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   Chapter 18 Grapes (12)

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Edward knocked on the door to Mr White's office and walked in after his boss told him to come in.

"Mr White, madam is on the line and would like to speak to you." Edward told him as he stood in front of his boss.

Mr White nodded before signalling to him to leave just as he picked up the receiver to the land phone in his office. He gulped down hard as he took in a deep breath before putting the receiver close to his ears.

"Yes madam." He spoke up for her to know he was paying attention.

"What happened with her?" The firm female voice came through from the other side.

"She...she refused to switch sides but don't you worry madam. I'm going to try harder to get her to our side. She's..."

"Loyal." The female voice stated cutting him short. Mr White rubbed his forehead as he gulped down.

"He actually got one." She continued with a light snort.

"It's just her conscience at this point. Sooner or later, she's going to give in. She's buried in debts and more pursuation... She's going to work for us..."

"What's her name?" The woman demanded and Mr White couldn't tell what she actually planned.

"Emerson Smith." He told her and waited patiently for her response but got nothing. He almost thought she hung up on him.


"Forget her...I have a new assignment for you and this time Mr White...don't fail me. You wouldn't want to see my other side, would you?" She asked him and he gulped down hard.

"No madam." He responded in a low and weak voice almost not recognising it himself.

* * * *

Ema stood in the living room waiting just as the maid had asked her to. Everything was all so fine and looked expensive. She couldn't help taking a walk around the room and just staring at the beautiful sculptures. She couldn't help bringing the fresh flowers she saw in the vase on the center table close to her nose.

"Hmm...really smells nice." She nodded her head in accordance although she couldn't tell which flower it was. She never really noticed flowers so she only knew the names of popular ones like red and white roses, lilly of the valley, sunflowers and two more she just couldn't remember at the moment but the one in front of her looked and smelt great. She wished she could find out the name.

She rushed to have her seat on the white comfy sofa again.

"So soft." She told herself as she bounced on the sofa over and over again on her own accord just to keep feeling how soft it was. Rich people do know how to spend money. Everything in the room was worth something good. Just as she stared so intensively a small statue kept on another table, something else caught her eyes.

She walked up to a picture frame kept on the shelf behind the sofa. She picked it up as she stared at it with furrowed eyebrows. She could see her boss standing close to an elderly look man. Lucas barely had a smile put up on his face but the old man was really smiling. They were both dressed in nice tailored suit which made her suspect that they were probably at a function but what she couldn't understand was why her boss's picture was in the old man's house. When she thought of it, she realised she had no idea who the old man was or at least his name.

"Were you sent by my grandson?" She heard a male voice from behind which startled her into dropping the picture in her hand.

"Oh my goodness! I-I'm so sorry." She apologised as she turned to take one look at the elderly man behind her before bending to try and pick up the pieces of broken glass.

"It's okay. Just leave those

ears and information travels faster than wind these days."

A light chuckle escaped Desmond's mouth.

"I have to admit. You're right so Mr Hendrix, what do you have for me?" Desmond asked as he sat up.

"A deal."

"" Desmond's smile grew with inquisitive eyes.

"Yes. Mr Artus, put it as you may like but the truth stands that you're just an errand boy for the Hendrix's." Lucas started and watched as Desmond's smile slowly varnished. Good, he got his attention.

"I know you want to build your own empire, your own company. You've worked too hard for the Hendrix's. You've worked for my grandfather since you were a young boy and I must paved your way very intelligently." Lucas continued as he noticed Desmond gave him his full attention.

"As you know, I am the CEO at Hendrix incorporations and i have the power to do anything i want...I promise to give you a position among the shareholders of Hendrix incorporation. Think of all the money you can get and the praise that comes with it." Lucas finished before taking a sip of his coffee.

Desmond suddenly gave a loud hilarious laughter causing other customers in the shop take a look at them.

" A shareholder. " Desmond repeated with amusement in his eyes.

"Yes and all you have to do is...pledge your loyalty to me. Work for me."

"Work for you? Truly Lucas, that's a nice one. A very good offer but..." The expression in his eyes changed.

"...but what about my life? What do I do about... her?" The question Lucas had been dreading came up. She was mentioned again.

Lucas watched as Desmond stood to his feet and walked to his side. He placed a hand on Lucas's shoulder.

"It's nice to see a young quivering puppy trying to grow into a barking dog." Desmond stated to the irritation of Lucas before bending to make sure his mouth was close to Lucas's ear.

"Never forget who the real animal is." He told him in whisper and Lucas unknowingly gulped down hard to control his anger.

"I'll see you later Lucas." Desmond told him as we walked away just after he stood back straight.

Lucas shut his eyes for a moment as he felt his heart race faster against his ribcage. He could feel the anger continuously build up inside him. He opened his eyes.

She was at it again.

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