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   Chapter 30 NO.30

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The next morning they ate breakfast together silently which rarely ever happened. He either leaves the house very early or he just ignores her. Sometimes when he does eats, he eats alone and late at that so eating together now made Victoria happy. She couldn't help but steal glances at him while he ate.

" If you stare at me one more time, I'll leave this food for you! " He told her rudely, she lowered her gaze and head as she bit her lower lip regretfully.

" I'm sorry. " she appologised and that was the end of anything else she could say.

The ride all the way to the hospital was in silence. She wanted to take a glance at him but then she remembered this morning so she just stayed put. She wanted to ask something but decided to just leave that.

Finally, he parked in front of central hospital. She took hold of her handbag and just as she was about to open the door, she turned back to him.

" Are you want to go in with me?" She asked him feeling rather stupid for asking knowing fully well that he'll surely turn her down.

"I have work. " That was all he said that was enough to turn her down. She bit her lower lip regretfully.

" Okay...when I'm done I'll take a taxi home...or...should I wait for you?"

"No...I'm late, get off." He told her rudely without taking a look at her. She felt hurt but she just bit in the sorrow. She opened the door and got off and without taking one look at him, she walked on ahead into the hospital.

He took a look at her as she walked into the hospital. He hadn't meant to be exactly so rude. She was asking too much questions and getting too comfortable. He drove off only to make a u-turn and head back in the same direction but the only difference is that he parked at a corner a bit away from the hospital. He sat there watching closely. The truth was that he wasn't sure that Victoria told the entire truth. For all h

e has never really felt before. She was going to become a mother and it was real. She couldn't help but smile.

" Looks like there's another one. " the doctor told her as he stared closer to the screen. She became confused and before she could ask him what he was talking, he spoke again.

"And another one..." he finally turned to her with a broad smile.

" Congratulations Mrs Ibrahim, looks like you're having triplets. "

" W-what?" She asked in a low voice after she heard the shocking good news. Her eyes were all widened in surprise.

" mean three once?" She asked once more to be sure she heard clearly. The doctor nodded then turned back to the screen and pointed.

" You see this....this is your second baby and this...this is the here's the problem...this baby is resting slightly on your kidney and the other seems to be threatening to turn. " he told her as he pointed on the screen then he turned to her.

" What...what exactly does that mean?" She asked in a low voice still confused.

" It means that if you do anymore stressful work or turn too might harm have to be careful Mrs Ibrahim. "

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