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   Chapter 14 Hot Chocolate (8)

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She took in a deep breath before placing a hand on the door knob. She still debated with herself whether she should go in or not, better yet, maybe just wait out here but wondered if that would make everything worse. She finally decided to do the right thing and that was to step in silently. She quickly turned the door knob before her nerve could fail her and walked right in. All eyes turned to her including the young woman who stood in front of the projector presenting.

She gave a weak and embarrassing smile as she gently shut the door.

"I'm sorry. Sorry." She apologised almost in a whisper as she sort of bowed humbly and tried to walk off gently and quickly to have her seat away from the table.

Finally, all eyes left her and back to what they were all staring at as the woman continued talking. She sighed as she took a look at the people aseat beside her. They seemed to be paying utmost attention. She hasn't seen her boss so she searched around with her eyes in the dark room for him. She then found him at the head of the table. His face held the same expression as usual as he paid attention to what was going on. Her heart couldn't help racing out of fear. She feared that she might just have lost her job. It hardly has been a week since she started working here and so far, she felt he wasn't pleased with her. She must have messed up so many times. She showed up late and walked in right as a meeting is being held.

She sighed as she tried to pay attention to what was going on but she felt lost. The woman was already at the verge of rounding off.


Ema sat at her desk impatiently as she tapped her right foot continuously. She kept taking glances at the door to Mr Hendrix's office. She wondered when he would walk out and demand that she turn in her resignation letter and never show up again or insult her to her face at how unprofessional she was. The wait was killing her. He said nothing to her after the meeting and just walked back to his office even though he knew she was behind him; she wanted to hear him talk. She wanted to know if she was safe but he showed no reaction, he hasn't even called for her. She bit on, anxiously, the nail of her right index finger, she stopped that and took a tight hold on the locket that hung around her neck before she then tried to concentrate on her work but to no avail.

She sighed as she shut her eyes for a second. She couldn't go on with this pressure, the thought of not knowing what was coming next. She was going to walk up to him and apologise for being late. She took in enough courage and got up to her feet.

"Emerson." She heard her name pronounced in a masculine voice and immediately turned to it. A young man dressed in a neat white shirt, grey trouser stood in front of her table.

"Yes." She answered as she properly turned to him. He pushed his glasses to rest properly on the bridge of his nose.

"Mr. White would like to see you." He told her and she slowly raised her eyebrows in question of who that was.

* * * * *

Sandy was about to walk up to Ema when she noticed the young man in front of her desk, she recognised his face clearly, he was Edward, Mr White's assistant. She knew what his presence here meant and she knew they were at it again. Quickly, she walked off to Mr. Hendrix's office just as soon as he walked off with Ema, making sure they didn't see her.

After knocking twice, she heard his voice through the door asking her to come in, she then turned on the door knob and walked in quickly.

* * * *

Ema couldn't explain it but she felt quite uncomfortable in this office, she hasn't been here before and it was

broader, she was always smiling and he wondered what she kept smiling about. The world was not such a beautiful place including its people.

"No...not really." She spoke up before turning to leave but a question kept eating her up and she needed to hear the answer, she needed to be sure that she was safe. She quickly turned and walked back to his table. He looked up at her once again.

"I'm really sorry sir for disturbing you but I...I need to apologise for this morning. I'm so sorry for coming late to work and for walking in at the time I did, I just over slept but I promise that it will never ever happen again. Please, don't fire me, I really, really need this job, I will always be punctual from now on. Please, please forgive me." She begged with everything she had but still his expression was the same. He just had an eyebrow raised at her.

He was silent without giving her a reply.

"You have your job." He finally spoke up.

"Really? Thank you so much." Her voice was laced with happiness and her smile only grew before she turned to leave, but then, she stopped and walked back to him again.

"Really? I'm off the hook, that easily?" She couldn't help but ask. Somehow, she had developed the idea that he was a great disciplinarian and she wasn't going to be let off easily.

"Do you want to lose your job?" He asked her and she got the message, that was definitely a threat.

"Nope, I'm good. I'm sorry for the interruption, please do continue with your work." She told him with a huge smile which made him, for the first time, notice that she had dimples. He wondered why he never took notice of that, it was probably the type that showed when the person smiled the broadest he or she could.

She immediately turned to walk away.

"Miss Smith." He called her and she immediately turned back to him and walked back to the front of his desk.

"Yes sir?" She answered expectantly.

He debated in his mind whether he should ask her for the truth right now although his mind told him what it was. The known truth as always. Betrayal, it was one that couldn't be avoided but he was going to do it anyways.

"Did you accept Mr. White's offer?" He asked her straightforward and not beating around the bush. He watched as the smile on her face slowly faded away.

"No." She replied.

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