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Victoria sat silently in the room crying. She wanted to stop but she couldn't.

" Victoria? " Aisha called her name as she knocked on the door before entering. Victoria quickly wiped her face and sniffed in.

" Victoria food is ready. You should come and eat. It's not good to starve your child. " Aisha told her after she came in and stood in front of her.

Victoria raised her head up to her and nodded with a smile. She then stood up and tried to walk ahead.

" Victoria. " Aisha called her and she turned to her.

" Were you it Yusuf again? What did he say to you this time? What did he do? Did he hurt you? Tell me so I'll have a serious talk with him." Aisha asked her all at once and Victoria just shook her head as she smiled.

" Thank you Aisha husband didn't do any of that."

" I know that he did at least one of what I asked and as usual... you're covering up for him so let's go...come and eat and later we'll talk." She told Victoria and then took hold of her hand and dragged her out with her.

She made Victoria have her seat in front of the dinning table. Victoria took a look around.

"Stop searching. He said he's not eating. " Aisha told her as she noticed Victoria was searching for Yusuf.

" He's not going to eat!? Why...he hasn't eaten anything all day!" Victoria told her which seemed like she was talking to more of herself.

" He said he's not hungry and I shouldn't disturb him..."

" Where's he?" Victoria asked.

"He's in the study room which is in the left..."

" Wait, where are you going? " Aisha asked her as she saw Victoria getting up from her seat.

" He has to eat. He hasn't eaten anything all day except breakfast. I'll just go and..."

" Victoria. " Aisha called her as she came closer and took hold of her hands.

" I'm aware of your situation with him...if you go to him now. You'll end up coming out of there hurt and if you cry any longer. You might faint so please eat first...don't starve your baby. At least pity the child that you're carrying. He hasn't eaten all day himself so please just eat to your full first later I'll budge him enough to force him to eat." Aisha told her with an assuring smile and after much hesitation. Victoria gently took back her seat.

She prayed over the food before she started to eat but she wasn't herself because she knew that Yusuf hasn't eaten yet and he might be very well hungry as well. She made up her mind to make sure he eats after she was done.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

She tried to wash the dishes but Aisha wouldn't let her.

" You don't have to do that...this is my job." Aisha told her as she collected the plate from her and walked her to the door.

" But I can do it and besides I already feel bad that you prepared something for me. I have to..."

" You don't have to do anything. I already told you that it's my job. " Aisha told her to convince her more.

"But you said you were the caretaker not a servant. I can't let you who is older than me to do the dishes while I can..."

" Victoria. " Aisha called her as she put her hands on victoria's shoulders with a smile on her face.

" You're a good woman and I personally li

nd as well. She looked worried and Yusuf looked rough. He looked strangely not himself. It was evident in his clumsy steps that he had obviously gotten drunk.

" I...I can walk on my own...I don't need any help! " Yusuf raised his voice as he struggled to get free from the man as they walked towards Victoria.

" Yusuf please calm down...for goodness sake how could you get yourself drunk in such a way..."

" I just want to die...I want to die already and join her!" Yusuf exclaimed loudly as he finally pushed the man away and tried to lean on his other leg. He hadn't let Aisha finish her statement. His view was still a bit dizzy and unclear.

Aisha looked a bit unease and tensed up. She turned her head then saw Victoria standing by the door.

" Victoria...Victoria maybe you should go in..."

" You! " Yusuf immediately turned to Victoria's direction upon hearing her name. His eyes were red and it was so obvious that he had drank too much.

" Boss please take it easy..." the man tried to hold his arm to refrain him from moving forward. Yusuf pushed his arm away and limped towards Victoria and Aisha.

" You...what...what are you still doing in my life!? Why aren't you gone yet!?" He raised his voice at her which made her startled.

" Yusuf please..." Aisha tried to control him.

" Just stay out of and...your husband!" Yusuf told Aisha after he took a look at her before he took a look at the man behind him.

" Yusuf you're drunk right now..."

" Don't tell me what I should do!" Yusuf cut Aisha in.

" Come here!" He immediately took hold of Victoria's hand.

" Yusuf..." Aisha tried to stop him but he just waved her away.

" You two mind your own business! " Yusuf told her and her husband rudely before he dragged speechless Victoria into the room then quickly shut the door.

" Yusuf please don't harm her...remember she's pregnant...Yusuf..." Aisha told him through the door but she knew all what she said fell on deaf ears. Her husband came closer to comfort her.

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