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   Chapter 13 Coffee cream (7)

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"Did the talk with Frederick go well?" The elderly man asked his grandson as they sat across each other at the dinning table. The servant dished out the food before stepping away.

Lucas nodded as he looked up to him.

"It went okay. You don't have to worry he's on our side." Lucas ensured his grandfather before sipping his wine from his cup.

"That's good to hear. A little bit more and everything is going to be okay. I can then finally leave you in peace."

"I told you not to say such things." Lucas reminded him as he fixed his gaze on the elderly man in front of him.

"It cannot be helped..."


"I'm going to die, Lucas."

"I told you to stop saying that. I got you the best nurse. You're on the best medication there is... If you just take your drugs on time then...then you will live." Lucas explained as his voice got a little louder than usual.

Silence fell throughout the room. The two men just stared at each other. The old man gave a broad smile before drinking down some water.

"Eat your food Lucas." He told him before putting a piece of his own food into his mouth and stared at his grandson.

Lucas sighed as he looked away. He gulped down hard to control himself.

"I'm not hungry. I'll take my leave." Lucas stated as he stood to his feet and turned to walk away.

"Lucas sit down!" The old man ordered as he raised his voice a bit in an authoritative tone as his grandson had already taken steps away. He instantly felt the choke coming up reminding him of his illness and then he started to cough.

Lucas stopped unable to break his grandfather's order and quickly turned to his aid.

"I'm fine. Don't worry, I'm fine." The old man assured him as his cough slowly died down. Lucas barely made it to him and had to stop at the comment of his grandfather.

"You need to rest..."

"I called you over to have a nice dinner. I thought you would appreciate that but you seem eager to ruin my hard work."

"I didn't mean it..."

"Have you heard from her?" He asked as he relaxed on his seat.

The question sent Lucas in a different mood. A mood he really never wants to be in. 'Her?' He really didn't want to talk about her.

"No but she still sticks around. She has eyes everywhere." Lucas stated as he walked back to his seat and sat down.

"That's expected. Stay's going to get harder in the future. Just stay strong." His grandfather advised him before gulping down a glass of water.

* * * * * *

"You must really think highly of yourself. You thought, oh why not walk into the place where the poor woman I hit yesterday works and pay off her boss to let her escort him for the night. What do you think I am!? You think I'll walk around with a stranger! A man I barely know!" Ema raved on as they walked down the street. She walked fast and he tried his best to catch up.

"And please stop following me!" She exclaimed as she finally stopped and turned to him.

He remained silent as he stared at her. She stared back at him with furrowed eyebrows.

"Well!? Say something! Are you just going to follow me around? What is your plan?" She asked all at once as she felt the frustration coming on.

"I just want to help you."

"I don't need your help. You took me forcefully to the hospital and bought me food which also was against my wish and're at it again. Thank you very much Mr Chris for everything but that'll be all." She told him and turned to leave. He quickly took hold of her hand to stop her from leaving.

"Just tonight and you'll never see me again." He told her and she furrowed her eyebrows at him a

eezed her eyebrows at the bright light focused directly at her eyes. Slowly, she fluttered her eyes open to quickly shut it back due to the bright ray of sunshine that entered her iris.

Gosh, it's morning already.

She complained in her mind as she turned on the bed.


She exclaimed as she immediately sat up with shock written all over her face.

"No, no, no, no, no! Not again!" She exclaimed at herself as she quickly got off the bed. She took a look at the clock hung the wall and it was past seven. She was crazily late once again. She quickly rushed into the bathroom and had her bathe as fast as she could. She put on anything she could see in her wardrobe that seemed decent enough before rushing towards the door. She quickly turned back and rushed to her parents picture.

"Wish me luck mum, dad." She said to the picture frame before quickly finding her way out of the apartment.

Once again, she was running down the street shouting, "please excuse me."

She got to the bus stop just in time to board it before it left.

She hurried her way to her seat.

"Why are you coming this late!? What is wrong with you!?" Sandy scolded as she walked up to Ema who just got to her seat.

"I'm so sorry. It won't happen again." Ema apologised almost panting from all the rushing. She knew she was a mess right now.

"Don't apologise to me. Do that to Mr Hendrix." Sandy advised her and Ema nodded.

"Okay." She turned to head to his office.

"Not there! He has gone for a meeting which you should be attending so hurry up and go there." Sandy told her as she directed her away from the direction to the office and to the path she walked in through.

"Um okay. Okay." Ema answered confused before she quickly got out her jotter and wherever she needed before heading out.

She stopped on her tracks and then quickly returned to Sandy.

"One quick question...where is the meeting holding?" Ema asked and Sandy sighed before answering her.

"The first room you see in the floor below these one."

"Okay thank you very much." Ema said as she quickly walked off.

She was terribly late and she knew she was going to be penalised for this one way or the other. She got into the elevator.

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