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   Chapter 19 Bread (13)

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Lucas walked into the mansion just as soon as the door was opened to him. He headed straight up the stairs to his grandpa's study room but didn't see him there. He decided to check if his grandpa was in his room but was surprise to find out that he wasn't there. He should be resting or something.

" Where's my grandpa?" Lucas asked a maid just as soon as he got down from the last staircase.

"Mr Hendrix is in the living room with Miss Smith." The young woman stated humbly and without further questioning, Lucas walked off towards the room. On getting closer, he could hear voices one of which was clearly his grandpa and then the other...Ema's.

"That's a nice one Mr Hendrix!" Ema's jolly voice stated as it grew louder just as he got closer followed by his grandpa's light chuckle which made him furrow his eyebrows in curiosity. He wondered what on earth they could be doing.

He stood at the entrance to the room as he analysed the situation he never expected.

His grandpa was aseat on the sofa staring inquisitively at the Scrabble board in front of him laid out on the table and Ema aseat on the floor opposite him. He watched as they both stared at the board trying to figure out their next move. Lucas watched as Ema bit the corner of her lower lip lightly before taking one look at his grandpa with amusement in her eyes. His grandpa stared back at her with the same type of amusement in his eyes. It brought back some memories which made Lucas look away for a second as he gulped down hard. Such memories were a long time ago and this wasn't the time to play games.

"Oh Mr Hendrix, I'm not good at this!" Ema exclaimed all of a sudden as she threw her back down to the bare floor and stared at the ceiling.

"Oh but you're not that bad." The old man assured her as he took a look at her with a smile on his face.

She felt lazy unable to sit back up to her usual position so she decided to shut her eyes for a second. She heard the sound of someone clear his throat and slowly she opened her eyes to find Lucas face shadowed over hers as he stared directly down at her.

"Mr Hendrix!" She widened her eyes as she exclaimed in surprise before quickly getting up to her feet.

She looked away from him regretfully as she bit her lower lip lightly just as she stood straight. She hoped he wasn't going to think that once again, she was messing around. She looked back up to him to meet him staring at her so inquisitively. A part of her pleaded to him to just go right out and say something to her already.

"Come on Lucas. Let her be." Mr Hendrix pleaded on her behalf as he relaxed his back on the sofa. Ema couldn't help but take one look at the elderly man behind her.

She couldn't help wondering how possible is her boss really the old man's grandson. The elderly man was so nice and gentle with words but his grandson on the other hand was the total opposite.

"Grandpa we need to talk." Lucas finally spoke up as he directed his attention to his grandfather.

"That can wait till later. Ema and I are having fun. She was just about to make her move..."

"Grandpa!" Lucas raised his voice a bit and for a minute there, Ema thought she saw anger.

She watched him lightly sigh as if to release his anger.

"This is not the time to have fun. We need to talk now." Lucas demanded as he stared directly into his grandfather's eyes. The old man stared back into his grandson's eyes and got the hint that he wasn't joking.

"Alright." He stated after much hesitation as he tried to stand up.

"Let me help you sir." Ema offered as she quickly rushed to try and take a hold of the old man's hand.

"Don't bother." Lucas snapped at her as he suddenly pushed her hand away and took hold of his grandpa's hand instead.

Ema just stood dumbfounded staring at her boss as he helped his grandpa stand to his feet with the aid of his walking stick. He then turned his head to her direction, the look in his eyes was what she couldn't understand so she sort of stared back.

wasn't grateful enough. There was a second of intense staring at each other before she brought up a smile on her face.

"Of course sir." She started as she walked up to the table beside him.

"I know I have to work and I'm always grateful for your kind deed of rendering me with a job." She continued as she dropped her handbag on the sofa before turning to him.

"So...what do I do sir?" She asked pretentiously expectant.

He slowly looked away from her, done with analysing her.

"Here." He positioned a stack of files on the center table in front of her and she stared wide eyed in surprise.

"I want you to go through every file of each person and find out what doesn't add up. Is it a sudden resignation or perhaps a sudden increase in their bank account? Just make sure to find out if something is odd." He explained to her and she blinked several times as she slowly looked away from the files to her boss and back to them again.

"This...night?" She had to ask.

"Yes...Is there a problem Miss Smith?" He asked coldly as he folded his arms across his shirt.

She swallowed down hard as she debated on how to start about with her problem.

"Uh, not...not really sir..."

"Good then get to work." He ordered her as he cut her off and walked away back to the desk and continued with the file he was going through before.

She bit her lower lip lightly as she took a look at the stack of files and then at the clock hung on the wall.

This won't work. By the time she's probably done with the files, she'll be homeless and jobless from her other job. This won't work at all for her. She would have to try and ask to be let off early or something.

"Excuse me sir." She called him and he rose his eyes up to her without saying a word. She knew it was her go ahead cue to speak.

"I...I...I'm really sorry sir but... Something urgent came up and I really leave." She finally said it and waited for a reply but nothing came up. No response. No reaction, just staring.

"I promise sir, I'm going to finish up all this tomorrow and do so much more that you need. Please...can I leave?" She pleaded with the best sympathetical face she could put on.

After about a second, he stood straight while still staring at her.

"Miss Smith, in one day you've asked for a raise and a leave...if I was not in my right senses, I would think that I was running a charity case or something." He started and somehow she hoped he was heading somewhere nice.

"If you step out of this house then you can kiss this job goodbye." He firmly told her and slowly, she exhaled tiredly.

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