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   Chapter 17 Cheese (11)

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Lucas stood frozen for a second with his hand held onto the door knob.

That voice.

"What is wrong with her being a waitress?" The same voice dared to ask again and this time, he had to turn to take a good look at the young man in front of him.

"Being a waitress is not a crime. At least she's not contributing to the crime rate in the country. She's working hard day and night by every legal means possible just to stay alive." Chris continued as he stared at Lucas directly into the eyes.

Lucas stood with his hands in his pocket as he watched the young man play hero.

"Chris what...what do you think you're doing? Please just stop it." Ema told him in a whisper as she slowly tried to get her wrist freed from his grip but he wouldn't give in.

Lucas took a look at the young man's hand on her wrist then looked back up to them.

"Why should I? This man treats you like trash..."

"It's my job and it's none of your business." She told him as she continue to free her wrist.

She took a look around and notice everyone was really beginning to stare. Now, she was going to be the talk of the company. She finally got her wrist away from his grip and properly turned to her boss.

"I'm really sorry sir..."

"Don't apologise!" Chris ordered her as he turned her by her shoulder to face him.

"Well I have to because you just created a big ruckus." She told him as she itched the back of her neck irritatedly. He stared at her for what seemed like a minute before walking past her and up to Lucas.

He stood right in front of him and stared right into his eyes.

"I know that she might seem clumsy and a bit quirky but she's human too. Those are her attributes. Do you know how much your words hurt her? You made her cry!"

"No I didn't!" Ema quickly replied from behind and Lucas took a look at her with a raised eyebrow.

She had no idea when she said that out loud. It just slipped. She wondered why Chris would say that out loud. She quickly walked up to him and took hold of Chris's arms.

"I'm really sorry sir. He's just really drunk so he blabs a lot. Let's go!" She ordered him as she tugged on his arm but he refused to budge.

"Are you just going to let it go? Is he really going to treat you as his rag? You have to defend yourself..."

"I will okay! I will when it's necessary but right now, I'm the one who works here and you don't."

"Well actually, that's what I've been trying to tell you..." Chris started before looking away from Ema's face to Lucas's unyielding expression of a face.

"I now work here." He stated and watched as Lucas eyes widened a bit in surprise.

"What!?" Ema exclaimed surprised as well as in a confused state.

She took a look at her boss and noticed he hadn't said a word since the whole episode started. Usually, something disastrous always follows after his silence.

"Chris please let's go! Come with me!" She finally succeeded in pulling him along with her by the arms and so he walked away with her, out of the scene.

Lucas stared off to nowhere exactly as he recalled on those exact words of Chris. He turned and walked away into his office.

"Okay everyone, back to work! There's nothing to see here anymore so back to work!" Sandy ordered the employees that were all staring just as soon as Lucas headed into his office.

* * *

Ema sat down in the cafeteria with her head buried in her hands as her elbow rested on the table. Chris sat still across her and just stared.

"You need to learn..."

"Sshhhhhhh!" Ema exclaimed as she rose her head to look up to him.

"Will you just

t want to. She wanted him to know that she had a clear mind and she was ready to face anything that comes her way. She realised he wasn't going to say anything anytime soon so she decided to speak up. She opened her mouth to let the words out but he cut her short.

"Let's go." He told her as he walked past her without explaining himself. She stood for a second trying to understand what he meant. So, she was safe? He wasn't going to fire her?

She quickly ran to catch up with him remembering that his legs were longer than hers and his strides wider. She quickly picked up her handbag and jotter from her desk and rushed to follow up behind him.

A lot of questions ran through her mind as she sat quietly in Lucas's car. She couldn't help stealing glances at him as he concentrated on the road ahead of him. She wondered what his next step might be. First, she failed to show up to work early and he said nothing much about it. Secondly, she failed to complete her work and not so much about it too. Thirdly, all because of her, Chris challenged him and spoke so rudely and yet here she was still working for him. Now, they were heading to somewhere she had absolutely no idea about. She debated on whether she should ask about where they were going but finally settled on remaining silent.

They drove into a large compound and in front stood a beautiful mansion. She wondered if this was were he lived and also why would he bring her here. He parker in front of the mansion and she took a look around before turning to him. He handed the file he was with earlier to her and she looked confusingly from it to him.

"I want you to go inside and make sure the elderly man's signature is on it. Wait here till I get back." He told her and she slowly nodded although still a bit confused.

She turned to him and noticed he was staring at her. She wondered why.

"Well, get out." He ordered her and once again she quickly nodded as she realised what his stare meant.

"Yes sir." She replied as she quickly opened the door and got out before shutting it. He drove off instantly and she stood as she watched him drive out of the compound.

She sighed before turning to the entrance of the mansion. She decided to calm her nerves.

"How hard can this be?" She asked herself as she put on her best smile.

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