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   Chapter 27 NO.27

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He pushed her onto the bed while she wept as soon as they got into the room. She quickly scrambled up the bed out of fear. He took a look at her and just snorted before he started pacing to and fro from where he stood. He stopped with his heart panting heavily anf and not out of breath but of anger. He quickly came on the bed and before she could get off the bed, he took hold of her legs and drew her back to him. She pleaded for him to let her go but no he didn't.

He pinned her hands to the bed with his while he rested on top of her so she couldn't escape.

" Yusuf please...I'm begging you...please stop." She wept as she pleaded.

" I warned you never to even try and dream of leaving but what did you tried to run away from me!" He yelled angrily at her and she could just see the veins on his neck popping out.

"Yusuf please..."

" Why are you trying to run away hunh!? You think you can leave me anytime you want!"

"No...I wasn't going to leave you...I care about my father and I...I care about you Yusuf..."

" You're a liar! " he screamed at her as he pinned on her hands a bit tighter.

" Please Yusuf...I love you...I love you even if you hurt me everyday, every single minute we've been matter what...I don't want to leave you because I care about you, because I love you and because I want to help you be a better person. " She told him in tears. This was not exactly how she pictured confessing her feelings to him but she had to let him know she had his best interest at heart. She could never hurt the father of her baby and she wasn't the type to go for revenge. She had no idea if what she just said would warrant a good beating from him but it was now too late to retreat. She tilted her head to the other side as she had already started hiccuping then she shut her eyes tightly as she waited for his rational action.

He just stared at her blankly. His anger subsided a bit. His muscles relaxed a bit as well. His eyes became softer as he stared at her as she shut her eyes tightly and wept silently as well. How could she say that to him upon everything he has done to her? His grip on her softened as he drew closer to her. He was as close as to the point his breath fanne

hout waking her. He didn't want to talk to her now. He walked into the bathroom and stood in front of the sink and mirror. He stared at his rugged reflection in the mirror. He couldn't seem to find himself. The man standing right in front of him was a different man. He knew his life was messed up and something in him told him that everything was over.

He bent his head close to the tap then turned it on with his hand. He then let the running water pass through his hands for a second before he then sprinkled it on his face and properly washed his face. He cleaned his face with a towel before he then came out. He headed straight to the door but then stopped for a minute and turned to take a look at Victoria who was still sound asleep. He couldn't help but stare at her as a lot of thoughts and question ran through his mind. He knew he had made a terrible mistake in marrying her into his home, into his life. Victoria wasn't meant for someone like him. She was way too nice for hin. His life at this minute was complicated and to top it all, she was now pregnant. That's something he doesn't know if he can deal with. It's not that he doesn't want to have a child or's just that something like this from his past was hunting him. He furrowed his eyebrows and shook his head at his thoughts. He then turned and opened the door, quickly walked down the stairs and then he opened the door.

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