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   Chapter 15 Berries (9)

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She tore the cheque into two and kept it on the table in front of Mr White. He gave her a blank stare.

She flashed him one of her brief smile.

"I'm sorry sir but I cannot be a backstabber. Mr Hendrix might be many things but I just can't break the trust he has in me. He gave me a job relentless of my qualification. The least I could do is be loyal." She explained boldly as she stood to her feet.

" You'll have to get someone else who is ready to sell their soul for money to do your work but...I'm just not the girl for this job." She told all she sincerely could regardless of what his expression meant.

"I'll show myself out." She told him before turning and walked off to the door.

"Miss Smith." She heard her name and turned to face him.

"You've just made the greatest enemy you could ever make and she never forgets her enemies. This isn't over." He told her and she could sense the threat in his tone but she wasn't scared. A mere man could do nothing to her and with that thought, she walked out of his office.

Ema collapsed on her bed tiredly after she was done remembering the strange conversation she had at the office today. What still bugged her was the word 'she'? Was he perhaps working for someone else? It all didn't make sense to her.

She exhaled tiredly at all the confusion. It hasn't been long she started working at the Hendrix's company and there seems to be so many hidden secrets. Why would a member of the board of directors want to pitch a spy for the CEO? It really didn't make sense. Maybe, she should have browsed them up. She decided to but felt so lazy to reach for her phone in her bag on the floor. What puzzled her the most was the fact her boss knew what was going on but said nothing. Rich people. She would never understand their way of thinking. She yawned tiredly, there were so many customers at the diner this night and all her body just ached. She need a good sleep but promised herself to wake up early for work. She couldn't afford to repeat the same thing. She curled up herself on the bed and slowly, she fell asleep.

* * * * *

"Did you accept Mr White's offer?" He asked her.

"No." She finally replied after much hesitation.

He couldn't explain how that felt. She had rejected his offer and he...but he wondered why.

"Why would you give up such a huge amount of money? You can go back to college with it and so so much more." He started as he still couldn't believe her answer.

"You don't expect me to believe you did that for me."

"Yes. I did it for you." She gave him a shocking reply and the look in her eyes told him she meant every word that she was stating.

He looked away from her to hide the surprise on his face. He found himself gulping down hard.

"Okay, maybe for me too. I couldn't do that. That would be killing my conscience although it was very tempting. Really tempting but...I have principles and there are some things I just cannot knew about his offer?" She asked the last sentence a bit surprised. It hadn't dawned on her all this while that he knew about the fact that there might be someone in his company sort of plotting his down fall.

"That'll be all Miss Smith." He told her to silence her and in as much as she wanted to ask more question or get to the root of all this, she just couldn't.

He couldn't stop thinking about what happened earlier as he sat in his study room back

she didn't want to rely on him or something like that.

She sighed as she rubbed her forehead.

"Fine." She finally accepted, walked up to the car and got in.

A smile grew on his face as she got in but at the same time sensed that something was up with her.

"Well? Let's get going or I might just get to work late again." She told him as she barely took a look at him and then stared directly at the road ahead of them.

He looked away from her and drove off.

"Are you alright?" He asked her missing the chatty and bubbly side of her.

"I'm fine." She answered a bit cold and direct as she stared out through her window at the pedestrians.

Now, he felt sure she wasn't alright but made no attempt to ask any further question. The ride all the way to the Hendrix's building was in silence.

He halted in front of the building and turned to her.

"Thank you for the ride." She told him instantly as she made attempt to open the door but it was locked.

"Please unlock the door." She said barely taking a look at him as she tried to open the door once more. It didn't budge and so she looked up to him to meet him staring at her. He wasn't even trying to help her unlock it.

"You're not okay. Tell me what is going on. I might be of help."

"It's nothing. I'm fine and I'm not going to be alright if you do not unlock the door." She said a bit frustrated as she tried hard to calm down.

"I can help you..."

"I don't need any help." She immediately cut his short. She noticed the expression on his face as well as the look in his eyes. She knew telling him everything was fine wasn't going to work.

She was good at hiding her troubles. She didn't like placing her burden on someone else. It was her own cross. It was hers to carry and she was going to sort herself. She couldn't understand why her expression was refusing to show the world something else other than how miserable she felt deep down. Six years after her parents death and her life hasn't taken a better step forward. It was frustrating. She was trying hard to keep being positive.

She looked away from him and put on a smile before turning back to him.

"See? I'm fine." She told him with a wide smile.

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