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   Chapter 12 Wafer (6)

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"Sandy! Sandy!!" Ema screamed her way through as she got closer to her station. She was losing time and her job.

Sandy had shown her desk but now she just couldn't exactly remember plus her ankle ached.

"What is wrong with you!? Why are you screaming my name and distracting everyone from their work..."

"Oh Sandy, please help me. I'm going to lose my job if I don't return with the document." Ema pleaded as they finally met.

"What document?"

"That was what I asked him too but..anyways, do you have the document for the transaction with Mr Frederick..."

"Sshhh! Lower your voice and come with me." Sandy hushed her up which Ema found strange as she went along with Sandy.

"There are some things that are not to be said aloud." Sandy cautioned her.

"Why not? Everyone here works here for the same purpose, what is wrong with me? Please help me find the document."

"I left the file on your table for you to take along when you leave with Mr Hendrix. I thought you were smart enough to see it."

"But you never mentioned it to me then how was I suppose to know..."

"Ema it was in a red file right in front of you, how could you miss that!? Anyways, just wait here and I'll get it for you." Sandy told her before she quickly left and Ema waited nervously for her to come back while she tried to catch her breath from all the running.

"Thank you very much." Ema appreciated after Sandy came back and handed it over to her.

"Your welcome, now quickly leave." Sandy told her as she ushered her forward.

* * * *

Lucas took a look at his wrist watch and just a second was left and yet she was nowhere to be seen. Well, when he hired a woman without certificate and all the qualities needed to work for him, he sort of expected this but not this much. In the short minutes Ema has been around, he wondered if she was going to last working for him. She had a second left and he will have to search for a new capable PA. He knew what he wanted and somehow, Ema had it.

"I'm sorry Mr Frederick but it looks like she won't make it so this can't work out today..."

"I'm here! I made it!" Ema yelled as soon as she walked into the restaurant through the entrance. She stood waving the file to him which caught everyone's attention. She smiled from ear to ear.

"Miss, Please lower your voice." A waiter told her and she quickly nodded as she placed a hand on her lips. She forgot she was in a fancy restaurant.

"I'm sorry." She apologised in a whisper before carefully walking up to the table Lucas was at.

She kept the file on the table and had her seat while panting as she kept her head on the table. She had ran as fast as she could from the bus stop and now, she needed to catch her breath.

"I...I made it right? Right?" She asked as she raised her head and took a look at her boss who gave no reply but stared blankly. She then turned to Mr Frederick who gave her a light nod with a smile.

"Yes!" She exclaimed as her smile broadened.

Lucas picked up the file from the table.

"Sit up." He ordered her and she immediately got her arms and head off the table. She relaxed back on her chair.

She sat still as she watched Lucas and Mr Frederick discuss business. She understood nothing from what they were saying. As usual to her, they spoke in business like codes.

She felt bored and tired so she directed her gaze elsewhere. She took a look around her and for the first time, realised that she was surrounded by food. So many, so tasty, so much and oh so expensive. Her tummy rumbled as soon as the aroma of the different delicacies hit her nostrils. She remembered she had nothing to eat this morning and she was really hungry, yet she couldn't order. She was sure a meal would cost more than her apartment. She took a look at her own table. Mr Frederick was having a cup of coffee with a slice of cake and Mr Hendrix just had a cup of coffee in front of him. She wondered how they could do that. How could they sit in such a beautiful restaurant with so much tasty food to try while with the money and yet chose to have coffee? She wondered if they were being stingy to themselves or just part of the thing rich people do to


"Please leave. I'm quite busy." She told him and walked past him then kept the tray on the counter. Rosy signalled Chris to her with her eyes as she threw in a mischievous smile. Ema shook her head at her friend.

"How much is a night's shift worth?"


"How much is it?" He repeated more confident.

"What is your problem? Don't you have a life to live or somewhere to be at? Why did you decide to bother me?" Ema asked him as she finally gave him all her attention.

He shrugged his shoulders.

"I need company."

"So go to your real friends."

"Weeelll...the thing is I like your company and I listened to your complaints yesterday so you'll have to listen to mine."

"What?" She asked frustratedly.

He took steps closer to where she stood.

"Well, how much is a night...who is the manager here?" He asked another bizarre question.

"What's with everyone asking me for my worth?" She frustratedly grumbled to herself as she remembered earlier in her boss's office before looking back up to Chris.

"Look, please just leave..."

"Can I meet the manager here, please!?" Chris raised his voice as he now directed the question to everyone. Ema tried hard to hush him up or at least reduce his voice but to no avail as she tucked on his shirt and even drew his arm.

Finally, a man in a grey stripped shirt and brown trouser emerged from the kitchen. He walked up to the them.

"Yes, I am the manager here. Can I help you? Is something wrong with the food?"

"The food? Oh no, it's perfectly okay..."

"Be quiet!" Ema whispered through gritted teeth as she tucked on the sleeve of his shirt to shut him up.

"I'm sorry Mr Alex. He was just about to leave..." Ema apologised.

"How much do you pay her?" He asked the question and Ema turned to him in surprise.

"I'm sorry?" The manager asked looking just as confused as everyone.

"Fine." Chris reached for his wallet in his pocket and brought it out. He took out a few currency notes and placed them on the counter in front of the manager who seemed to still be in a state of surprise.

"Will that be enough to excuse her for the night?" Chris asked as he stares directly at the man. This was sure to do the trick. Chris brought out a few more and added to the ones already there.

"What about now?" He asked him and the man looked from him to the Money and then Ema.

Ema pleaded inwardly that she doesn't get fired because someone disrespected him all because of her. She bit her lower lip in regret.

Mr Alex suddenly packed all the notes.

"She's all yours for the night."

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