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   Chapter 26 NO.26

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" Yusuf I asked you a Victoria pregnant!?" She rose her voice a bit. He felt irritated.

"Yes she is...I'm leaving. " he stood up to walk out.

"Yusuf sit down! I'm not true with you. You have to clear all my doubts today! " she commanded him. He stopped for a minute with his back facing her. Then reluctantly he turned and walked back to his seat. He sat down and remained silent. He didn't want to talk about this now. He wasn't ready to face everything but his mum was making everything extra special hard.

"Are you the father of the child she's carrying? " She asked him boldly. He took one look at her irritatedly then looked away.

"I don't know...I'm not sure...she alone can answer that. Now I'll take my leave. " he said and tried to get up but she stopped him by snapping at him.

" Sit down! " which made him frustratingly sit calm.

" Did you ever touch her?"

"Why are we talking about this?"

"Yusuf just answer the question...I need to know the truth!" She ordered him as her voice rose up a bit. He clenched both his fists angrily as he swallowed down his anger. He hated this moment. He hated this awkward interrogation.

" Yes but just once. I know it's enough to...look why are we even discussing this? This is awkward and I have work to attend to!" He snapped and quickly got off and walked out of the sitting room before his mum could gather everything in her head and ask more question.

Habiba sat there, her face buried in her palms after her son had left. She somehow noticed something was wrong with Victoria. She guessed her immediate condition but then she quickly shook that thought away considering the big chances that her son would ever touch such a woman. Maybe she was wrong after all. She had forgotten the fact that he was still a man and could possibly fall victim to his weak desires. Well the deed was done already and now she'll have to accept the fact that Victoria was going to be in her family for a long time.

"So mum she really is pregnant? " Mariam asked as she emerged from the kitchen with her sister. Habiba raised up her head and slowly nodded. She sighed.

"She really is carrying Yusuf's child...I don't even know what to make out of this whole situation...I was looking for a way to throw her out but now things just got complicated. " Habiba told them.

" Mum I think the question here should bhai Yusuf ready

o! Don't you dare hurt her! Open this door!" She banged on the door with both of her hands as tears gathered her eyes already but it was too late. Yusuf had already locked the door from within. He turned to Victoria who shivered at his bare look on her. She was scared of what he was going to do to her. He gritted both of his teeth angrily and folded his fist tightly while he pressed onto her wrist tightly which hurt her very much. Tears gathered her eyes as she pleaded to him with them.

" Please Yusuf...Yusuf you're hurting me..."

" Didn't I warn you..." he said to her angrily with a coarse voice as he used his hand and took hold of face tightly and let go of her wrist and held on tightly to her arm which once again hurt her. While he spoke, his hot breath fanned her cheek. On a normal day, that could send fireworks up her body but she had goosebumps.

" Didn't I warn you never to try and leave this house?"

" Yusuf please...please I'm begging you're hurting me..." she pleaded as she wept continuously. This man in front of her was like a monster. He was a different Yusuf. His eyes held pain, anger, sorrow and different horrible feelings.

" Come here you!" He dragged her by her arm along with him towards the stairs.

"Aahh...Yusuf please..." she pleaded to him as he dragged her along with him up the stairs while he paid a deaf ear to her pleas. He was totally blocked out. Any human feelings was unreachable.

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