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She laid on the couch waiting for Yusuf to come back home. She couldn't help it. It had somehow managed to become a habit for her to wait for her husband to come back home even if she knew he wouldn't exactly be back while she's still awake.

She turned with her back facing the back of the sofa while her head rested on arm. She couldn't sleep and somehow she was glad about it because she wanted to wait for him. She couldn't help but stare at the Amina's picture frame.

What was the link between her and Yusuf's family. Was she their relative; cousin, niece, sister..what...what was she to them and why does it feel like there was something wrong going on. She knew they weren't telling her something which made her even more curious and a bit scared. She didn't know if she would be able to understand or take in whatever the secret was all about.

Victoria's P.O.V

I heard the sound of the door unlocking slowly and then the creeking sound of the door as it opened then shut back. I heard footsteps as it came closer then stopped and suddenly they were climbing up the stairs.

I slowly opened my eyes. I realised that I was still lying on the sofa and I remembered having fallen asleep. I took a look at the time and it was 2:30am in the morning. I rubbed my face with my palm as I got up and follwed the footsteps. only Yusuf had a spare key and so only him could have come in.

I climbed up the stairs to find my suspicion right. He stood in front of the bed in the darkness of the room as only the light from the hallway shone into the room. He was staring at the bed then suddenly he started to unbutton his shirt. I looked away to the floor.

" Yusuf. " I had to call him to get his attention. He stopped and slowly turned his head to my direction.

His red eyes shot at me. He looked different from the Yusuf I saw this morning. Not the rude Yusuf part but the handsome and neatly dressed Yusuf.

Now he looked rugged and rough. His hair was a whole new form of a mess. His shirt was rumpled on his skin and half tucked out. His face looked pale.

He suddenly started walking up to me with a sudden darkness in his eyes.

ecame rapid. I couldn't help but stare at his as well. He brought his lips and crashed down on mine. He had taken me by surprise. Our breathings became rapid.

Yusuf was my first kiss!

He kissed me with a sudden passion that I found myself responding. My consciousness told me to push him away and run but my heart said otherwise. My heart and literally my whole body yearned for more and more of him. He slowly let go of my lips and kissed my jawline then my neck. I moaned. I couldn't help but just keep my eyes shut taking in the moment. I didn't know when I might see this side of him again. He kissed the nape of my neck and his hand found its way to the button of my shirt. I gulped down hard.

This was it!

This was the night every girl dreamed of in their life!

When the day would it would actually feel like!

I felt sparks shoot up my body as he slowly took of my shirt and took off his. He put his arms around me and laid me on the bed.

I instantly knew it. I have feelings for this man and I couldn't resist him. I don't know how, I don't know when, I don't know why but I do. I care about him and I...I guess I have fallen in love with him in such a short period of living with him. Even if he hadn't been so nice to me and is frequently away, he still managed to squeeze his way into my heart. I slowly put my arms around his neck as I let him in.

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