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He stood in the middle of the room with his hands in his pockets and he still looked the same, nothing had changed in his sense of dressing. She stared at him speechless. He stared at her with red angry eyes.

"Where have you been?" he asked bluntly in a harsh coarse but yet low voice. She still stared at him speechless.

He's back!

He's back!?

That was all that was going on in her mind. She was suddenly blank and deaf to the whole world. This man right here...this man who was her husband...this man whom she gave her innocence to...this man who became her everything in one night...this man who made her cry and worry for two days was suddenly here..he was finally back. Tears gathered her eyes and she hadn't realised what was happening till she felt a pull on her arm and Yusuf dragged her in and shut the door. He pinned her to the wall and pressed on her hands with his.

"Didn't I warn you never to leave this house especially without my permission...where the hell have you been!?" he snapped at her. She stared at him still confused about the whole thing.

So he isn't going to talk about what happened between us that night and why exactly he left!?

" You better answer the damn question Victoria or you're going to get it from me!" he snapped a bit louder.

" Why...why did you leave me alone after our night together? " she got her courage all of a sudden from no where special. She searched through his eyes for answer. His grip on her slowly loosened and his eyes changed expression as he stared at her.

All of a sudden, his grip on her tightened and far worst than before. His eyes changed colour to a deeper red one worst than before as well. His jaw clenched.

" Nothing happened!" he told her between gritted teeth as his face drew closer to hers. She could practically feel his breath on her face.

" Please don't say that..." she told him in a pleading voice.

" please...don't deny meant so much to are the first man to touch me." she told him in a shaky pleading voice after she lowered her eyes. she could feel the sob summoning in her throat.

She couldn't control it anymore and she burst out into a cry. Even if his grip on her hurting her, nothing hur

was an idiot but she wasn't. She has her reasons. No one ever said marriage was a bed of roses...there are always more of thorns to prick you than roses to lie on. This was her burden...this was her destiny and she was going to carry it out...she knew there was a reason why this was happening...why God let this happen...She believed that with darkness comes sunshine at the end.

"please mum...I'm sorry but...but I can't tell you...I have to keep what happened between I and Yusuf for now...I promise I'll tell you everything when I'm ready." She told her mother as she tried to console herself and wipe her tears. Helen rubbed her hand on her daughter's back, drawing circles as she did.

"I can never understand you like to burden yourself but I'm going to let you have your way this time...the next I find out that he laid a finger on you...I'm going to commit murder."

" Mum! "

"I'm serious Victoria...I mean it...I didn't go through pains giving birth to you just to later watch you become someone's punching better let me know when he hurts you again, okay." Helen told her daughter before bringing her into another warm comforting hug.

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F.Y.I : please don't think of Victoria's character as overly annoying...Some people can be really patient and understanding...that's what makes a marriage work sometimes.

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