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   Chapter 16 Lime Tea (10)

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He nodded in accordance to the greetings by his employees as he walked up to the door to his office. He stopped with his hand on the door knob and slightly turned his head to take a look at Ema sitting still at her table with her head bent and her eyes focused to another direction. Her pen stuck in her right hand and not being used at all. Her eyebrows were furrowed and for the first time, he saw her frowning. Everyone paid their respect by greeting but she sat there unmoved even after he passed by her. He was sure she barely noticed and that caught his attention. A thought for a second flew into his mind to move further and demand an explanation for her being less in concentration but he just brushed it aside and went on ahead into his office.

Ema sighed as she sat still and lost in thoughts. She was thinking hard of every method or ways to afford the money she needed. Even if she sold all the important stuff she had at home, it still wouldn't be enough. Her landlord was going to return soon, throw her out and she would be left with absolutely nowhere to live. She couldn't let that happen. Everything was just starting to go well with her, this job and her future plans. It just can't crash down all at once in one day. No, she can't let that happen to her.

"Emerson!" She had her name called loudly which jogged her out of her thoughts. She looked up to Sandy who stood with furrowed eyebrows staring hard at her. Her arms were folded.

"What is wrong with you!? I've been calling you for what seems like forever now...why are you lost?" Sandy asked her as she unfolded her arms and drew closer.

Ema just shrugged as she forced herself to bring up a smile.

"I'm fine. I'm just a...a bit tired." She lied as she faked a yawn.

"Really? Just a bit tired?" Sandy asked her with a raised eyebrow.

Ema managed to nod.

"Too tired to notice the presence of your boss?"

"He's around?" Ema asked with shock written all over her face.

"Yes, he passed you and you clearly didn't notice him. I suggest you go and apologise then ask him if he needs anything from you. That would be helpful." Sandy told her before she turned and walked away.

"Thank you." Ema told her as she walked away. She shut her eyes for a second as she slapped her forehead. How could she have done that? She wasn't suppose to let her personal problem get in the way of her work. She was going to apologise right now.

She knocked on the door after taking in a deep breath and practicing her smile. She turned the door knob after hearing the word 'come in' and then went in.

She stood in front of his table patiently as she watched him work on his laptop without lifting up his eyes to take a look at her. She debated within her on how to start. First, she put on her usual broad smile even if it wasn't genuinely from within.

"Good morning sir." She greeted as she managed to make her voice sound as happy as possible.

She waited for a response but got none. Okay, she decided to keep going.

"Can I get you something? Coffee, tea, snacks...anything?" She asked politely and waited patiently for his reply.

Once again, she got no reaction. She was beginning to feel the frustration coming on again. She then shut her eyes for a second to calm her nerves. She knew she should be used to this by now. His rude attitude. It has been like a week since she started working here and for a good reason, she can't seem to tolerate his attitude. She had too much on her plate to deal with someone else's habit. She took in a deep breath to help relax a bit. She can do this. She had always stayed strong and this little trouble wasn't going to push her down.

"I'm really sorry sir for not paying attention earlier. I failed to notice your presence and...I haven't been performing my duties properly. I'm really sorry." She apologised sincerely as she managed to put on a warm smile.

She watched him as he rose his eyes up to her, quickly she put on a broader smile to show him that she was okay and good to go. She was expecting an order or something from him but he just lowered his eyes back to his laptop. Okay, fine...she gets it. He wasn't much of a talking person but it wouldn't kill him to at least say a word so she can know that everything is okay.

Her smile slowly dropped as she realised it was

t smiles before opening the door and hurrying off.

He sighed just as she left.

"You're a bad liar Ema." He stated after she was gone.

* * *

She ran as fast as she could as she headed to her station. On getting closer, she noticed Mr Hendrix standing right beside her table and going through a file in his hand. Sandy stood beside him.

Ema gulped down hard. She was probably really done for it. She had left and was gone for so long.

She quickly walked up to them and the first to notice her presence was Sandy. Sandy questioned to her with her eyebrows and Ema just muttered 'I'm sorry'. She stood patiently as she waited for him to say something but he never did. She was quite sure he noticed her presence. Ema slowly took a look around and noticed that somehow, everyone was taking notice of the situation.


"Where have you been?" He cut her short without taking a look at her.

She unknowingly took a look at Sandy who gestured to her with her eyes to answer the question.

"I...I went..."

"I don't care about what you do with your life Miss Smith but as long as you work for me, you'll learn to show some courtesy." He told her and she swallowed hard as she nodded.

"Yes sir." She answered humbly.

"Why isn't the compilation complete?" He asked her as he still scanned through the file in his hands.

"Comp-ila-tion?" She stuttered as she tried to recall what that actually stands for. He raised his eyes up to her.

She searched within her memory as quickly as possible what that actually meant. She took a look at Sandy who furrowed her eyebrows at her as she shook her head. Okay, now Ema was ready to admit that she was stupid. Finally, she got an idea of what he was talking about. She was suppose to submit it to him and now, it's too late.

"Miss Smith, I admit the fact that your incapabilities are terribly annoying. I really don't expect much from a waitress who doesn't have a college degree of any least, pay attention to the littlest information and just pretend like you understand, that alone will do. Do I make myself clear?" He asked as he now stared right at her.

She looked down as she swallowed hard. She can't start all over with the crying.


"Make sure to complete this and get me a cup of coffee." He ordered her as he placed the file back on her table before turning to leave.

"Yes sir." She answered ignoring how horrible she felt by his words. She decided to take a step forward but was forced to stop by a hand which gripped her right hand.

She traced the hand up to it's owner.

"Chris?" She sort of whispered in confusion.

"What is wrong with her being a waitress?" He asked the question a bit louder and directed to Lucas.

Lucas stopped just as he took hold of the door knob.

That voice.

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