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   Chapter 18 NO.18

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After she was done with her chores and was about to head upstairs, she heard a knock on the door. She turned and checked through a small hole on the door. She saw Mariam while Zaina stood behind her. Victoria took in a deep breath after remembering that Yusuf had called them over.

She opened the door and both of them just walked right in. She shut the door after they were in.

"How are you Mariam, Zaina?" Victoria gathered enough courage and asked with a smile after the two girls got in and stood staring at her with folded arms.

" Let's not act like we like each other because I know you know that we don't like you. " Mariam told her rudely before turning and walking off into the sitting room, Zaina followed behind her.


" Um...I'll be down in some minutes. I just need to take a quick shower. please do make yourself comfortable. " Victoria told them still trying to warm them up to her. Zaina turned to her.

" Oh we sure will because it's our brother's house! " Zaina told her with a short smile and turned back to the sitting room.

"o-okay. " Victoria said in a low voice before turning and quickly walking up the stairs to her room. She was true to her words and had a quick shower, got dressed and walked down the stairs. As she got closer to the last staircase, she heard Zaina and Mariam voices discussing.

"Mariam look....Amina's picture is still here. "


Who's Amina?

Is that the name of the beautiful woman in the picture?

" Well looks like Victoria didn't take it away. "

Why would I do that?

They were quiet for some time before Zaina spoke.

" I miss her."

"I miss her too...I miss the way she would always tease me about getting married in the future...I miss how she would take us to the mall and w

Zaina got the message and withdrew her words.

Victoria sat silently widd eyed at them. She had definitely seen what happened between them and she knew Zaina was about to say something important to her. She suddenly became very curious as to who was this Amina woman.

Mariam got up dragging Zaina with her.

" We'll take our leave now...Bhai Yusuf said we should check on you not spend the night over here." Mariam told her and walked arm in arm with her sister all the way to the door.

" Um...okay...thank you for visiting. " Victoria who had stood up and follwed them behind told them and without saying another word, they opened the door and walked out.

She shut the door after they had left then she slowly sat down back on the same spot as earlier.

Earlier while Mariam asked her those questions, she felt like she was in an exam hall. She knew Mariam asked her those questions to probably mock her.

Her eyes shifted to the picture frame again. There was something definitely suspicious going on and nobody was ready to let her know about it.

Who are you exactly Amina?

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