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   Chapter 31 NO.31

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He sat quietly in his car with several thoughts going through his mind after Victoria had gone back into the clinic. His mobile phone rang and he picked it up.

" Hello Yusuf. " a strange deep voice came through the phone. Yusuf furrowed his eyebrows at the strange voice.

" Who is this? " Yusuf asked but the voice just chuckled which made it stranger.

" Don't tell me Yusuf that you've forgotten my voice already...okay...let me refresh your mind...client, goods, warehouse, betrayal...does that ring a bell?" The voice asked and Yusuf did admit to himself that the voice sounded familiar, quite familiar which made him search through his memory and then it clicked.

" Cade?"

"Oh I'm glad your brain still functions properly. "

" What do you want? " Yusuf asked him rudely.

" You still need to ask? Okay...let me make it clear to you...I want my goods, every single one of them you stole from me..."

" I don't have time to play games. " Yusuf told him then was just about to cut the call when Cade spoke up.

" What about your wife...What's her name again...Victoria? " Cade said as he chuckled wickedly which made Yusuf more agitated.

" You embasel!"

"Now let's not get violent yet...let me guess where she is...she's at the Central hospital and she's putting on a pink floral dress and a white cardigan...let me see, short black hair and...she's dark skinned in complexion. I must admit I never knew people like that were your taste..."

" Don't you dare touch her Cade!" Yusuf barked at him suddenly almost like a mad dog.

" Let's not get violent here Yusuf...we both know that she's heavily pregnant, right?" Cade said through the phone leaving Yusuf almost speechless.

"What do you think about this...imagine she's coming out of the hospital and all of sudden a black van stops in front of her and...kidnaps her...we wouldn't want that, would we..." Yusuf noticed Victoria coming out of the hospital then down the stairs. He immediately cut the call without listening anymore. He had no idea what he was now doing. All his being told him that he should just go so he turned the car on and drove up to her.

He suddenly parked in fro

nd the woman raised both of her eyebrows in surprise.

" She?" She stared at Victoria with surprise which made Victoria uncomfortable. She didn't need a shaman to tell her that this family certainly doesn't like her. It was obvious both physically and spiritually that they were world's apart.

"You got married again!?" She asked again to be sure. Victoria slowly turned her head to Yusuf then back to the woman. She bent her head as she thought. She was very sure that she heard 'again'. She wondered if Yusuf had actually been married before. If so, then where was his first wife? Why doesn't she know anything about her? Yusuf never spoke about her to her...come to think of it...Yusuf doesn't speak to her about anything.

There was silence for a minute before the woman spoke.

" I'm sorry, please ignore my attitude. I was just surprised...anyway my name is Aisha Muhammed and I'm the care taker here. " the woman said as she stretched out her hand for a handshake. Victoria shook her as she tried to smile. She didn't want to look rude.

"I actually had no idea Yusuf remarried and...I'm just glad you're here 'cause it's been a long time Yusuf was last here with Am..."

" Aisha! " Yusuf called her to stop her blabbing before he then took hold of Victoria's arm and dragged her into the cottage.

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