost an hour ago and found it troublesome that she was still hanging around. He drove past her and kept on going. She wasn't his business or concern. Any form of transport she decides to convey herself home was just her business.

* * *

Ema finally stopped waving tiredly after the last car just drove past her like she didn't exist. She was never getting home today.

She squatted tiredly as she gave up. Tears gathering her eyes. Suddenly, she saw the car that just drove past her making a turn back to her and she found that strange. She decided that it was probably heading back to where it came from but realised that wasn't the case when it slowly pulled up in front of her. She stood up straight from her squatting position and stared at her reflection in the dark tinted windows of the car wondering who was behind those glasses. Who was this saviour that decided to rescue her?

The glass finally and slowly lowered with her filled with a certain kind expectation. It revealed the side view of Lucas's unsmiling face as he stared straight ahead and not at her. Hating himself for doing this, he finally turned his head to her direction so she could get a good look at him.

A little sigh she had no idea she had been holding in left through her mouth as she felt grateful. The tears rolled down her cheeks. There was no better time than now to see his face.

"Get in." He told her and for the first time it didn't sound like much of an order but more of a request. Just what she needed to hear.

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