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   Chapter 28 NO.28

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Yusuf stood in front of Helen and two police officers. He was surprised. How could she dare bring the police into this matter. Helen stared at him loathely.

" Are you Mr Yusuf Ibrahim? " one of the officers asked eagerly. Yusuf stared from him to Helen and to the other officer.

" Yes..."

" See! Arrest this man before he runs away. He is a dangerous criminal and he is holding my daughter captive inside against her will..." Helen said.

" That's not true! " Yusuf defended himself courageously without even flinching with fear.

" Oh really it's not true!? This man here officers forced my husband to get my daughter married to him just to serve him and now he also beats her have to arrest him! " Helen said again.

" Is that true Mr Yusuf? " The officers asked him.

" No it's not! " he said again courageously without blinking.

" He's a liar! Victoria! Victoria!! Where's my daughter!? What have you done to her!?" She yelled at him as she tried to get into the house but Yusuf won't let her.

"If you're so innocent then get out of my way!" Helen told him and by this time she feared nothing. She just wanted to get her daughter to safety.

"Mr Yusuf you'll have to let us speak to Miss Victoria. " one of the officers told him. He was slowly swelling with anger within him. He wasn't cut out for this now. He had focused all his attention on leaving the house and getting some fresh air to clear his mind but this woman right here was making everything hard. He didn't say a word nor budge to take a step out of the way. He didn't like it when people come into his house especially the cops.

" Mum!?" Victoria's voice suddenly asked from within as she stood on the stairs still rubbing her eyes to see clearly. She finally saw what was going on.

" Victor

ain coldly without any emotion on his face. She sniffed as she wiped her tears with her hands.

" Listen to me...I don't want to ever see her here again..."

" She's my mother. "

" Exactly...she might try what she did today again...we wouldn't want that, would we?" He asked her and she stared at him in sought of surprise.

She had thought everything was okay between them and that he had changed for the better when he appologised earlier. Now, he was behaving like nothing happened.


" If you don't want to get on my bad side then do as I say...I don't want to see her here again. " he warned her before he tended to walk past her.

"Yusuf..." she called him as she took hold of his arm. She pleaded inwardly that he won't go back to being cold to her. That he had really changed. Their minds just spoke there silently for sometime until she slowly let go of his arm and he went upstairs.

She stood there gazing around into space. Everything just became more complicated. Her mum was mad at her, Yusuf was somehow back to the same old person. Why was it so hard for her to crack his shell?

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