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He just remained silent.

" Yusuf what is going on with you? When you told me she was your wife...I must admit I was surprised but again happy. I felt happy because I thought you were over everything...You can't treat your wife that way...she's pregnant with your child. " Aisha told him.

" I don't want to talk about this. " he told her still as he slowly opened his eyes.

" Why...why don't you? You want to forget want to forget the way you just treated your wife..."

" She's not my wife!" He exclaimed at her angrily as he immediately stood up to his feet. He felt the pain in his ankle where he was hurt earlier on but he bit it in. He didn't want to show her that part.

" She's not!? Then who is she to you? Please enlighten me Yusuf...who is she to you and what is she doing here?" Aisha asked him but he just remained silent.

" Why did you marry her if you don't have any feelings for her? Why did you marry her if you don't care one bit about it because you need her to grease your bed, to make her your slave or is it because you want to use her as a punching bag to let off your steam whenever you're angry?"

" I don't need to explain myself to you! " He told her rudely before he walked past her as he tried to withhold the pain he was feeling in his ankle. He tried as much as possible not to limp.

" Amina won't be very pleased with how you've turned abuse your pregnant wife and take advantage of the fact that she's enduring." Aisha told him which made him stop at the mention of the name Amina.

Aisha walked all the way to his front.

" You should try and treat Victoria right. She's heavily pregnant and it's not easy at all for her at this stage...You should comfort her and be there for her." Aisha told him but he just ignored her then walked past her as his ankle hurt. He bit in the pain as he tried his best to walk normal out of there then to the room.

Aisha stood there as she sighed. She shook her head at his character.

"Ya Allah I hope you someday change him." She prayed silently.

* * * * * * * * * *

Victoria stared at the beautiful garden and somehow the beauty of the flowers there made her feel a bit better but there was something familiar. The setting, the arrangement, the type of flowers all resemble the one back home at Yusuf's. She then thought that it was possible the same person that set up the garden back home might probably be the same person that did this as well.

She walked out of the garden then back to the sitting room and saw that Yusuf was no longer there. She then walked to the room. She opened the door and gently walked in after she saw Yusuf sitting on the bed with one of his leg up.

He didn't take a look at her but just focused on massaging his ankle. It couldn't be helped. The

elp me. She wants to be his other half that makes him complete and happy.

* * * * * * * * * *

Helen brought the phone down from her ear as her face expressed that of worry.

"My God, Victoria...where could that man have taken you to? " She asked herself worriedly.

" What are you doing there...give me something to eat! I'm hungry." Her husband said as soon as he came into the kitchen feeling a bit tipsy before he managed to have his seat.

She turned to him and stared at him.

" Please William...don't tell me that you're drunk early this evening already. Please don't tell me that you just gambled." Helen urged him pleadingly as she took her seat close to him.

" Stop talking nonsense this woman and give me something to eat!" He ordered ger without looking straight into her eyes.

" William! How can you be like!? Don't you feel any sense of guilt, worry and shame for doing that to our daughter? You got her married to a man that treat her like garbage!"

"That...that serves her right! Why...why? Because she killed my son..."

" She didn't kill junior! It was an accident William! An accident! How long will you keep blaming Victoria for his death!?"

"Till she feels the exact pain I went through when she murdered my one and only son!" William raised his voice as he immediately stood up.

" William...Victoria needs our help. She needs our support to get her out of that Muslim's man clitches." Helen finally told him calmly.

William laughed out loud before he turned and walked up to the door. He turned back to her as she stared at him.

" Well goodluck to you with that...that's if Yusuf will let you." William told her before he laughed again and as he left, he laughed upon missing his steps due to he was drunk.

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