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   Chapter 35 NO.35

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" Yusuf..." she called his name calmly but it was obvious she was scared within. It was very evident that Yusuf was drunk at the minute.

" Just shut up Victoria! I'm tired...I'm tired of you...why can't you ever get angry? Why can't you ever become furious with me and hit me...hit me like this..." he asked her as he came closer and took hold of her hands and forcefully hit himself with them.

" Yusuf..." she cried as she tried to stop him.

" No? No!? Victoria no!? Why no!? It's what you're supposed to's what everyone would want you to's what any normal woman would do...Any normal woman would have found a way to escape from me but..." he calmed down a bit as he lowered his voice.

" But're still here carrying my child seem prepared to have a family with...with me and that's...that's sought of annoying 'cause every time I really, really want to be mean to always make me feel always make me think're a very annoying have a dangerous effect on people. " he told her while he stared into her eyes and all she could do was just stare back into his silently. It was probably time he spoke out and her job at the moment was to listen.

He moved away from her, turned, walked up to the bed ignoring the pain in his ankle and sat down with his head bent.

" Do you know the real reason I married you? " he asked her in a calm voice without looking up. She slowly came and took her seat beside him.

He raised his head but didn't turn it to her.

" I married you because I wanted to keep you home as almost a maid...someone to keep me warm, stuff like that...someone I could let off my steam, my anger on..." he said before he turned to her.

"...but Victoria you made everything really difficult...I want to beat you everyday and expect you to rebel to make me more angry annoyingly manage to overcome everything and now I...I've put your life in danger! Why...why do you always forgive me!?" He a

e kitchen and got an ice bag. She came on the bed and gently placed it on his ankle. He flinched a bit at the cold but she remained careful. Later on she gently wrapped his ankle with a bandage she had found in a first aid box.

He slowly opened his drowsy eyes a bit and saw her sitting up in front of his leg. She was about to turn and get down from the bed when Yusuf managed to gently take hold of her hand. He dragged her closer to him till she laid beside him with her head rested on his chest and his arms around her. She felt happy that at least she was done with taking care of his ankle. She shut her eyes for a minute then opened them back. She raised her head and turned it to face Yusuf's sleeping face.

For the first time, she got the chance to stare at his sleeping face. There was no deny that her husband was handsome. She couldn't help but push a strand of his hair behind his and stared at him.

" Please Yusuf...please don't be gone by the time I wake up. " She pleaded to him in a whisper before she lightly kissed him on the lips. She rested her head back on his chest as she put her arm around him. She shut her eyes happily. This was one of the happy moments in her life. Her husband treated her normally today, and for once, she was sure that there was hope.

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