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   Chapter 24 NO.24

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When she was sure that she was done. She managed to carry her weak self up from from the floor where she had bent over the toilet. She felt weak and dizzy, almost like she couldn't feel her bones in her body anymore. She bent over into the sink and rinsed her mouth with the running water. She also splashed her face with some of the water to try and alert her weak nerves and also to wipe away most pale looks. She wiped her face with a towel and came out. Her first step was shaky.

Please dear Lord, help me!

They shouldn't notice anything.

Victoria prayed in her heart. She took another step that was better than before. She then managed to carry herself to the kitchen without meeting the questioning eyes of her in-laws.

In the kitchen, she worked at getting their sandwich and coffee ready. She could feel the dizziness coming back once in a while as she worked. When it came, she would stop and shut her eyes for a minute before continuing her work after it was gone. She heard the sound of the door unlock and then she heard Yusuf's voice.

" Mum!? What are you doing here? " He asked with a surprised expression on his face.

" Can't a mother visit her son any longer? Your sisters and I hardly ever see you so we decided to come over and check whether your so-called wife hasn't murdered you and frankly look okay, she should thank her stars...speaking of your so-called wife...where in the world is she...Victoria what on earth is taking you so long to just get three sandwiches and three cups of coffee!" Habiba yelled to her and just that moment. Victoria walked out of the kitchen with a full tray in her hands but stopped when she saw Yusuf. He was standing by the entrance of the to the living room with his hands in his pockets and his furrowed eyebrows still looking as attractive as it was to her before. She didn't know what worst...the fact that she fell in love with him with each passing day even though he wasn't very nice to her or the fact that she found everything bad

ook hold of the door knob and gently shut the door then turned on the lock. He came and stood behind her, his breath fanning her hair. Her heart beat faster. She had no idea what Yusuf was going to do to her.

" Where is it? " he asked her gently at first even if it was evident in his voice and heavy breaths.

"W-Where's...w-what? " She stammered in fear.

" Don't you dare play games with me!" Yusuf yelled at her angrily.

"If it's about the diary then I didn't purposely search for it. it just fell off your shirt." She spoke out quickly as she burst into tears she's been holding back almost throughout the whole day and quickly walked off to the bed and brought out the diary from under the pillow. He stormed off towards her angrily after throwing the shirt angrily on the floor. He snatched the diary from her hand angrily and threw it up the bed. He took hold of her arms and pushed her to the wall. He pinned her on the wall and raised up her hands with his and pinned them as well.

" Why don't you ever listen whenever I tell you not to touch any of my stuffs...Why are you so damn stubborn!?" He yelled to her face, she turned the side of her face as tears rolled her cheeks. She shut her eyes as she wept.

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