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   Chapter 22 NO.22

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# flashback #

"come...come on Yusuf...this feels so great! " she exclaimed as she dipped her two fair toes into the salty ocean. She giggled and laughed, reckoning on her to come on.

He stood a bit far from the sea shore shaking his head with a smile on his lips. She was beautiful and her eyes shone in the sunlight.

" You better come out of there...I'm not a very good beach person! " he told her as he quickly went closer and took hold of her hand to drag her out of there.

" Oh come on Mr old man! This feels great...remember what you promised me...come on and enjoy this with me." she told him in a pleading voice and a puppy dog face. He couldn't say no to her, especially when she does the pleading face.

They played and laughed and ran after each other in the water till they were almost out of breath. They finally laid down on their back on the sand panting.

She raised her head and rested it on her palm while her elbow rested on the sand. She used her face to shadow over his.

" I think you're blocking my sun." Yusuf spoke with his eyes closed.

" Oh yeah!? Yusuf....Yusuf...BOSS..."


" Boss..." he slowly opened his eyes to only realise that he was back to the present from wandering around. He swirled his chair to face the man who kept calling him.

His eyebrows furrowed at him. The man need not be asked before he realised he had to speak up.

"The game has been set and Clinton is here with his men. " The man told him, Yusuf rubbed his face silently before stood up.

" Let's go." he told him as he walked towards the door and the man followed behind him.

He drove home silently. He had no idea why he was going back to that house in the first place. Victoria was there and that was one thing he had to consider.

He found her strange. She didn't seem t

oor behind him. She felt cold.

She slowly took her seat as tears gathered her eyes. She had no idea how long he was going to continue to be this way to her. How long he actually planned on ignoring her as if she wasn't there. Tears rolled down her cheeks, she couldn't help it but she felt so hurt each time he shun her away or make her look like an idiot. He was the one that married her after all. He was the one that took her away from her home and she's fallen in love with him and she's ready to make her marriage with him work but he wasn't even taking a look at her and that was what hurt the most. The worst was that she had no idea why he won't give her a chance.

Every day, the same routine repeated. He sometimes left early in the morning without saying a word to her. Even if she did see him in the morning, he only had breakfast and before she could talk, he left. He was making things difficult for her. She wanted to talk to him. She wanted to tell him something important going on with her. She wanted to tell him that she was a month and some weeks pregnant...and that he was going to be a father.

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