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   Chapter 23 NO.23

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She had suspected that she was pregnant when she missed her period. There was a huge possibility that, that was her condition. She found a way to leave the house and ran to a nearby store and bought some test sticks. She tested on six of them to be very sure and they all said the same thing.







She was scared at first and then happy when she thought about the fact that she was becoming a mum and then back to being scared when she remembered her situation. At this point, she had no idea how Yusuf thought. She didn't know how he was going to react and so far he hasn't given her a chance to talk.

She stood in front of his closet after deciding to arrange his stuff. She unhanged one of his shirt from the hanger. She was about to fold it neatly but she suddenly had the urge to hold it closer. She brought her nose closer to it and took in his cologne still plastered on his shirt. It reminded her of him...of their first night together. That was the only time she got to really hold him the way she wanted for long. She embraced the shirt tighter and shut her eyes. she tried to imagine that it was him standing right here in front of her and putting his arms around her as well. Finally she opened her eyes and smiled silly to herself. She kept it gently on the bed. She did the same to two more and the third one, as she brought it out, something fell off it's pocket. She bent down and picked it up. It looked like a mini diary. The cover was made up of brown leather. She debated on whether to open it. She had to and then she could find out who it belonged to. She opened it and the smell of old paper hit her nostrils. She concluded that it must have been a long time whosoever owned it, wrote or opened it.

Dear love, The first day I set my eyes on you were the first day I started dreaming big. I've always considered and known you to be special. You were the pure epitome of simple beauty description. I knew this was it. I immediately knew this was the woman I've been waiting all my life for. I remembered meeting you and the both of us feeling shy to talk t

well. " Zaina told her with a smirk and without saying a word or looking up, she gently nodded.

"What of you Mariam? wouldn't you like yours to be cleaned? You know it's freezing outside. " Zaina asked her sister who was staring outside through the closed glass window. Mariam turned to them and walked back to her seat. She sat down.

" I think I'll pass...I don't trust her...who knows she might be planning something but I'll eat something...Victoria I'll like a sandwich and a cup of hot coffee. " Mariam told her, "Oh that's a good one! I want the exact same as well." Zaina chirped as well and once again, Victoria nodded in silence.

" I want one too and it better be nice and delicious...if I find out you've been feeding my son junks then you're going to get it from me." Habiba warned her and once again, Victoria bit her lower lip as she nodded without looking up or saying a word.

"Well what are you waiting for!? Go and get it!" Habiba ordered her. Victoria gently left Habiba's feet in the water and tried to stand up. She felt it again. All the food she had eaten rushing back to her throat. She quickly put her hand over her mouth and the other on her stomach. She quickly walked out away from their midst. Habiba stared at her as she left. Victoria quickly rushed to the bathroom, locked the door and threw up almost everything she had eaten.

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