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   Chapter 11 Maize (5)

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"Don't worry Ema, you'll learn to understand him." Sandy assured her as she noticed the confusion on her face just as soon as she walked out of Mr Hendrix office.

Ema nodded in accordance.

"I know that. Everything will fall in place as time goes on." Ema assured her or more of herself.

"Okay, good. Follow me and I'll give you a brief tour of this building and then I'll explain all the necessary do and don't." Sandy told her and Ema nodded as they walked away together.

Sandy showed a few places and where each department are situated. Ema made sure to jot down as she explained each and everything to her even though Sandy was a bit fast. She managed to catch up to her somehow.

"This is Mr Sullivan. He's in charge of keeping tab on the employees that work here. You're going to get your ID in a few days time so when the time comes, you're to get it from him. He'll call you to let you know, okay?" Sandy told her and she immediately nodded as she took one look at the man who stretched out his hand for a handshake. Ema accepted it with a smile.

"Mr Sullivan, this is Emerson Smith. She's Mr Hendrix's new PA." Sandy explained and Ema watched the man's eyes slowly widened with raised eyebrows as he also drew his hand back from the handshake.

"New PA? So you're up for this job?" He asked a strange question. She couldn't quite understand why everyone kept asking that exact question. She saw nothing hard in the position. All she needed to do was attend to his needs and keep track on his schedules.

"Yes. Yes I am." She answered proudly without restraining her smile.

"Do you have any idea what happened to the last PA? She..."

"Okay that's enough Mr Sullivan." Sandy interrupted him which made Ema more confused and suspicious.

What was with the question and why won't Sandy let him talk.

"What exactly happened to his last PA?" Ema couldn't help but ask Sandy as they walked out of the room.

"Nothing really. He was just trying to scare you."

"Really? It didn't seem so to me."

"Okay, fine." Sandy stated as she came to a stop and turned to Ema.

Sandy sighed.

"The last PA resigned. She couldn't handle the task so she left. That's all. There's nothing serious there."

"Really?" Ema asked as she suddenly fell into thoughts. If the person before her could resign due to so much pressure, she wondered just how tough this position was.

"Yes so forget about it. You're two different people. You look like a hardworking person and I know you can do this." Sandy encouraged her and Ema smiled as she didn't expect that from her.

"Okay, this is your table." Sandy told her as they stood outside Mr Hendrix office but a bit farther to the left.

"Now, Mr Hendrix loves to take coffee. Don't ever forget how to use the coffee maker I showed you downstairs. You should also not forget how he likes it. He hates repetitions and excessive chattering."

"Well, he definitely made that clear to me." Ema explained to her.

"He did? Then that's good. I'm glad you know your mistake." Sandy pointed out before handing over to her a jotter.

"This here contains the schedules of Mr Hendrix. Make sure to go over them and find out what he has to do next. If you don't understand anything then I'll be happy to explain to you. My desk is just a bit farther from yours." Sandy explained as she pointed to an empty seat among the rows of tables a bit further from Ema's.

Ema thanked Sandy very much for the warm welcome and tour before Sandy finally retired to her desk.

As Ema took her seat right at her own position, she couldn't stop smiling. Finally, she had an office job. She sat still going through the jotter Sandy had handed over to her. At first, she was quite confused with the arrangement, dates and a bit frustrated with the handwriting. Slowly, she began to make out the handwriting.

"Meeting with...Mr Frederick on...17th of June by 10:30 am." She looked up away from the jotter to process the information.

"17th of is 17 and..." She quickly took a look at the clock that hung on the wall.

"'s 10:30...10:30!?" She exclaimed as she stared ahead.

"Let's go." Mr Hendrix told her as he suddenly walked past her in an instant. She instantly stood up in surprise as she wondered when he walked out of his office and how come she didn't hear any sound. She quickly took a look at Sandy who gestured to her to quickly follow him and that my friend was how Ema began the chase for the day.

Struggling with her bag hung over her shoulder, her not so well ankle, and the jotter in her hand, she ran after him but he was farther from her and his steps were faster and bigger than hers. She watched him get into the elevator and she wasn't the least bit close.

"Please hold on! Don't let it close!" She exclaimed as she tried harder to be faster but it seemed to be late for her as the doors to the elevator started to close. Just a little bit more and she will be there but she worried that she might not make it before it closes.

As soon as she got there, she met the door opening once again just as her boss's hand left the door. She smiled broader as she stood panting and watched the door open. She was grateful to her boss to being kind enough to hold on just

for her. She finally stepped into the elevator still smiling. Her boss seemed nonchalant.

"Thank you very much sir." She appreciated as soon as she was inside the elevator and started to move. He neither took a look at her nor gave an expression that he was okay with the appreciation.

The door to the elevator opened and he ordered to her.

"Keep up." Just as he walked out of the elevator.

"Yes sir." She replied enthusiastic as she quickly trailed behind him all the way out of the building.

"Your car key, sir." A security guard told him just as the car stopped in front of them. She watched him collect the key and head to the other side of the car. He got in and started the car.

Ema stood wondering what she was supposed to do. Her boss was leaving and she debated on whether to follow him or not. Was she allowed to ride with him? To get into his car? He just told her to keep up with walking but told her nothing about if she should get in or not.

He honked and she fell startled out of her thoughts, somehow she immediately knew that was for her and raced down the last stairs towards the car. She gently opened the door to the front passenger's seat and popped her head in first to check for her boss's reaction. Nothing. He stared right ahead as he waited for her to get in. She finally got into the car and shut the door.

"I warned you to keep up." He told her without taking a look at her.

"I'm sorry sir. This is just all so confusing for me. You told me to keep up with walking but you never told me that I could enter your car. It's my first time being a PA and although I'm hardworking and all, this still feels all new..." She chatted on and he turned his head to her direction, his face holding no expression which was the same that he gave her back at the office for chatting on so much and that reminded her of her mistake.

She placed her hand on her lips.

"I'm blabbing again, ain't I?" She subconsciously asked in a lower tone. He raised an eyebrow at her.

"I'm...i'm sorry sir." She sort of whispered as she slowly looked away from his direction and straight ahead.

She was glad when he finally looked away from her and straight ahead as he started the car.

She murmured under her breath at her stupidity as she looked the other side with her head slightly bent.

She followed right behind him into the restaurant where the meeting was supposed to hold.

"Mr Hendrix. I'm glad you could make it." Mr Frederick told him as Mr Hendrix accepted the handshake.

"I'm sorry for being a second late. I hope I didn't keep you waiting." Mr Hendrix apologized as they all took their seat. Mr Frederick and Mr Hendrix sitting opposite each other and Ema sitting by the side.

"No, no not at all. I just got here myself."

"I don't see anyone with you. I take it you stuck to your word." Mr Hendrix told him and Mr Frederick gave a light chuckle.

"Well, I'm glad my decision is obvious." Mr Frederick spoke and through all this conversation, Ema fell confused.

Was this how it was with the rich and business people? They start up a conversation with no purpose and very unlikely to be understood. She wondered if this was a code way of talking or something.

"Good. Let's begin already." Mr Hendrix spoke Mr Frederick gave a light nod. Ema sat still waiting for them to commence but heard nothing from either of them.

She slowly took a look at her boss sitting by her right hand. He was staring at her with a raised eyebrow. Okay, she wasn't talking earlier so that expression can't be for her. She looked away from him and then back again and it was still the same. She fell confused.

"Miss Smith...where are the documents for this transaction?" He asked her calmly.

She furrowed her eyebrows as her eyeballs went three hundred and sixty in a split second of confusion.

"Documents? What document, sir? You never handed anything to me." She told him the truth. She clearly didn't remember him handing anything to her.

"Are you telling me you came all this way with me...empty?" He asked her still with the same calm tone.

She was confused about her response but the truth will be better.

"I came with the jotter but...I suppose it's not of importance..."

"Miss Smith, I give you fifteen minutes to get those papers here and if you're not back before the time runs out...don't bother showing your face at my building ever again."

Shock ran through her as she left her mouth open and stared at him.

"You'll fire me!? But, but I just started working today. I can't lose my job..."

"Your time is already ticking." He told her and without anymore questions, she quickly got up to her feet and noisily packed her stuff with her therefore turning attention to them before quickly leaving their presence.

Mr Frederick chuckled as he watched Ema leave shouting excuse me to the waiters with trays of food.

"You have a charming assistant Mr Hendrix."

"If you're calling a clumsy, chattering and forgetful young woman charming...then I'm wondering the type of women you keep around you Mr Frederick." Mr Hendrix told him with a straight face which slowly made the smile on Mr Frederick's face slowly fade away.

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