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   Chapter 20 NO.20

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Writer's P.O.V

She snuggled deeper into the bed and tried to feel the same warmth she had felt all night but didn't find it. She inwardly smiled to herself as she remembered the incredible night. Her first night with any man...and not just any man...her husband...the man she had realised she is in love with.

She slowly opened her eyes still with a small smile on her lips. She slowly sat up and saw that on both side of the bed was empty. She was alone in her naked state on the bed. She wondered where he might be. After such a wonderful night in her life, she had hoped he would be right beside her when she wakes up.

She searched around the house, every corner but there was no sign of him. She sat on the bed panting as tears threatened to gather her eyes. She took in a deep breath.

Yusuf wouldn't leave me after giving me such a beautiful night...he wouldn't....right?

He sounded changed last night. like he actually wanted me to be in his life.

Don't think of any foolishness Victoria! Just wait for him...there must be a good reason why he would just leave without telling you.

Wait! And that was what she had been doing for two whole days of agony. she didn't understand a thing of what was happening. All she did after heavily praying was to cry herself to sleep. She had never felt this way. She missed him. She loved him but she didn't understand why he would suddenly dissappear and leave her in the dark. She had preferred he came home rather late every day and leaves very early in the morning than to totally dissappear with not even a word.

She had finally decided to leave the house, go out and take in some fresh air to clear her mind and finally she was able to go to church. She got down from the taxi that morning and was glad she was early and church service hadn't started yet. She spotted her mother talking to some women.

"Good morning mum." She had greeted her and then the women. Her mum turned to her with a joyous face and a happy smile. Her eyes finally litted with joy. She immediately hugged her daught

r so that first, her mother could visit on intervals. Secondly, she needed company.

"So Victoria...I hope that man hasn't been hurting can tell me if he has and I'll teach him a serious lesson." her mum said as they sat in a taxi heading for her home.

"He...he hasn't...he's okay. " Victoria replied to her mum without looking at her instead she stared into space, lost in her own thoughts. Her mum noticed that and placed her hand on her daughter's.

" I know you're going through something Victoria but do not hesitate to let me know if he's hurting you...I won't waste anytime in getting you out of that house even if it means my death! "

"Mum!" Victoria exclaimed as she turned to her mum wide eyed at her words. The taxi halted in front of her home and she got out with her mum, paid the driver and walked right up to the house without looking left or right. She unlocked the door and walked in with her mother.

"So this is where you now's big...are you sure you manage well here?" her mum asked her as she walked into the sitting room still staring around.

"Make yourself comfortable mum...I'll just change my clothes." Victoria told her and walked up the stairs to her room. She opened the door only to meet something unexpectant.

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