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He dragged her into a small and yet comfy looking room.

" Have your bathe and change! " That was all he said to her coldly before he then stormed out of the room and shut the door behind him.

She took a deep breath and stared around the room. She walked closer to the window and peeped through the curtain. She realised the cottage was probably surrounded by mother nature. She had no idea where she was and she wondered if Yusuf would tell her if she asked. She also couldn't stop thinking about what Aisha was trying to say before Yusuf cut her in.

She found the bathroom and had her bathe just like what Yusuf had ordered her to.

She had no idea what to put on since she wasn't actually given a chance to pack on this sudden movement. She decided to go through the wardrobe to see if there was actually anything she could put on, to her surprise there was actually a lot of neatly folded female clothes and most of it were abayas. She thought for a second if she should actually put on one. The last time she put on a dress that wasn't hers, Yusuf didn't let her off the hook easily so she shut the wardrobe and decided to put on back her own clothes.

She then took her seat on the small and yet soft looking bed as she properly dried her hair with a small towel after she finished having her bathe. She wouldn't want to catch a cold at this moment.

She dropped the towel and decided to empty her handbag. When she was almost done, she took out the ultrasound image from her handbag and she stared at it as she remembered the doctor's words.

" have to be careful Mrs Ibrahim. "

She couldn't stop thinking of what could happen. She wanted to tell Yusuf everything but at this moment, she was scared he wouldn't like what she would tell him. She feared this might not be the right time to tell him. She knew his life was a mess right now and she was trying her best to understand him.

" Dear God...I'm not angry with you nor I'm I cursing you because of the way things are going on in my life. I know the fact that for every turn my life takes, there's a possible good reason behind it...I've never demanded from you anything serious but I'm pleading...please change Yusuf. Give me the continuous patience and endurance I need to be with him. I know there's a good reason why you brought him into my life...and that's to turn him to the right path, which is you...please keep guiding my every step I take...please lord." She prayed almost quietly in a whisper with her eyes closed.

She also prayed for the protection of her mother and father and that God's grace should never leave her father behind. She believed that someday he will change just like she believed someday Yusuf would change. At the end of her prayer, she echoed 'Amen'.

She was done praying then she realised she was hungry. She had to eat something at least for the sake of her babies.

She got up to her feet with great difficulty after she packed everything back into her handbag. She took in a deep breath before she walked to the door with great courage. She gently turned the door knob and slowly opened the do

oria had finally calmed down.

Victoria was silent with her head bent as she held her hands together.

" have to tell me so I'll know how to deal with the situation. " Aisha urged her as she took hold of her hands in hers.

" He...he doesn't hurt me...I mistakenly broke the picture that's why...that's why he got angry today." Victoria told her to cover up everything.

"I know Yusuf very well and I know his character is different now." Aisha told her before she put her index finger under victoria's chin to raise her head and to take a look at her.

" I know you're trying to cover up for him and to save your marriage. I must admit...I admire your courage and I know you love him." Aisha told her and Victoria couldn't help but just stare at her.

" Who...who's the that picture? " Victoria asked after she managed to muster up some courage.

Aisha was silent as she stared at Victoria.

Aisha sighed.

" I...I'm really sorry Victoria but I can't tell you...if there's anyone who should explain things to you then that's Yusuf...he alone has the right to talk, okay? " Aisha told her and Victoria slowly nodded anyway even if she was a little bit disappointed.

" I hope you know that I don't hate you...In fact, I like you because of your enduring patience. I think you're the one who will bring Yusuf back to the right track...come, I'll show you the garden and you'll stay there while I have a word with Yusuf. " Aisha told her and Victoria gently nodded before Aisha got up and helped her stand to her feet.

* * * * * * * * * * *

"I see you've calmed down a bit. " aisha told him after she walked back to the sitting room and stood in front of him with folded arms. Yusuf was still aseat on the couch with his head backwards and his eyes shut.

" I need you to explain to me why you're treating your wife like that. " Aisha demanded from him.

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