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   Chapter 25 NO.25

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She wept as his grip on her tightened.

" I've warned you several times not to get your filthy hands on my things...don't you get it!? I don't want you...I never did so stop trying to act like my wife because it doesn't suit you! " He yelled at her angrily. His eyes were black and red with anger. He was like a whole new different person in front her. She couldn't recognise any part of the Yusuf right now in front of her.

Yes, he usually used to get angry with her but none had ever made him look this way...with red blood shot eyes, his veins popping up on his neck and him yelling at her with words that felt like fireballs.

" Yusuf please...please I'm begging you..." her words trailed away as his lips came crashing down to hers in full force.

He engulfed her in his tight arms to her surprise. He kissed her hard and hot without giving her room to breath or grasp at what was happening but she knew one thing for sure. Yusuf wasn't himself and in as much as she had wanted to feel him again...this was not it. She wanted the real Yusuf's kiss not the angry forceful one. When he let go of her lips and she was able to take in some breaths, she managed to speak between shaky voice.

"Yusuf..." She moaned out his name as he kissed her jawline, her cheeks, her face and found his way to her neck.

"" she pleaded to him and tried to gather her strength and push him off her but his arms around her were way too strong for her little strength. He relenquished every part of her neck and came down to her shoulder but her shirt was blocking

ething that can be talked about through the phone. Drive down to my house! " She ordered with her voice sounding firm and authoritatively.

" I'm busy..."

" Don't you dare lie to me Yusuf...come over right now! " She ordered him one last time before she cut the line. He sat there silently while he boiled with anger within him. He slammed his hands on the table in front of him as he stood before he then walked out of the office.

He finally showed up in front of his mum's home and knocked on the door. His sister Zaina was the one that opened the door for him. She greeted him as she let him in and he walked up to the sitting room where he met his mum and younger sister Mariam as well. She stood up and greeted him before she left with her sister Zaina. He took his seat and there was silence for quite sometime before Habiba spoke.

" Is Victoria pregnant!?" She asked him all of a sudden. He felt flustered and anger that his mum had called him all the way here for that.

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