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   Chapter 8 Ice (2)

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She stood frozen as she felt her heart racing faster and faster. She could hear the blood pumping in her ears. Her eyes seemingly felt dizzy for a second and her palms sweaty. She gulped down hard. She couldn't afford to be nervous now. She has to be bold. She has to get this job. She needs it.

She noticed the man aseat behind the table a few steps away from where she stood. He hardly took a look at her. He had his head bent and his eyes glued to sheets of paper in front of him. She couldn't get a clear look of him. She found no spare time to properly google him up so she had no idea how exactly he looked like but from where she stood, he seemed okay. She put on the smile she had practiced several times in front of her mirror. A wide ear to ear smile, one that told him she was confident and the same time, happy.

"Do you need a parade to walk you down here?" He asked in a calm deep voice without taking a look at her.

She quickly snapped herself out of her thoughts and rushed down to where he sat. She stood in front of his table patiently.

"Sit." He ordered her and she did as she tried to keep her nervousness on check. There was silence for about a second before he spoke up.

"Name." He demanded.

"Emerson." She stated faintly unable to recognise her own voice. She hoped he heard her and she didn't blow this up.

"Name." He repeated with the same tone and without looking up to her.

This time she spoke up a bit without wiping her smile off.

"Emerson...oh I-I mean Emerson Kachi joy Smith but you can call me Ema, everyone does. I could go on sir but I'm sure you don't need all that." She chatted on nervously and managed to come to an end.

She bit her lower lip at her inability to control her excessive chatting. Yes, she talked a lot but it got worse anytime she felt nervous.

She watched him tiredly exhale silently as he shut his eyes for a split second before finally raising it up to her.

"When I ask a question, I need a simple answer... What I don't need is a chipmunk."

Did he just call me a chipmunk?

She rhetorically asked herself.

"Do we understand each other Miss Smith?" He demanded once again but this time in a very unfriendly tone, not that it was before but it was better and less scary.

She quickly nodded.

"Use your words." He demanded again and quickly she searched for the word in her mind.

"Yes sir." She answered as she looked away from his belittling green eyes and down at her hands on her lap.

There was another strange silence before she heard his voice again.

"What are your qualifications?" He posed a question at her and she searched calmly in her mind for an answer. She had rehearsed several times what she would say.

"Uh I worked as a clerk for about a year at a small company until it ran out of money and I worked as a salesgirl in one of the shops at the mall. I used to be a waitress. I..."

"Why do you think you are capable of working here?" He interrupted her with another question.

"I...I'm good with business..."

"What post exactly do you know you're up for?" He interrupted her looking nonchalant at his interruption.

Everything was making her more nervous.

"A PA."

"What does a PA do?"

"Um...assist in every aspect..."

"Do you think you're capable of being my PA? A waitress like you." She felt more nervous and broken now. She could slowly see where he was heading to and it scared her.

"I'm good with errands and..."

"You're a college drop out. You have no degree. It's right here in your résumé."

"That's true sir but I'm very much qualified to work here. I'm good with business. I can run errands. I can..."

"Why were you late miss Smith?" He asked calmly as he relaxed back on his seat and stared at her as he waited for a reply.

She sighed before gulping down hard then looked up to him. Her smile had long varnished. She was threading on thin ice here.

"I woke up late because I slept late." She explained truthfully before biting on her lower lip.

"I didn't plan to. It was just my work that kept me up till early this morning. I can do this Mr Hendrix. Please give me a chance. I really and truly need this job. I am loyal, worthy, peaceful, hardworking and honest. Please...I really need this job." She pleaded as she stared directly at him. She tried hard not to get teary and weep. That would be a whole different story. He might think of her as a cry baby. A weak person.

"People with college and master's degree applied but didn't get the job. You have no qualification. It will be best if you keep waiting on tables. Show yourself out." He told her coldly without caring about the sad expression on her face before returning back to what he was doing.

She sat still for a second unable to understand what just happened. She tried her best. She tried with the question, her résumé and yet...nothing happened. She was nearly at the verge of crying. She gently stood to her feet to walk away. She suddenly stopped just as she was almost close to the door. she turned back to him.

"I may not have the papers with my name written as graduate but I'm well qualified for this job and I'll never wait on table for the rest of my life. I promise you that Mr Hendrix." She stated boldly as soon as she caught his attention before she turned and walked out of the office with pride.

As soon as she was out of there, she slumped her shoulders and felt miserable again. She didn't get the job. She was back to square

one in her life. She buried her face in her palms as she got into the elevator and felt miserable about herself.

* * * * * *

"Just rest." He told the elderly looking man who laid on his bed while a nurse help tuck him in.

"I'm not sleepy and Lucas come closer." The elderly man complained just as the nurse was done and left the room for them.

He took a few steps closer to the bed and stood staring at the old man.

"You don't have to be stubborn all the time." Lucas told him and the old man smiled.

"What can I do? This is the only way I get to see my grandson. Work has proven to take up all your time."

"You're just being silly. Make sure to take your drugs and stop doing things you're asked not to do." Lucas warned him as he turned and walked towards the door.

"Lucas!" The man called him to a halt.

Lucas stopped halfway out of the room and turned back to his grandfather.

His grandfather tapped on an empty space on the bed beside him. Lucas sighed frustratedly before walking back to him. He had his seat on the empty space and waited silently for him to speak up.

"I can give up any minute of the day and I would die a happy man knowing you're not alone..."

"You're not going to die so please stop talking rubbish and rest." Lucas declared as he stood up to his feet.

"Sit!" His grandfather ordered and Lucas reluctantly did.

"I need to see the woman you're going to spend the rest of your life with. I need to make sure she's always going to be there. I can't leave you in the hands of your..."

"I don't need any help." Lucas declared as he got up to his feet.

"I can deal with her. I've done that since I was a child. Stop worrying about me and just rest." Lucas explained before he turned and walked out of the room ignoring his grandfather's expression.

His was not surprise by his grandson's attitude. He has always been a person with great difficulty for expressing feelings. He could see the worry in his eyes but he tries so hard to seem strong. Nothing would make him happy than to find out that his grandson will be safe in the hands of another as he lives this world. He couldn't afford to leave him behind all on his own.

* * * * *

"You're early tonight." A young woman in a red and white stripe uniform told Ema as soon as she walked into the restaurant and headed to the counter.

"Well, apparently the universe wasn't with me on my plans so here I am." Ema explained before walking into the kitchen leaving the woman confused.

The young brunette woman with a Bob hairstyle took her last order from a customer before running to meet up with Ema in the kitchen. Ema had already changed into her own uniform.

"What happened? Did you get the job?"

"Get the job? No, no I didn't and he insulted me. He told me to wait on tables for the rest of my life. He practically cursed me." Ema complained frustratedly as she tried hard to stop herself from getting teary. It really couldn't be helped.

"I thought you got this."

"I did. He said I wasn't qualified enough just because I have no paper that states I'm a graduate. I pleaded and told him just how hardworking I am but he wouldn't buy it. He was mean." Ema complained the more and soon enough the tears started rolling down her cheeks and she face palmed herself.

This wasn't how she planned everything. Everything was supposed to go perfect, smooth and beautiful so she can return with a smile and climb the next ladder in her life. Things were not suppose to turn out this way. She really thought she had everything just the way it was supposed to be.

She felt her friend soothe her back to calm her down.

"You should go home and rest. You're in no state to work."

"I can't. I need the money and besides tonight is my shift. I can't afford to get a second strike from Mr Alex..."

"Don't worry about all that. I'll cover for you tonight. Just go home and rest." Her friend persisted and Ema looked up to her.

"No, no I can't make you do that for me. I'm okay. I can manage. It's life after all." Ema consoled herself as she sniffed and wiped her face.

"Ema go home! Now!" The young lady ordered her knowing just how stubborn her friend was.

Ema sighed as she stared at her. She was really nice to her and someday she hoped to repay her kindness.

"Thank you so much." Ema stated as she hugged her.

"I promise you, this will never happen again." She promised and the young woman just nodded with a smile as she pat her back.

Ema walked out of the restaurant and took in the first chilled fresh air of the night that slapped her face. She felt really horrible to put her friend, Rosy in such a situation. She has always been nice to her since she started working here about a year ago. She had to get over her moping and face the next day with a happy face and a new set of positive vibes. After trekking for about a few minutes to the traffic light, she decided to cross the road to the other side after making sure it was safe.

She took in a deep breath and stepped on to the lane as she walked and looked ahead. Suddenly, she heard a screeching sound and turned her head to the source of the sound. A black car approached her in a fast speed as the driver tried its best to stop before getting closer. As shock took over her, she just stood frozen staring at the fast approaching car.

She couldn't believe she was going to meet her parents so soon.

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