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   Chapter 29 NO.29

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Six months later...

She stood in the kitchen preparing dinner even if she wasn't sure if Yusuf will be back or not. It's just part of a habit to prepare something for him. Sometimes he does actually eat it and sometimes he brushes it off. He still comes home late sometimes and when he actually doesn't come home late, he ends up lying on the sofa till she falls asleep in the bedroom. They never really have a discussion. Each time she tries to really talk to him, he finds a way to brush her off. She was grateful at least that he listened to her plea and let her go out of the house at least to buy groceries and come back. Even if it was for a minute, she was able to breath in fresh air but it wasn't so easy since this time of the year was freezing. It usually snowed outside and as time passed by she was getting heavier and heavier and she started finding doing things difficult. She wanted to go to the hospital and have herself checked or something to see if everything was okay because she was in a lot of pains but the thing is that she doesn't know how to tell Yusuf. She has been wanting to tell him for a long time but...sometimes he...he makes it difficult for her by not actually wanting to pay attention so she decided to talk to him as quickly as possible.

She slowly opened her eyes even if she was still feeling a bit drowsy and sleepy. She took a look at the small clock on the bed side table and it said half past two early in the morning. She felt it that Yusuf wasn't by her side. She just hoped he was home already. She managed to get herself to sit up as she rubbed her eyes. Her eyes finally became clear and the first thing she saw was Yusuf. He stood by the closet with his back facing her. She probably guessed he was unbuttoning his shirt because he later on took it off. She also guessed that he didn't know that she was now awake and watching him. She was pleased that she was given this chance to talk to him. She managed to carry her heavy self out of the bed and walk up to him while he still searched for something in the wardrobe.

" I'm glad you'

want were finding their way back to his mind and head.

He walked up to the bed and laid down on his side as well. He stared at the ceiling while he brought his hand behind the back of his head. He couldn't quite understand why he felt a bit restless and can't sleep. He turned his head to Victoria and saw how soundly she was sleeping. One can tell by her light soft breath that she was at peace. He couldn't help but stare at her as she was practically facing him. He still didn't understand Victoria, in fact he knows he can never understand her. A lot of women who were in her shoes would probably be looking for a way to run away from him or something but not Victoria. He knew she was different but that was what irritated him mostly. He wanted to annoy her and for her to hate him but no matter what he does...she's never wicked to him. His eyes slowly travelled down to her tummy. He couldn't help but stare at it as well. It was wierd...there was actually a connection between he anf and Victoria. She was ready to stay here with him and carry his child.

He slowly stretched out his hand towards her tummy. It was as if something strong or some force of attraction was pulling him closer but then he stopped and stayed still for a moment before he then withdrawed his hand. He shook his head at the thought of what he was about to do.

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